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Jet's Black Nuzlocke Ep076



Episode 76

Man, I feel like Dewott's evolution had more impact than Sir Francis' XD I struggled a lot with his design, but I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I guess we have to call him Samurott now. And finally we get our first Zoruark on screen! I had mistakenly thought Zoruark's ability was to clone an opponent until it gets hit. That's why I chose to give it the exact same colors as Cheren's Liepard, even tho it made it more confusing. Seems like I was the fool all along!

And I know Cheren's Liepard doesnt know Sand Attack at this point, and Firedog didn't know Flash. I imagin the four move rule is something inforced by the League, such that you need to register the moves you plan to use and agree to only use those moves, so that it's a fair playing field or something. But the pokemon doesnt actually forget how to use old moves, maybe they get out of practice, but they could still perform them outside of a League regulated battle. And to everyone who was worried for Firedog's safety, didn't I tell you he'd be okay? ;3c

So I'm going to take a Hiatus in December, which means there wont be an episode posted on January 1st, and then starting next year 2020 I will be changing the upload schedule to every other month, so there wont be an episode posted on February 1st either. March 1st will be the first episode of 2020, and we will be back with Jet, N, and Zekrom! Happy holidays until then and I hope to see you next year!

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My goodness, I adore how you just give like every character personality and their own internal issues, I haven‘t seen anyone even give the grunts personality till now! Wonderful job with this comic!