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Haikyuu!! - 50shadesofbokuto by zero0810 Haikyuu!! - 50shadesofbokuto by zero0810
yeah, the quality is abysmal (the original file is 5 times bigger!) but you know, bad people is everywhere <_<

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The title is so stupid xD but it's how I lightheartedly named the file when I first saved it - I came to like it, so I kept it xP useless to say there are only 8 versions, not 50! xD

I realized that dive head on into owed work and stick to it until it's finished is counterproductive on the long go, so I took the habit to dedicate at least an hour (usally less) per day for totally self indulgent stuff - and this is the one I've worked for the last few days.a new kind of commission, maybe...? *wiggles eyebrows* I know I shouldn't put too many irons in the fire, buuuut...

However. This was inspired by the cover of a sketchbook I bought some time ago (this one), that ended up being something totally different. The striped background suits it well, I tought it would make everything a huge mess but it didn't...
Draw the expressions was fun! And Bokuto lended himself well for this xP I even attempted an hair-down one... but I made the hair a little too long =3=
I'm planning to do more, since it's the less frustrating thing I've done in ages (I guess Akaashi is almost mandatory at this point~) 

I'll also put it on Society6 - I don't really believe there's someone out there who would want something with tiny Bokuto's heads all over it (well, besides me xD), but who knows? xP


Bokuto Koutarou (Haikyuu!!) © Furudate Haruichi

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haikyuubbys Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
//when you accidentally add this to a mysmes folder instead of haikyuu pls forgive me

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October 19, 2017
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