Miseriah Sketches
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A handful of drawing of glittermiilk's character Miseriah. She's quite a cute demon girl. A tad obsessed with Earth stuff but she means well!

An explanation of the drawings (left to right, top to bottom):

[1] "Another day at the office" - Since being fired from her job as a Succubus Miseriah has been working an office job as a secretary in the fiery land. It must get a bit boring from time to time as these customer service jobs do. The small text "A warm reception :-p" refers to the place her job is situated in.

[2] "Information shopping" - Miseriah is very interested in humans, so in LIH #11 (Life in Hell - a comic by Zebesian) she decides to pester a former human with a lot of questions. There has since been some countermeasures put into place. The small text "sponsored by Luxe, installed by Heavy Metal" is a references other characters from LIH. Heavy metal is probably overkill to install a button, maybe it does something else.

[3] "The curious case of the bunny brat" - On a trip to the mortal realm, Miseriah encounter's glittermiik's character Willow (not from LIH). It's unclear what would happen if you try and take an immortal man's soul or if it's even possible. The small text "Ouch! :-( Maybe a bandaid?" refers the sudden removal of half of Willows other arm. Nevermind that, it happens all the time, it'll grow back.

[4] "A day in the life of WEEABOO MISE" - Miseriah takes a trip to the library to get some background information on humans. Hope it helps! Others are concerned about her obsession. The small text "Imagine we are in a library. ノಠ_ಠノ" refers to Miseriah's annoyance at being INTERRUPTED.

[5] "Being an informed consumer" - Utopia attempts to warn Miseriah of the extremely bland tasting cereal that uses Luxe's image. Perhaps to make her answer for her betrayal (see LIH #6 and LIH #10). The small text "Jumbo pack, save on sad garbage :-|" refers to the large box of cereal and Utopia's words after tasting it.

[6] "She certainly does her research! O_O" - In her formative days as a succubus, Miseriah takes a quick trip to the human realm to find the human she's read so much about. This is probably why she got fired. The small text "Best research escape plans. :-/" refers to the poor human that has become trapped as a result of Miseriah research.
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Very nice work, yo! Love that it's clips from throughout her life like that, it's great to actually see the characters being the people they are!

Thanks so much for participating Zero, consider me floored!
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