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NiGHTS Plushie

My NiGHTS Plushie

Date of Creation: Jan 1, 2007
My first plushie in the '07 series

I wanted to make the original outfit and here he is, equiped with bendable limbs!!:D

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tulaman's avatar
sweet,to be a plushie
Tecky-Tessi's avatar
How do you make the hat bend like that?
Zero20-2's avatar
IrashiRyuu's avatar
its so cute! i love the little guy! * glomps* you did an awesome job at making Nights 8D! i make plushies myself and i still have a little trouble making the little round thing under his head ><
Zero20-2's avatar
Aww thankyou ^^
NiebraWolf's avatar
Hey can you make me a NiGHTS plushie if I make you a NiGHTS plushie?
Zero20-2's avatar
I think about it ^^
NiebraWolf's avatar
This is the coolest NiGHTS plushie I ever seen!!!
Zero20-2's avatar
hehehe Thankyou ^^
NiebraWolf's avatar
you should make a Christmas NiGHTS plushie before christmas.
Zero20-2's avatar
hehehe you're not the first to say that ^^

I think about it! 8D
NiebraWolf's avatar
Do good if you make it I want see if it'll be better than mine.
Zero20-2's avatar
Whoa... another male plushie maker? Wassup man!! ^___^
RokkuCassie's avatar
AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! NiGHTS PLUSH PLUSH!!!!!!!! Stupid Ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Grabs Reala and slams his head into the ground*

Reala: Owwww....

I need a plushie of Nights!!!!!!!! NIGHTY!
Zero20-2's avatar
heh heh heh ^^
you do them very well, congratulations
nice work
Zero20-2's avatar
Why thankyou ^___^ :highfive:
fluffyundertaker's avatar
It looks great! Did you have a pattern?
Zero20-2's avatar
I guess so ^__^

SvenHoek's avatar
damn thats awesome...
im no good at making plushies...
Zero20-2's avatar
Thanks man and your sculpture was the best I seen!! ^____^
SunaNiGHTS's avatar
A J-Bird Plushie!! *squee* that is SO AWESOME!!! :D :D :D You are very talented yes yes. XD

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