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Lunae by LunaeIraes ★ <da:thumb id="627937682"/> ★  Pizza Hut collab by piikan★   [FANART] Sailor Moon / Tuxedo Mask by sanduck  [F--C] Belessia Ball's Trouble Duo by cytes  Sybil Rose by Kisa903  YM Mix Clothes from Void Elsword by accelkid  The Sadness [Original Character] by Pandamorinium ★ <da:thumb id="627255682"/>  Under the mask eternal smile by Gleb-Bagrov  Off by FoxyAnonymous  Fight. Live. by Van-Syl-Production  Mask [Com] by lostSHAD3 

Mature Content

Yin Fox of Creation by Beckener
black by TrippyTape  Akatsuki No Yona : Shin-ah Fanart by Hiro03   No Surprises by Camtz ★  [AT] Dored by Barbew ★ Kaede and Hoshiko by ShadowEnigma12  Katana Mask by Yurtigo  Kaneki - Tokyo Ghoul (Fan Art) by Freksama  Megitsune by HimeCurry ★ <da:thumb id="625835652"/>  Commission - Kurai and Fukai by Cherry-InkedAngel ★  The Iron Mask by sofia-1989 ★ <da:thumb id="623081108"/> ★ <da:thumb id="625643795"/>  Prize - Albina by Frappuchii  Contest entry for Cursed-Girl + Process Vid! by SushimiTsukimi 



About the current theme: mask. Can be weared by a character, or present in the background as itself. Can also be just a drawing (or photo) of an actual mask, of course.

- This is a free feature. By "free" I mean you don't have to do the same. If you'd like to spread this journal, though, you're more than welcome!  
If you want to do the same, just do it! JUST DO IT emote 

- Everything's accepted, as long as it fit the given theme. 

- No need to be a watcher.

- Max two (2) works per deviant 


- I will update this journal max once a day (if needed)

(I guess I've written everything, in case ask)


Other features:

★ FEATURE #1: Horned characters
★ FEATURE #2: Wings 
★ FEATURE #3: Tattoo 
★ FEATURE #4: Stars
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The Iron Mask by sofia-1989
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