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Jet's Black Nuzlocke Ep077



Episode 77

I'm so happy with how Zekrom turned out, I remember the first time I attempted to draw it and maaaan it was not good. Been practicing for a while now and it really paid off, I love her powerful physique, and I kinda dig how she kinda just turns into a giant shadow sometimes (especially against the bright sky).

Everyone in this episode was a pain to draw tho. Every time I opened the file to do line art I would be met by Ghetsis or Alder or Zekrom or even Hydreigon, none of which I enjoy drawing. I will never understand how Ghetsis or Alder's outfits work. >m<

Thanks for your patience, I know two months feels like a long time to wait for just one single normal length episode, but with everything that's going on it's really nice to have the extra time to work on the episode. I'm getting rats next month! If you're interested to follow my rat journey feel free to check out my new tumblr blog studiorats for picks and journal entries.

The next episode will be out on May 1st!

A tip of the hat to my Patrons!
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Zekrom is a bit of a show-off :P

beautiful touch the Golett/lurk guardians and the Druddigon hide-n-seek!

I'm having a bad feeling about Mao...