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Zero the Wolf 5th Anniversary

It's January 23, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, I like to reintroduce you to my Zero the Wolf model.

Zero V2 (rebuild on Blender) is a complete break down and rebuild of the previous model (build on DAZ Hexagon and Poser) I'm very pleased with the result.

What better way to show him off then making him the 5th Anniversary illustration.

Sorry for the wait but here's to 2013

Happy Birthday, Zero!

Zero the Wolf and Model done by *Zero20-2
Special Thanks to ~Oblivion-Wings for her hand in making Zero so awesome.
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Man, 3D.. Seriously?! :wow: Everyone's leaving me in the dust, Lolz~! XDD *iz still stuck back in traditional art (colored pencils)*

This is definitely one of the Best Anniversary pics for someone's character I've ever seen~♪ :la: The 3D obviously looks Amazing!! Didn't miss a single detail from what I see~! (Well, he is Your character after all, Lolz XD) Great pose for him too =p Now, the thing I Really luv about this deviation is how you integrated your Awesome 2D lineart with the 3D model~! :dummy: The reflection adds a nice touch too~! :aww: X3 Great logo; whether I'm talking about the 5th anniversary one in the top-right corner or the one's used in the background with the gradient; 'tis ALL Awesome!!! :dance: I gotta say, I do Really like what you did with the "5th," y'know, how it's his tail X3 Can't wait to see more 2D, 3D, and 2D/3D mix art from you bro~! =D Keep up the Outstanding work my Zero-buddy~♪ :lol:
Expect to see me pop by during your livestream~! ;p *did last time but couldn't stay very long*

:la: Happy Seriously-Friggin'-Belated Birthday, Zero the Wolf~♪♫♪ :dummy:
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I wouldn't knock your skills, bro! :meow: My traditional skills are the most rusted (they weren't that good to begin with so I stuck more to digital lol) and nothing beats a well done traditional piece of artwork in my opinion.

Thanks much and will do! :highfive:
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I guess, but still--I should at least put up some sort of other type of media~! The sad part is, I learned both Photoshop and Illustrator and never really put it to use besides in the classes that I took ^^; *should probably attempt to use those skills every now-and-again* Somehow, I doubt what you say; I feel you were most likely good at it; I mean, most--if not all--of us started traditionally, with a pencil and a paper~! :aww: I know what you mean, but digital artworks are Always so Incredible; you can do things with it that traditional can and SO much More! *3*

You're welcome and you better, Lolz :w00t!:
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God damn Sammy that look so very classy! Really digging the 'windows' of Zero behind the model. Awesome stuff!
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Much thanks, Holly!
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I am diggin' this new model of Zero!!!
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He looks almost like a character in the Sonic games!!
very top notch job on the 3D-ish design and details! =D
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Excellent model. Hopefully you can get to what I call "Console Quality" in future.
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Thanks and trust me, this is the best I'll be able to get with the tools I got and specs of my desktop (which isn't much but it works for me)
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Wow that looks really good and is really cool!
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Sweet Render Man.
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Whoa, that's totally amazing :D
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