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Wizeman the Wicked Plushie

Full view is best recommended

The ultimate nightmare Wizeman the Wicked!!!

Date of creation: June 19, 2008
Time took: looooong time

all those hands @__@

Fully detailed

enjoy plz~

Wizeman (c)SEGA/Sonic Team
Plushie by *Zero20-2
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© 2008 - 2021 Zero20-2
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A promise is a promise. I made my own Wizeman the wicked plush and it is the journey of dreams version.
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Is it all for some of us to make a different version of Wizeman the wicked plush but it will still be the same character?
Zero20-2's avatar
Apologies but I don't understand the question
nightsfangirl23's avatar
I understand. I was trying to say about others making a different version of Wizeman the wicked plush.
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that would be cool to see
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ohhhhhhhh God,i mean ohh d-force master,very good hope can i make a wizeman one day,visit my gallery to see my NIGHTS figure
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i like it, it's the first i've seen of it's kind ^^
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Very well done. You should be proud of it. What would love this to be a part of my plush collection. [link]
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if drawing wizeman is hard,i don't want to even imagine how is to make a plushie of him
but nice work anyway!
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heh yeah ^^

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i had no idea you made a wizeman plushie >o> it looks so awesome! i can imagine the hands were teh most pain of all right? XD * points* i feel your pain D:

but other than that its awesome <3
Zero20-2's avatar
its not a plushie, more of a statue of sorts but its cool, thankya much <3
IrashiRyuu's avatar
oh! thats so awesome i had no idea :3 i made a nights figure but im not sure if you saw that or not XD im just a little sad cause his arm broke but i think i can fix that :3 * nod nod*

so do you still make awesome stuff like this? *tilts her head*
Zero20-2's avatar
hehe cool ^_^

recently no, haven't found much time to pick up a needle and thread ^^'
IrashiRyuu's avatar
aww wnoes D:
* paws at* well if you ever have time and well * pokes her fingers togher* would liek to do a trade one day. would you like to? :3
Zero20-2's avatar
its cool, I still have my touch for my plushcraft :3

a trade with you? I be honor to do a trade with you, that would be soo much fun ^^
IrashiRyuu's avatar
awesomeness and *squees* claps like a little kid* uhuhuhuhhuhu XD * does patricks laughter from sponge bob* XD!

thank you! that would be so rad :iconicamplz: * glomps to the ground and bites your cheek, her way of expressing her happiness*
Zero20-2's avatar
cool... *glomp'd and blushes uncontrollably* hehe -^^-
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