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Jet's Black Nuzlocke Ep075

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Published: November 2, 2019
Episode 74
<Ep74 | Archive | Next> To be continued....December 1st

Here it is! The longest episode of JBN I ever done! Took two months to complete, but I think it was all worth it to be able to tell the entire story in one piece.

Originally I had imagined N befriending a bunch of Patrats and living underground with them, but looking at the game data i realized there actually aren't any Patrats living in Lostlorn Forest! I guess it was for the best, I've already done a story arc involving hords of patrat, it's time for hords of monkeys instead! Of course, there arent actually Purrloin in that area either, but the Purrloin are pretty much the only obligate carnivores in the Unova region. Maybe you could say N singlehandedly drove the entire Purrloin population out of Lostlorn and they havent returned to this day. XD

And what a big moment to end on, Zekrom finally makes an apperance! But that's all you get for now, cuz the next episode will be checking back on how Cheren and Firedog are handeling that ninja >:3c

A tip of the hat to my Patrons!
eWorm, TailsImp, Beryl & Tree, Morgarizzle, Hydrash, and ChicoARTS.

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KetumiiHobbyist Digital Artist
This page is my favorite so far. I love the message here, that nature may seem cruel, but it's balanced and fair. Poor baby N :'( but he had to learn it sometime. I really, really love this. 
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MasrixHobbyist Writer

Zero, you've outdone yourself!

What incredible work. Your grasp of character development and your attention to the detailed artwork jumps out of the page at your readers. Your talent is the reason we keep coming back hungry for more!

(Also, that black lightning / N scene!!)

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IamaCutieStudent Digital Artist
Baby N: People die if they are killed...
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NovernHobbyist General Artist
Heck, this has to be my favorite page by far! I really love the dramatic flare of the Zekrom summoning scenes and the sweet, sad flashback as well. Amazing! <3
Better-Name-Pending's avatar

*happy estatic noises* :DDD ~Greg super exited

piglings's avatar
Why does N have a switch
Yeetersen's avatar

Holy crap the other dragons rock is in the museum. (I never got to play the games so don't laugh at me for not noticing)

Also, I like how only some of your "dead" pokemon actually die and the rest kinda just leave. I was barely getting over Broccoli when Lily died and I've been depressed all day

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HaosHypsiHobbyist Artist
Ok, the panel with the black lighting like stuff around N is epic. 
Oh, gosh, with N's character, that such a hard thing to learn at such a young age. ;-;
wietse110's avatar
Omg this is a heartbreaking page. If you help the predators the prey dies and if you help the prey the predators die. 
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RenjirraProfessional Filmographer
Loving the way you draw zekrom! So many great panels in this one, and I really enjoyed the dramatic, bold black shading
superfogg's avatar
whoo, how can I describe it?
I cannot, it was too fantastic!
GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar
GECKO-NuzlockesHobbyist General Artist

And holy shit, Zekrom looks so f*cking cool
JacobMorleyCarson's avatar
"And to think such power could be contained within such a small vessel. Who would've thought that Pokémon could fit in a ball the size of my hand?"
Pborx's avatar
BRUHHH def my favorite page so far!!! loved the backstory and zekrom appearance
A-KTheLittleFairy's avatar
A-KTheLittleFairyHobbyist General Artist
Ooh I absolutely love your version of N's backstory!
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tflora04Hobbyist Digital Artist
the-real-fairy-amy's avatar
the-real-fairy-amyHobbyist Digital Artist
o shit?
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KittyWarlordHobbyist Digital Artist
I think this is the favorite page of any Pokemon comic I've ever seen
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TwistedEerieHobbyist Digital Artist
Im gunna scream??? Oh my gosh?? This was such a good update this may be my favourite N backstory I've seen in a nuzlocke??
I just love this update SO FREAKinG much and I dont even know how to describe it with words HH?? I just love your take on N so much and those last few panels with Zekrom look amazing :noes: not to mention the backgrounds in this are just gorgeous
Im so excited to see where this goes keep it up!! :love::love:
Naxal710's avatar
Yooooooooo!!!! This page was phenomenal!!!! I absolutely love your take on N's backstory! And that panel with N and the black lightning!!!!! 
KavuLord's avatar
That's one dope looking Zekrom.
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N continues to develop as we dive into him. He treats Jet with respect and doesn't see their beliefs as something evil. Rather, her beliefs and how she holds onto them sincerely inspires him to follow his own, even if they are opposed. And now that we know his backstory, it makes sense. He sees himself and Jet like Nature, two different sides that are balanced and have a fair say, but only the strongest and most determined can survive. He's not cruel or prideful of this, it's just how he's come to see the world thanks to his incident with the monkeys and the Purrloin.

N knows he can't stop all suffering; he simply wants to stop all the unnecessary suffering. Pokemon simply hunting for food may hurt the one eaten, but it's only for survival, something to gain. When he looks at humans making Pokemon suffer, there is no point. No meaningful gain. He does see the bonds Jet has, but he is holding onto his ideals too strongly to let this go when he knows he can make a change. But he respects Jet for her view and is willing to face her equally so that they can do this without regrets. 

And Zekrom certainly gives of a vibe of ancient wisdom with that pose, all while radiating predatory power that will devour all those unworthy. It'll be interesting to see how N wins over his friendship. 
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woah, this is so good!

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Kineil-WicksStudent General Artist
My thought processes:
Yay, update!
Yay, Atlantis: the Lost Empire reference! :la:
ZAP love the lighting on that one
Aww, little N!
Yes I see the problem
Aww cute

And that's a powerful moment WOW this whole update was WOW such goodness thank you! :tighthug:
Awesome job! :la:
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