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Giant Sonic Plushie

Sonic the Hedgehog Plushie in full view!:D
Name: Sonic the Hedgehog!
Date of Creation: Summer time!
Size: 3 feet, 3 inches! (life size)
Foot size: 12.5 (maybe bigger)

This is my first life size toy Sonic!
He is equiped with his Red Sneakers and white gloves and there changeable.
2nd view: Inset box.

Sneakers: [link]
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startrekfan237's avatar
What materials did you use to make this plush?
KenGreenmanFTW's avatar
You say the shoes and gloves are changeable, does that mean you made the bare feet and hands as well? Also how much would you want for you to make another?
Zero20-2's avatar
I don't do this to sell them, sorry
kingdededefan's avatar
i want to sleep with him!!!! :icongustaplz:
AgentSonic's avatar
Really cool, but scary XD
I would not be able to sleep at night with him watching me!
Zero20-2's avatar
thanks and he's harmless at night
AbandonLONLINESS's avatar
How much would a comission be? I want one of Sally...
Zero20-2's avatar
I don't know and I don't do commissions, sorry
AbandonLONLINESS's avatar
D'aww.. I wouldve given you about 100 €
shadowhedgehogbaby's avatar
the arms look real! well to me they do.
Zero20-2's avatar
hehe thanks ^^
stuart23's avatar
Wow! what kind of reaction do you get from people who see a life size Sonic hanging around your house?
Zero20-2's avatar
funny you say that, had another case like that yesterday xD

mostly whoa ^^
FireWithinCreation's avatar
wow...I thought the life-size Sonic plushie only existed in my dreams...dreams DO come true! eeeeeeee (faints)
Zero20-2's avatar
sooooo's avatar
excuse meh french :@
sooooo's avatar
wow your amazing ..i mean how deh fuck did u make dat seriously HOW?
Zero20-2's avatar
hehehe Thankyou ^^
Sparky2hot4ya's avatar
are you kidding me? ...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!!? YOU HAVE A LIFE SIZE 3 FOTTED SONIC PLUSHIE IN YOUR HOUSE?!?!...................please tell me where you got it O___O
Zero20-2's avatar
I made it myself, I'm not kidding you! ^^
Sparky2hot4ya's avatar
You are awesome. . . . . ITS NOT FAIRR!!! >0< I want 2 have the skills 2 make plushies too, then I could make my character a giant plushie and carry him around ;~;
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