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Natalia Poklonskaya

By ZeroJigoku
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supposed to be working on commissions and homework ._.;  but this idea popped up and had to do it before it ran away from me.
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She needs an expy in the next Phoenix Wright game.
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russian fascist whore.
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Fuck you, stupid bendera!
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fascists are in kiev... moron
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hey hey no need to get your panties in a bunch. Please keep the whatever problems off the page and comments, as I do not care for them nor support either side of the terrible situations that have been happening around the globe. If you wish to debate I am sure there are forums for that reason, and would be better to post your opinions there. If you do wish to continue, their is a report button for this very reason.  ^^ hopefully you understand this artwork was purely for amusement and nothing more.
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*I'm soo slow(*

Thanks for that awesome art)))
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Must... hold... the erge... to scream...

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I hope she's not offended by people making her such an awesome anime character :D :heart:
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i hope so as well. its rare that you see a younger woman with such power being involved in international matters to the point she really sticks out. 
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Lol she's so popular naow xD
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D: shes just so irresistible! 
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WHY did I know this was coming? =D
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Loool it had to be done xD
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