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Man dA still exists whoops. I should upload things here sometime.
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Yes, I'm still alive.  Lots of crap's happened, but it ain't killed me yet.

Also, I have a Saber Alter Dollfie reserved for me!  It's not going to be here for about half a year, but hey, I've got one, that's all that matters.  Was pretty hard to pick between Saber Alter and Saber Extra, but it came down to Saber Extra costing about 100 USD more.
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I didn't win Beatrice.  /sigh

I did win something, though, so that's a plus.  Mini Dollfie Dream of Noumi Kudryavka.  

Still... no Beatrice.  /pout
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Well, it's almost over, at least.  I'm estimating a month left before I finish my career and am medically retired from the military for being broken and insane.  Whee!

At least I've got games to work on in the meantime!

Might head to school to be a vet after this, but eh, I'm not sure yet.  I'd like to get back to writing.  Maybe I can when all of this stress is over and done with.  Want to move back to Japan as well, go work in Akihabara with a buddy of mine...

Meh.  Either way, I should have a new doll coming soon assuming I can make up my mind on some clothing options.  Volks is holding a lottery for a Dollfie Dream version of Beatrice from Umineko No Naku Koro Ni, which I love.  But I think I already burned out my doll lottery luck on being third in line for Sasara.  Still, here's hoping!

Volks has got a bunch of new clothes coming, but I'm not patient enough for that.  There's a new body type, so I think I'll just work with that, the type 4 head that I used on Miharu, some pretty greenish eyes and go from there.  

After this one I might do another smaller doll.  There's a cute mini-Dollfie outfit coming soon that's got a little tartan skirt and a beret thingie.  Thoughts?

Also, KILLZONE 3 AURGH.  Someone come join me on the JPN servers so I have someone to talk to.
  • Listening to: Hatsune Miku, still!
  • Reading: Redwall stuffs.
  • Watching: Ikamusume, Panty and Stocking w/ Garterbelt
  • Playing: Killzone 3
So, some of ya'll have noticed my propensity to commission lots of stuff from my buddy animewave, generally in the category of soft and squishy ladies.  There's a reason for this, and I might finally start writin' it again sometime soon!

See, I used to write on this storyline that was all serious and war-story-ish, but it bored the hell out of most folks, so over the past couple of years I've revamped it into a more lighthearted story that can be told through roleplays and comics and short stories, instead of the novel-ish hell dramas I tried in the past!

Anyway, the basic lowdown is shenanigans taking place on a galactic hub world.  And where there's a galactic hub world, lots of species congregate, and there's all sorts of disagreements and arguing.  If anyone remembers Isoulde, she's meant to be the main character... a sort of peacekeeper.  Anyway, if you want to know more, just ask!  I'll start writin' soon if I can get my apartment and car nailed down.
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I do not like it here in Del Rio.

Someone come save me, yes?

Okay, seriously though.  There is nothing here.  Work has turned into that extra circle of hell that no one talks about.  Bleh.

And I can't get doll parts here!

'But Zero, you can order them online!'

I could, if they would GIVE ME A FRIGGIN' ADDRESS.  But nooooo...

Anyway, yeah.  Don't come to Del Rio.
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So, I went from living in Tokyo to living in Del Rio, Texas...


I have nothing to do, and no regular internet at the moment, but once I get back up I'll post some more pictures!

I also may have stories up soon, now that a friend of mine is drawing all of my story characters.  ^^  I might as well do it, nothing else going on down here.
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So, today was Winter Comiket.  77, I think?  Anyway, yeah.  Remind me never to wait until day three to go again...

Almost everything I wanted was sold out.  Including the Rachel Alucard makura cover of awesomeness...

But!  They had a display one that they were nice enough to sell to me.  So I got her anyway.  ^^

Also got an Etna plush and a Flonne plush.  And another makura cover, but I can't really show that one here.  It has naughty bits showing.
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Hooah, Deviantart!

Hey, folks.  So, yeah.  Sorta nervous about putting my stuff up here, but it can't be that bad, eh?

It'll mostly be my (ridiculously expensive to make and maintain) dolls, and maybe some paintjobs from my Warhammer miniatures and whatnot.
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