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NiGHTS JoD Plushie

My NiGHTS(JoD) Plushie

Date of Creation: Jan 31, 2008

My first plushie for the 2008 year and its NiGHTS in his new outfit (as see in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams and other games XD)

Full details and stuff

Enjoy ^^

NiGHTS (c)SEGA/Sonic Team
Plushie by: *Zero20-2

Other pics for your enjoyment
[link] [link] [link] [link]

my personal fav XD
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© 2008 - 2021 Zero20-2
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chozowarrior1's avatar
I NEED IT. awesome job
MC-Gemstone's avatar
oh so your the one that did the JOD plush!
ManicxMidnight132's avatar
How did you make those awesome plushies?
DarkDollArt's avatar
your Nights will get its Dutch fellow soon Sam;-)
i posted ur parcel today!
i think he will have a jet lag when you meet him....but you'll take care of that:lmao:
Zero20-2's avatar
lol hope the flight over isn't too much trouble =P
DarkDollArt's avatar shouldnt
he has to take a nap or be lazy in between airbubbled plastic:giggle:
NikKiThEpAnDaPiKaChU's avatar
How much would a commision for one of these NiGHTS Doll?
Zero20-2's avatar
not doing it as commission work, just one of my hobby
DarkDollArt's avatar
the outfit that vest + tie its so nicely made Sam
question; do you use a wire base in the plush?
Zero20-2's avatar
Thankyou so much! :bow:

no wire base, I use wires for them if I need more flexability but they are mostly fabric and stuffing :)
DarkDollArt's avatar
your welcome Sam;-)
always nice to know more how you make your plushies:nod:
Zero20-2's avatar
that's nice, glad to hear ^^
nights1988's avatar
Whoa! Awsome! ^-^
Zero20-2's avatar
Thankya much ^^
nights1988's avatar
no problem. its the true ^^
SilverFT's avatar
omg you are soo powerful!! >_>
Zero20-2's avatar
hehehe thankya ^^
weegi1985's avatar
Would you ever consider selling? Or make another one to sell?
It's absolutley gorgeous! You're very talented! x
Zero20-2's avatar
Thankya kindly ^^

I'm still thinking about it but for now I do it for fun! :D
weegi1985's avatar
I would certainly buy one!
Zero20-2's avatar
Thanks again ^^
NiebraWolf's avatar
Can you please check my NiGHTS JOD plushie and tell me what you think?
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