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Sketchdump #8 by zero0810 Sketchdump #8 by zero0810
download for better view - because it's huuuugewell not that huge

(Again, not really a sketchdump, but I want to keep the counting~)

Some unfinished stuff/things that aren't good enough to be posted by themselves. There is actually something that's good enough, I'll be submitting them in the next days

1. Tiny crows [on Tumblr, with a blue background] 

2. One day I wanted to draw Kuroo, and so I did. [on Tumblr along with a bad coloured version]

3. Sailor Tsukki!! (...with a smug Kuroo-Luna xD) [on Tumblr] I would like to redraw this better, but we know I will never do that  bunneh icon17

4. My most neglected child, I never posted anything about him here =3= Too bad his first appearance has to be in a sketchdump... This is Jason "Jay" Baskerville btw, and I hope I'll be able to do a decent drawing of him one day. This was just a random sketch, with some colors slapped above (he's naked 'cause I wasn't able to draw the hoodie right =_= ) [on Tumblr]

5. Willow's bad taste for clothing: the saga(?) [on Tumblr] (My OC Willow Andersen)

6. A fullbody/style practice with my OCs Siobhán, Kavon and Ion in their training attire. (I dislike how Ion turned out =3= I didn't know what to do with his right arm, but I liked how it was the rest of him, and also didn't want to separate the trio)

7. Young Viktor (or Victor?) from Yuri!!! On Ice. I had to do at least one fanart, even if it's this crappy thing. I was undecided between Yuri and Viktor, but in my personal fetish scale: long male hair > glasses [on Tumblr]

8. Hair coloring practice with my OC Wynter [on Tumblr]

9. Painting practice with my OC Jason that I introduced to you few lines above [on Tumblr]

10. Another fullbody practice with a random OC of mine that you can find in my early drawings (don't search for it, it doesn't worth the eye pain). I want to recover this and other old characters, changing their designs a little to better fit my always-under-construction personal universe. In here she wears her original outfit, but I want to change it. I also gave her horns, thought I'm not sure they fit her (I probably should try some other kind of horns). Her name is Alice, but maybe I'll change it. 

11. My OC Wynter being an angry teenage girl. Except he’s a guy. And 22 years old. (a fake screenshot sketch thing) [on Tumblr]
PokemonTrainerNaira Featured By Owner Edited Aug 27, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahhh, number 6, please! I demand politely request more drawings of the trio. I love those characters of yours! 

I died reading this: "but in my personal fetish scale: long male hair > glasses" XD

Wynter is forever annoyed XD

Character 10, so called Alice, looks so much fun to play with XD (Kidding, obviously, she has a scary look XD)

I like sketchdumps a lot, please keep posting them!
gymnosophist Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017  Professional Writer
:D :heart:  Cool!  Do more...
Kallian91 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
l'espressione di Willow nel 5 mi fa morire ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

e Wynter è relatable af :lmao:
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