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Showdown: Zero Vs. Vega

Zero: *runs at Vega, takes a swing*

Vega: *side steps and grabs Zero's arm and pulls in close to himself, tightens his grip*

Zero: grrr...!

Vega: hmph... you never beat me like that, show me what you really got!

Zero: ok then.... *slowly rising right arm as energy builds into it*

Vega: *maniacal grin on face* that's it... *charges energy into left hand* bring it on, Zero!


Zero facing off against his most dangerous foe, Vega in a showdown of energy

first time drawing Zero showing his inner power

loads of action!! XD


Zero the Wolf, Vega the Wolf (c)*Zero20-2
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Awesome looking pic here! I like their poses and expressions =D
Zero20-2's avatar
zero fuck him up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This must have taken a while to draw, I can't help the feeling but think it's a trap and Zero's falling in to it, why else would Vega ask of him to give it all Zero can? Vega obviously has a trick up his sleeve, metaphorically speaking. Very good job though, and nice effects with their own individual energies building up!
Zero20-2's avatar
hehe awesome play by play XD

thanks bro!
Azure-Winter-Star's avatar
the play by play wasn't intended XD

no problem bro! ^^
Mery-the-Hedgehog's avatar
Fantastic Aciton pic zero !!
Great job :clap: !!!!
Zero20-2's avatar
thanks much Mery! :meow:
Mery-the-Hedgehog's avatar
You're very very Welcome :heart:
Rayisshockedpplz's avatar
*grabs a mic* Let's get ready to rumble! They look very intense and strong the two of them. And how I love the energy coming out of their palms!
Zero20-2's avatar
haha lol thanks Holly :D
renealexa's avatar
Cool! Specially the flame!
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wrath-the-hero's avatar
what kind of powers does zero have?
Zero20-2's avatar
inner power, similiar effects like Silver but is not telepathic so he doesn't throw things mentally
Eternal-Crystal's avatar
Vega is kinda like a nega or anti Zero?
Zero20-2's avatar
Nope far from it ^^
Eternal-Crystal's avatar
Really? But like how? I mean they seem exactly the opposite.
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