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Hi, it's me. I'm ill, so I'm skipping the course today :P - and I'm taking advantage of it to manifest myself here. (I can ever take some time to submit stuff on groups! It's been centuries I'm neglecting them! Oh joy!)

First of all, the more important thing: I'm updating the Commission Journal, so it will be unavailable for a little. I have to retouch prices, since I have a child to maintain now (A car. It's a car, not an actual kid. A secondhand 4-wheeled movement device. That feeds on fuel.)
(IMPORTANT: people that are already in the waiting list at the moment I'm publishing this journal won't be affected by the changes, so worry not!)

I'm studying a lot of stuff at the graphic course - graphic is totally not for me, I'm too artist to be a graphic =3= - but there are a fuckton of useful things I'm learning (Like, you can animate with Photoshop?! I mean, decent cute animations, not only those frame-by-frame things I did until now?!? I'm totally digging it. And Illustrator is a blast. Too bad I can't afford an Adobe subscription...).

One month. One month to go, then I'll be free. One month still. Be strong, me! Be strongggg! Retsuko - Head Desk Slam 

I miss videogames. Bayonetta is waiting for me for over a month now. Not to mention Tales of Berseria. Will I ever see the end of it? I don't even remember how to play... sign

Oh, by the way, I've been to my very first proper con. I LOVED it (it worsened my throat ache and gave me aggravated nasal mucus occlusions, but I regret nothing.) I'll be totally selling stuff at one of those sooner or later, definitely UvU (...well, I have to make stuff first. Oh well, I have time until October...yep, plenty of time...)
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Hi! How it is? I may manifest myself few, but I'm here every day! (I'm signed as "invisible" so you will never know when Sunglasses are good)

So, as the title, I have news - they are not good or bad news per se, just news.

So, I'm about to take another course - on multimedia techniques this time. (it's part of my "let's get out of depression and tame social anxiety and let's try to be a normal person" therapy - and this is good) It will last only three months (well, two months and 20 days), and this is good. It will be tough tho, because it's 7 hours per day so I will be hella busy, therefore will have less time to draw, and this is bad (I've never drawn much in the mornings however, and this is... good I guess?). That's why I bought a tablet with a pen, so I can draw everywhere - and this is good. I pretty much suck with it however, and this is bad. I'm getting used to it though, and this is good. But I still have the other course, therefore homeworks that will take time, and this is bad in a way. But again, it will be only until the end of June, then I will be free, FREE like... huh... the most free thing you can think about.

Also I won't be able to play videogames anymore... and this is the worst! Run Cry  I just bought Bayonetta... (not to consider I still have to finish Tales of Berseria... and not to mention there are EARTHLOCK and Danganronpa 2 that still wait to be played... and when I am supposed to watch anime?! They're already piling up, it's a tragedy)

TL;DR: I will be EVEN MORE SLOW at drawing than I am now. .-. Face  But I have legit reasons, I promise.
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The time has come! LazyIcon I wanna use - 36 DUN PART 1 LazyIcon I wanna use - 36 DUN PART 1 LazyIcon I wanna use - 36 DUN PART 1 

Part by zero0810

And now... RANDOM.ORG, do your magic! Magic Wand 

Yo by zero0810
Winners are:

48 - :iconemptwinesse:
2 - :iconcaptainspaceout:
7 - :iconravelegend:
16 - :iconjadeologie:
35 - :iconcatlori9:

Congrats! Lapartyplz 

@ winners: send me your character of choice via note, or comment down there (take your time, I know this is a busy period for some :P)

@ other participants: Hope you'll keep on trying! I'll try not to let pass so much time until the next one Hehe...,, Emote 
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Deadline is impending!! Rush in before it comes!! Nichijou - Yuuko Excited 
(...probably not before 1-2 p.m. local time, I probably won't even turn on the computer until then :P)


Glad to see so many familiar (nick)names, as well as new ones!  
Keep on +faving, the deadline is approaching~


I've just posted on Instagram the most recent batch of raffle prizes and realized IT'S BEEN ALREADY A YEAR! D: I miss doing that kind of thing, but for a motive or another, time passed... I've never been a super interactive person, but I feel kind of distant from DA and it sadden me :C

It's a tiny thing, and I probably don't have time for this but get ready for the SUPER AMAZING END-OF-THE-YEAR RAFFLE! Triple this time, since I'd like to include Instagram too this time. (Note @ people in the waiting list: Don't worry, you haven't been forgotten: I'm slow, not a bitch u_u )



- Everyone can participate. To join, +fav this page. -(You can un-fav it when it's finished)

- You can join on Tumblr/Instagram too if you'd like (you can win only once tho)

24th of December.
(Note: the deadline can change. Depends on my mood swings :P - I won't anticipate it, but it can be delayed. Since it's called end-of-the-year raffle...)


I haven't decided yet if choose 1 every 10 participants like I used to... Maybe they'll be 1 every 15, or 20...? Depends on how many people there will be. Let's say a minimum of 2 or 3 winners per site, for now. (I know myself, so I'll change idea 1000 times for sure =3= ) (Or can be more winners here and 1 on the other sites, since I don't expect many adhesions there... >_> 


One (1) sketch-y coloured headshot, that can be: a original character, a fan character, a canon character, a furry/anthro, a mecha, a robot, an object head-- everything you fancy, I like to try new things ^^ (everything but offensive or pornographic material, of course D: )


-  Tumblr 

-   Instagram
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posting this real quick, I'll take care of notes tomorrow, I promise~ =3=
random title is random

Maaan, it feels weird to be a student again after all this time bunneh icon5even if it's just once a week

Trip aside (taking trains for someone not used to it is devastating - especially if you have to wake up at 5 a.m. when used to not being able to fall asleep before 2 a.m.... I took the wrong train - luckily I realized immediately it wasn't the right one... - and I had a moment of panic when I tought I took the wrong bus... not city smart, not at all). Yesterday afternoon I was a proper zombie. I had the bad idea to sleep a little, and then it was even worse >_< I have to learn to deal with it.
But the lesson was nice! Super informal and light. My colleagues are very nice and friendly, and our teacher is crazy good (go take a look, if you're curious). It was a very basic first lesson, but enough for kick me out of the comfort zone: as a live-long Windows user, put me in front of a Mac and watch me go crazy. Also, Photoshop will be hard to deal when I'm way too well used to SAI's twirling canvas... but I'm eager to learn. Throw the knowledge at me, all of the knowledge!! My body is ready!! My Body Is Ready Anime Gif 

Huh, by the way, I made an Instagram account. Because it seems that everyone have it but me Sad Here you go. I won't likely post there anything I don't here (art regarding at least), so you won't miss anything if you don't follow me there. Sans Shrug </sup></sup>
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EDIT: Guysssss, it's tomorrow She's completely calm [K-On!] 
I'm so anxious I'm not even anxious anymore(?) I'm lying
Luckily I have to wake up so early I'll probably be in a zombie mode so intense that I won't even realize what I'm doing. :brain-dead: 
Guysssss I registered for the International School of Comics! Forgive Me Please 
I've pick digital illustration of course
Now, I'm waiting for the full realization of what I've done to hit me like a 500 kilotons bomb. And if I even survive that, anxiety will finish me... slowly...
Oh my. What I've done? WHAT I'VE DOOOOOOONEEEEE Arata Screaming Icon 
okay, calm down. I have one whole month to deal with it. ...aaaaaahhh....

(No, I won't drop commissions. The train ticket is pretty expensive... ;u; )
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I'll be short: I might have to take medications for anxiety, but I'm a little worried it would affect my (already not top tier) creativity - so I want to ask to those who had taken/are taking these kind of medicines:

how did they affected your art? Did you see an improvement (in, idk, concentration? I don't really know) or a worsening? Or it didn't affected it at all?

Of course I'm aware that it widely depends of the kind of medicine, but I'd like to know your experience without the need to going in too much detail. (Feel free to note me if you don't want to write a comment down here)

Over and out* 
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oh my, it's been so long since I've writed a journal I didn't even remember I deleted the widget from the profile page!

I didn't manage to do not even a single commission during the last week! I'm so mad >_>
I don't like to make people wait, but I'm not able to bend time... yet. I have all the intentions to get back on track starting tomorrow, so fear not. u_u

I didn't slack tough (well, sort of. I had some demanding phisical work on wednesday that destroyed every muscle I have, and knocked me out for a couple of days. My body can't handle phisical work :P). I'm participating in a couple projects - one of which you can read about here --> (there's a group too if you want to take a look: endlesssummerartbook.deviantar… --- in which I am an admin it seems?! I can't handle such power, it's too much for me x_x ). About the other, I'll let you know when I'll be allowed to submit what I did for it (it's ongoing, so idk when) ...if I'll ever be. :P

At last, I'm seeing a psychologist. It's a little early to tell if it's working (I'm on the third appointment out of ten), but if I dare expose myself a little I can say things seems to be an itsy bitsy brighter...? Idk. Time will tell. I just want to say something to people that struggles with depression/anxiety like me - especially the ones that think "if I even find one, what will I say to them? What if I don't know what to say, how to fill the silence? What if I don't know how to answer a question?". This was my biggest fear, actually. Well, they know. It doesn't matter if you don't say anything, they will. You could answer "I don't know" to every single thing they ask you - it's fine! It's fine if you stutter or have random crying crisis out of nowhere (*cough*speaking from experience here*cough*), you won't feel judged, because you aren't. It's less awkward than it seems, I promise you. Make somebody else take an appointment for you, so you'll be forced to go since the tought of making a phone call to cancel it it's way more terrifying (totally not speaking from experience here. Totally not. :P )
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gosh, doing nothing all day takes so much time (nothing except that damned fanart I'm working on since too-many-days ago - and I hope to finish toda-- well, in a couple of days or so)

But you're not here to hear me complain. You're here-- well, because you've been tagged, I suppose.


50 people joined, so there are 5 winners! Fool Emoji-38 (Yay yay) [V3]  

1. Number 25, P-INKBLISS
2. Number 15, SayakoRush
3. Number 44, The-Odd-Fox-King
4. Number 28, Myebi
5. Number 11, MikomiKisomi

[Winners, send me a character via comment or note - I don't expect to get them during the impending Generic Winter Festivity, so take all the time you need to do so!]

Thanks for participating all! There will be more of these, so join again! ^^
(and head over on Tumblr if you joined there as well)

I feel bad for those who didn't win .-. - I know it's not something to feel so bad about but I know how it feels like, so I feel bad the same ...why am I so messed up? sigh
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Since the last one was fun, here's another! I would have called this Christmas raffle... if I didn't hate Christmas. Grinch icon 

-  +fav this journal.

...really, it's this easy! It's the only condition, yup. (you can un-fav it once it's finished)
[Did you know that if you go to see the list of persons that +faved something you have given a list with a crescent number next to each name? BECAUSE I DIDN'T. But well, now I do, so I'll use those for the extraction =3=]

DEADLINE: December 24th may be extended if that day I'm too lazy to do the extraction - yes, I'm that unreliable lel

WINNERS: I'll pick up a winner every 10 persons that join the raffle (like I did for the last one, though I didn't say it =3= ) I'll made a new journal for that, so this time people will be notified properly, hopefully

PRIZE: each winner will get a sketch-y headshot like these  Raffle Prize batch by zero0810, but coloured! (I don't have an available sample for that =3= but the colour should look likely like in here

BONUS(?): I'm thinking to do the same thing on Tumblr too, since I've never held anything there. What I'm saying is, if you have an account over there, you may join there too (I'll post the link here if I'll do). ON TUMBLR
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Hope ya'll be notified properly... right, DeviantARTShe's Watching, She's Always Watching 


1 by zero0810

Number 27, VespisiaTimon -  Applause 

And now, the lucky 4 that will get an headshot sketch are:
won't post aaaall the screenshots but you trust me right? Right?!</i>

- Number 2, Shalquoia
- Number 30, DawnKnights
- Number 24, TalviKettu
- Number 32, CaptainSpaceout

[Winners can send me their character of choice via note, comment, whatever you'd like]

Thanks for participating, all!
I'll do this again in future, it's more enthralling than kiribans! :P


Thanks for participating! I'll comunicate the result soon!
Also! There will be some extra winners that'll get a headshot sketch, because I am so nice, mh mh Lovely Shoujo (Nods) [V4] 


The people has spoken, so instead of a kiriban I'll hold a tiny raffle this time. No big deal, I just need a character to use as a guinea pig and this is a good way to get one in the most impartial way possible.

So, the rules:

- Anyone can enter, just comment below with whatever (I'll give you a number)

- The winner will get most likely a bust (or a headshot, but I'm more bust-oriented at the moment)
- The deadline is... well, when I've finished the thing I'm doing...? Neko Emoji-21 (Sweat or Creep out) [V2]  it's an halfbody with background, so towards the end of next week probably - however, as long as the title reads "open" it will be... well, open

It's all, I guess!
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Tagged by AlbineVeratrine around a light-year ago I'm sorry


How old are you?

Mentally around 80 yo, I guess these youngsters...CURSE YOU! 

What gender and pronouns do you identify with?

Female, for convenience.

Your name?

Melinda, but if you call me that I will ignore your existence.

How social are you?

I'm not Sans Shrug  not IRL at least


How long have you been on deviantART? (Old accounts included)

7 days Yamamura Sadako icon  years

What are your future plans for the site?


Do you want to pursue a career in art?

Can't see how, I have no titles  Sans Shrug

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your art skills?

7...? But most of the time I feel less than 0 Sans Shrug (this emoticon is useful everywhere, dammit!)

Do you ever plan on leaving deviantART?

It's the only place where I get a minimum of feedback, so nope

Who is your favourite visual artist?

I go by periods, really, and there are so much... Let's say Kiyo Kyujyo, because the details in their works makes me want to do the triple jump out of my window.

Do you use a tablet or a mouse?

Tablet, but I used to use the mouse in the beginning (how?! I can barely move the pointer through the screen now... watch me play FPSs, my aim is ridiculous, really)

How long does it usually take you to complete your artwork?

Colour takes 4 to 6 (to more) hours, idk the sketch 'n' lineart phase

How well do you handle criticism?

Very bad. .-. It can be constructive how much do you want, but I won't sleep for a week overthinking about it


What is your sexuality/romantic preference?

I wonder... I feel quite aro lately (and always been ace)

Are you currently in a relationship?

What's this thing you're talking about? Big Fool Emoji-03 (Creep Stare) [V2] 

Is your partner/spouse a deviant? (If so, paste link to their profile here.)


How long have you been together?



Otherwise? =3=
:iconkallian91:, scelgo te! shakepokeball 
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As title says, I want to try this system for a while. Now, I don't know how it usually works, so I explain how mine will work:

- it won't be public, but the number of people in it will be written in the Commissions List and Progress document. 

- Once it's your turn (when I have time), I'll contact you via note. I will wait max 24h for a reply, then I'll skip to the next in line - the person skipped won't be erased from the list for, let's say, 7 days. If I don't get a reply within this time, I just assume you're not interested anymore, and erase the name from the list. (if, for any reason, you weren't be able to contact me within the given days, just say it and I'll put you back in the first lines of the list, depending on what I'm working at the time)

- If you can't/don't want to commission me when I contact you, never mind. You can say so, let the days pass, or ask to be moved in the lower part of the list... just don't get stressed, being in the waiting list don't oblige you to commission me. (If you change idea later on, you can ask to be added to the list again - you will be put in line, of course)

- Consider that probably you may have to wait a lot. I'm sorry, really, but there's nothing I can do about this. I'm not the fastest of artists, Patrons have the priority, and I can't control time (whoa, that would be awesome). at least I don't have a life, ahah *bitter snicker*

I think I wrote everything, in case I forgot something just ask. 


P.S. If you asked me in the previous daysweeks? about the status of my commissions, you're already in the waiting list, so don't worry, you haven't been forgotten
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Somehow "fixed" the rewards. Because I am stupid I am a dummy! . Take a look. Please. 


...and for the series "what the hell am I even doing?"... *drum roll*
I am now on Patreon

I don't know what else to write without being brutally sarcastic, overly autoironic or expose my lack of self esteem like a butt in a strip club, so I won't write anything else. Peace!
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I have over 1500 notifications to take care of :'D but... let's do this

You may want to take a look at the journal... (please,do):  Commission Journal[For commissions status, list and progression go here: ]
[Icon]Warning  IMPORTANT: This journal is being updated, so it will be unavailable for a while! 
[Icon]Warning  IMPORTANT BIS: People that has been in the Waiting List since before May 21st, 2019 WON'T be affected by the update - if you are one of them, you can head HERE to see the outdated version of the journal. 

Now straight to the point: 

NO SLOTS this time BUT I will take only 5 fullbody sketch commissions (because I don't want to drown in them :P) (notice that I now only take points for them, through the Donate Points widget)

AND use the form: (comment or note, it doesn't make difference)

Kind of commission: 
Payment method: (points or paypal) (if paypal, specific if USD or EUR)
[In case of Paypal] Your paypal e-mail/name: 
Sketch? (yes/no - if you want or not see the sketch before I start to colour it) (ignore this if the commission IS a sketch)
Posting restrictions? (specify if you don't want me to post it elsewhere)

References: (as many as possible/must be fullbody for chibies) (in case of description only, provide some visual references (clothing, hairstyles, etc)) (if you have a biography/written data, include it as well)
Pose/expression: (if you want something specific, if not just leave it blank) (write here if there’s something I must know about the character - for ex: never/always smiles, etc.)
Other: (decoration/base/background/etc. if requested by the kind of commission you asked for – everything I should know)


Commissions List and Progress
Status: Status Red Closed  (Let me shorten the Waiting List a little...)
How the Waiting List works: Introducing... the Waiting List
Warning! No break SNAIL PACE UNTIL THE 21st OF JUNE! Warning! No break 
People in the waiting list: 18
NOTE: I'm like The Entity in It Follows: I may be moving at a slow pace, but I'll get to you, eventually. [Emoticon] Gogo / Menacing SFX 
NOTE BIS: I'll be following a (very intensive) course until the 21st of June (in addition to the other one!) - so, until then, I'll be EVEN MORE slow =3=
other things to do:
- Raffle prizes x9 (12) (
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I totally suck at designing non-human creatures, no matter how hard I try sigh 

So, do you have/know some open species (better non-humanoid ones) I can practice with? Some group specialized in open species I can explore to ease my research?

(I don't plan to keep the results, is supposed to be just practice.)
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Tagged by :iconalbineveratrine: a couple of centuries ago? xD But see? It may take forever, but when I'm tagged I always do the do in the end uvu

♥ Rules: Tag 8+ people you'd like to get to know better using this meme!

Name: Melinda (I never want to say it, but idgaf anymore at this point xP) DO NOT EVER USE IT PLEASE. just nope.
Star sign: Libra
Average hours of sleep: 7 I think
Lucky number: 7
Last thing googled: Benkei
Favourite fictional character(s): I Hinata Happy Icon think Hinata Thumbs Up Icon even Hinata Gasp Icon rocks Hinata Talking Icon know Hinata Mad Icon this Hinata Smile by Hinata Surprised Icon  now Hinata Blink Icon -v-  I'm out of control please end me now before it's too late
Current attire: home attire (sport trousers, a sweater I wouldn't dare to show outside)
When did you start this account?: 26 December 2009
Number of watchers: A little more than 1000, don't know the exact number (and I don't want to know, since this kind of things make me flustered) yes it doesn't make sense at all
What do you post?: Original art and Haikyuu!! fanart (fanart of other stuff pops out sometimes)
Other blogs: I'd like to signal my Tumblr sideblog where I reblog art with less notes than they should have seriously, Tumblr is awful when it comes to art, I see a lot of stuff that's out of this world and gets like 10 notes only because is not a fanart. ...but it's Tumblr, after all --> (there's always my artblog, and the secondary one where I reblog random stuff that it's currently flooded by Haikyuu!! stuff )
Do you get a lot of comments?: The right number, I guess?
Why did you choose this username? I don't remember anymore! xD (I'd like to, though :I )

Tag tag taaag~don't feel obligated to do it though

:icondinaaw: - :iconfisukenka: - :iconpokemontrainernaira: - :iconcioccomello: - :iconredtaiga: - :iconfreakyzi: - :iconnuku-niku: - :iconkallian91: sì, non smetterò mai di romperti le palle xD
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As promised, here I am. I wasn't sure it would happen today, since yesterday I feel like a rag, good just to clean the floor... but today, to quote a creepy YouTube video "I fe~el fantastic hey hey hey" (if you have never seen it... don't worry, you're normal xD)

Just two words:

> Infos and model are here, as usual (nothing changed since the last time):  Commission Journal[For commissions status, list and progression go here: ]
[Icon]Warning  IMPORTANT: This journal is being updated, so it will be unavailable for a while! 
[Icon]Warning  IMPORTANT BIS: People that has been in the Waiting List since before May 21st, 2019 WON'T be affected by the update - if you are one of them, you can head HERE to see the outdated version of the journal. 

> 5 slots like the last time, since I've seen is good for my nerves. Slots are for every kind of commission except  halfbody w/ background and fullbody: these kind of commissions will be left likely always open (I might consider to add "simple halfbody" and "halfbody couple" later on too) why? Is not easy to get them, and my wallet cries . To be clear, since the previous phrase was a mess: halfbody w/background and fullbody won't occupy a slot.

> As the last time: comment here for taking a slot, you can note me later on for details.

1. :iconshalquoia:
2. :iconmalkalady:
3. :iconhootyhooart:
4. :iconthe-timerunner:
5. :iconsoulofpersephone:
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[scroll down for rules]

[FOR SALE] Maria by akanotsubasa  [FOR SALE] Xmas Bunny by akanotsubasa   Joe by sofia-1989 ★  Chat Noir by Fisukenka ★  KNM_YumikoOkami_ by SoulOfPersephone ★  Kitsune: Kakali by Lleld  <da:thumb id="579163420"/>   ★ Damon: app by Jenndragon ★ EA: Landen by Jenndragon ★  Draw this again meme: 2010 vs 2015 by SoundlessRoom ★  Autumn Colors by TheRaspberryFox ★  Bun by pongyboy ★  Yumi by stardust-penguin ★  Pastel Skies by Anniichu ★ N~Y~A~N by Rebyo  C: RainbowMoonBunny by kashiyuki  DnD: Blair by Mikouchan  Full moon by Hotel01  Neko-chan by Mel0nDina  SuxCastiel by SweetLovi   Sweet Breeze by GreenIbr  Neko by Sui-sen  Dieting: when fish are friends by luo-chan  Sweet Revenge cover by Spiny21Works ★ <da:thumb id="633460586"/>   Amberley Leaf by Hasure  Contest Prize - MiiaChuu by NovaReeee  Hana Neko - Completed by Di5a5terp13ce  More Shikhu by lkwolfe  Art Trade: Tsuka by Sui-sen   Nya by rkeg  [G] Journey (Speedpaint) by Nifffi ★ <da:thumb id="632939018"/>  Infrared by Sanguerine ★ <da:thumb id="634824930"/>   Fox by WhiteKuroe 



About the current theme: animal ears. 

- This is a free feature. By "free" I mean you don't have to do the same. If you'd like to spread this journal, though, you're more than welcome!
If you want to do the same, just do it!  

- Everything's accepted, as long as it fit the given theme. 

- No need to be a watcher.

- Max two (2) works per deviant 


- I will update this journal max once a day (if needed)

(I guess I've written everything, in case ask)


Other features:

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Oh, I can't believe I didn't think about this earlier. 
I'm a huge glasses appreciator after all. u_u 
So go forth, flood me with meganes!  


About the current theme: glasses. Glasses, sunglasses, goggles...

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If you want to do the same, just do it!  

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(I guess I've written everything, in case ask)


Other features:

★ FEATURE #1: Horned characters
★ FEATURE #2: Wings 
★ FEATURE #3: Tattoo 
★ FEATURE #4: Stars
★ FEATURE #5: Mask 
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