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Haikyuu!! x Juuni Taisen by zero0810 Haikyuu!! x Juuni Taisen by zero0810
I hate do to this but without a decent preview it's really ugly :(
So, to see the actual drawing you have to go 


(prepare to scroll, and beware of ugly sights)

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An anime(manga) where no one dies and everyone's good x an anime where everyone dies and nobody is good. Fool Emoji-08 (Hehehehe) [V1] 
A huuuuuuge waste of time and brain cells. 

[No one will read this wall of text duh Hehe...,, Emote ]

Note: It may contain spoilers about Juuni Taisen

Gosh I really, really liked Juuni Taisen! Like, a lot, a lot! It got under my skin before I could realize - and I barely knew what it was about when I've started to watch it. On the contrary, I didn't even plan to watch it, I don't know why I changed idea (but I'm glad I did). It went straight in the list of my favorites anime - and I have all the intentions to lay my hands on the novel, yes I do uvu
Also, I will never see rabbits with the same eyes again *shivers*

Allow me a little digress to speak in favour of this anime that I think it's underrated (for the few things I saw around about it, not that I dug too much though): it's the classical battle royal kind of thing, but with psychological deepening - so there won't be a series of mindless bloody killing sprees (there's one (or none), max 2 death per episode). Oh, and you don't need me to tell you to not get attached to anyone, right? So give it a try if you're into these kind of things (and you can bear the sight of Usagi lel I can't)

But let me say something about my choices up here, can I?

(omg there are chinese zodiac emoticons - I'm going to use them, oh yes I do)
Chinese Zodiac: Rat emote Chinese Zodiac: Ox emote Chinese Zodiac: Rooster emote Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit emote Chinese Zodiac: Snake emote  Chinese Zodiac: Horse emote Chinese Zodiac: Ram emote Chinese Zodiac: Monkey emote  Chinese Zodiac: Dog emote   

1. Kenma as Nezumi. Whenever I see a character playing with his phone, I instantly think about Kenma, so this was easy. Also, Kenma as a rat is quite ironic, isn't it? :P

2. Ushii(jima). Another easy choice, please, they even have the same name (Ushii's an alias, but whatever), as well as the same expression. The matador outfit fits Ushijima imho.

3a. Yachi as Niwatori. Ugh... I hate Niwatori. I like almost all the characters in Juuni Taisen - even the most despicable ones - but I cannot like her, no matter what. I think she's cute, but my hate is pure and ferocius (maybe because of what she did he was my favourite character you b--). I chose Yachi because they're both cute. For a crazy moment I contemplated choosing Bokuto (LMAO) - because rooster, owl, it's always a matter of birds (idk if I would have survived that though x'D)

4. Saeko as Tora. Since Tora's always drunk, who better than Saeko? (Tora...Fool Emoji-39 (Too much feelz) [V3]  *cries a bucker or two*). For this I also considered Yamamoto Taketora (for obvious reasons), but with him, Bokuto and Oikawa this thing would have turned out looking like a group of strippers  . (Of course I wouldn't have drawn Taketora in that bikini, huh  )

5. oh god why-- I mean, Oikawa as Usagi (I think I ruined Oikawa for me forever. )  Usagi...ugh. -_- (I don't hate him, to be clear - I just find him really, reeeally annoying. And a very effective fuel for nightmares Fear ) I ended up chosing Oikawa, because the idea had me laughing breathlessly (I'm still laughing actually). I also considered Kageyama (LOL), because I realized I have a M side that makes me enjoy seeing him wearing humiliating outfits when I tried to draw him wearing Senketsu (yes, I know. Don't ask). The anatomy can go to freaking hell, but I love that stupid face of his xD (I NEED to use it as an avatar somewhere).

6&7. Miya bros as Tatsumi Kyoutai Ani & Otouto.Osamu (like me) has enough of this shit First I wanted them to be Tanaka and Suguru Daishou for obvious reasons, but since Furudate-sensei gave us twins... Damn you Miya bros, you're too hard to draw! >_< 
Fun fact(?): I didn't really think about colours when I assigned their roles (I asked myself "whose head you would like more to see rolling?" ...sorry, Atsumu not really =P), but their hair colour ended up matching the respective outfits. (their eyes are a little too dark, but I hadn't read chapter 281 back then =3= - I'm still some chapters behind, actually...

8. Iwaizumi as Uuma. I asked myself, "who would look good in a tank top?"  (Also, the Horse is my sign and Uuma makes a pretty pathetic figure in the anime (poor thing)... so this was a super self indulgent choice). (I added the version without the helmet 'cause that helmet looks stupid I like that too.

9. Coach Washijou as Hitsujii. I was about to choose coach Nekomata, cause his shit-eating grin would have fitted the character... I guess (Hitsujii looks like Santa, after all... Santa with grenades). Then I suddenly tended towards Shiratorizawa's coach, because he's a little shit always yelling at Goshiki, and I can totally see him breaking havoc and blowing things xD Furthermore, it was unexpectedly entertaining to draw him (and I really wanted to draw those majestic eyebrows xD)

10. Kiyoko as Sharyu. They've nothing in common, apart from the glasses. I was totally about to draw Tsukishima... then I remembered Kiyoko has glasses too (sorry, Kiyoko). I spared you to go around without pants, Tsukki.

11. Kyoutani as Dotsuku, because OF COURSE.  
[One thing about the design. I suppose Dotsuku's dog ears are real - I mean, he even has a tail, and black sclera, and white skin, so it's normal to think they are. Also, I know that the double set of ears is awful to see, but Kyou's hairstyle is not kemono-friendly (and I tried, oh as I tried). And the colour, too: I was mean to make them blond too, but it didn't look good. Maybe it doesn't look good like this too, but that was worse, trust me.]
Dotsuku...  *cries four buckets or five*

12. Haiba Alisa as Inounoshishi.  They are nothing alike (no one's like Miss-I-Wish-For-An-Harem-Of-3.5-Billions-Of-Men), I choose her only because they have a similar aestetic. (It's kind of disturbing to see Alisa wield such weapons, though). Also. I don't know what her eyes color is, I don't know if she really has heterochromia like part of the fandom thinks, I did my best to pick the colours from the only coloured image we have, and it turned out like this. I shouldn't be bother by such a thing, since there are stuff around like headcanons and whatnot, but I do the same =3=

I'm sooo done

Haikyuu!! © Furudate Haruichi
Juuni Taisen © NisiOisiN

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Jennyliino Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018
this looks awesome
teclamaria Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018
Disegno, colorazione e espressioni mi sembrano perfetti! Complimenti davvero! :)
Kenma e Ushijima c'è li vedo abbastanza bene, Kenma e il topo mi sembrano avere la stessa gioia di vivere...
E poi si tratta di due anime che mi piacciono molto XD Juuni Taisen l'ho finito proprio ieri... è ho passato un po' di tempo stoppando l'episodio per leggere tutti i desideri del topo... mi domando chi altro l'abbia fatto... In effetti mi è sembrato che, perlomeno in Italia, non sia molto piaciuto, ho visto diverse lamentele sulla prevedibilità ma... mi sembra che basti leggere i titoli degli episodi per capire che l'ultimo intento dell'anime è quello di non essere prevedibile. Quel coniglio invece frequenterà i miei incubi per un po' di tempo, anche se è un po' da ammirare per il fatto di riuscire a muoversi su quei tacchi!
zero0810 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Grazie! :D

Io ci ho provato a stoppare per leggerli, quei dannati desideri, ma mi sono stufata abbastanza presto :P
E concordo sul coniglio, non avrei mai pensato che qualcuno vestito in quel modo potesse essere così terrificante! D:
PokemonTrainerNaira Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've wanted to watch Haikyu ever since I've known you, you seem to like it a lot XD And Juuni Taisen seems to have become very popular, I'll have to give it a try too. Haven't watched any of those I don't have many things to say, since I know nothing about the characters, but I'll say that I love your fanart, and how you mixed both animes. And that bunny outfit looks very scary for some reason *shivers* I love how you gave them all different poses and expressions ^w^
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