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The Pikachu Family

Day 10, Odinchu, Lokichu, Thorchu.

Because I can.

Special thanks to :iconbearkin: for help and inspiration on this one.
This one took 6 hours! *o*
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Raichu: Pichu! where your dad!?!

Pikachu: yeah! can we see him!?!

Pichu: don't worry now he is here!

Raichu & Pikachu: oh yes! finally!

Old Pichu: hello! how you doing!?!

Pichu: he is finally here to see you!

Old Pichu: oh that right! I am here!

Pichu: okay! guys! meet my father!

Old Pichu: that right! i am his dad!

Raichu & Pikachu: 😱 oh my gods!

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for those who speak spanish

pikachu: tio no te vuelva loki

raichu: largos cabellos,poder colosal,su barbar rojisa(bueno el de el es naranja) es un dios del mestal

pichu: thor loki ir a encontrarlooo vamosss

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pikachu: hello little hattie boy!

odin the pichu: i'm a old man!

pikachu: ooooohhhhh #@#@!

raichu: see! i'm told you so!

pichu: finally! i has a god dad!

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This artwork is amazing, but just because Pikahcu is the franchise mascot doesn't mean its family has to be so overly detailed...
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hahaha, it's not like it's the only one that's overly detailed. i just do whatever comes to mind
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you're welcome. 
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The almighty Thor.. chu.
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You are the boss !!
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Noo,the Pich and Raich scarrres me,they are uncool,waaaaaaaaWaaaah! Waaaah! 
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OMg I just saw thix >. < xD it's awesome :D  I kinda feel like Odin woulda made a good Raichu though :P but I still love it though that Thorchu is so blimping adorable x3 :squee: personal revamp OMGsqueeeee.... 
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haha, yeah, i think the technically if we go by age, raichu would be odin, pikachu thor and pichu loki
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Strike a pose!
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create own effects, oh yeah!
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I do not know who's voice that is. 9w6
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aww sad how you dont know deadlox!
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yes, it is criminal i know, but alas such is my fate
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