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I came in like a Pokeball-Lickitung

By ZeroJigoku
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Since my pikachu version: I came in like a Pokeball by ZeroJigoku  went viral I had seen a lot of suggestions on how to improve the design.  Many were saying that I should of used Lickitung instead, well at the time when I had decided to make the drawing, considering I had drew pikachu in the pose and only after I drew him realized his pose was similar to the wreckingball memes I was never intended to have it be "accurate" i guess would be the word.  But anyways!  I decided to go ahead and do a Lickitung version, i have seen a few versions with Lickitung already.  Anyways this time im prepared lol! I put my url on it so hopefully wont get the same issue as I did with the pikachu and not getting credit :*(

It is NOT okay to claim this as your own.
It is NOT okay to make any sort of money off this.
It is NOT okay to take my signature off, or alter the image in any way(to claim as your own).
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hahaha lickytungs version! perfect!
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xD haha thankkyouu
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Haha! With the tongue and everything! XD
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I saw the pikachu one on facebook, I'm glad I found the original artist!
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ooo yup it was all over fb back in mid jan. I havent seen it being reposted on fb lately thou xD
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Everything tends to come a little bit later in Latin America xD
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ohhh haha my bad, i just wasnt sure if it was still being spread around on fb or not. I know i see alot of reposting on tumblr still
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Gurdurr might also fit this.
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I think Lickitung should have the hammer =D
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i know i so thought that too haha, been thinking of still doing one with the hammer xD
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it could be amazing =D let me know when you'll do it ;)
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Wonderful <3 :B
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