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Contest: Find Some Love! by zero0810 Contest: Find Some Love! by zero0810
My entry for :iconvampgirl31:'s contest Find Some Love!:…

NOTE: I used english translations for cities, characters, etc.

Yoru's bio

Name: Yoru
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birth Date: November 1st
Home Town: Virbank City
Relatives: Shauntal/aunt
Favourite Pokémon Type: Dark dog-like Pokémon
Pokémon Team Umbreon (the one he uses more often), Houndoom (the strongest of the team), Mightyena (that often disobey), Absol (the last he caught) , Zorua (likes to scare him by transforming in a Ghost Pokémon), Lampent (his first Pokèmon)
Pokéball of Choice: Quick Ball
Current Residence: None
Occupation: Pokémon Trainer

Personality: Shy, sometimes indaequate, but determined towards his goals. He doesn’t like chaos and crowds. He likes cute things, but hardly admit it ‘cause he was bullied because of this. He’s not a leader: he prefer to follow others rather than make decisions. He's kind and sensitive. He has a very good memory and he’s quite able to organize things (his bag is the most ordered one in the whole Pokémon world, and he never exhausts potions, balls, etc.).
Dislikes: Dark caves, to lose the way, big and chaotic cities
Fears: Big aggressive Pokémon (like Ursaring, Charizard, Tyranitar, etc.)

He likes Ghost Pokémon... but he's terrorized by them at the same time! His first Pokémon was a Litwick, a present by his aunt Shauntal. Despite his phobia – and for not displease her – he decided to train him. Passing the time with Litwick, Yoru realized that he could fight his phobia. So, after put together a team of Dark canine Pokémon, he started his journey in order to defeat his fear of Ghost Pokèmon. …however, his determination doesn’t prevent him to run away screaming every time he sees a Ghost Pokémon.

The meeting with Lavi: I hope Lavi is not too much OOC there ^^" I also hope I didn't inserted things that Lavi would never do...
One day, Yoru reached Mount Silver. Feeling more confident than usual, he decided – despite his dislike towards caves - to explore it. So, with the dark ambient enlightened by Umbreon’s Flash, he entered the cave.
But he didn’t realize a fundamental thing: it was day when he entered Mount Silver… but the time passed quickly than he though, so he found himself in the middle of Mount Silver when night fell. Unawared of this – and secretly happy for the (apparently) absence of Ghost Pokémon – he kept on exploring the Mount.
When… SUDDENLY! A …flock(? Really, I don’t know xD) of Misdreavus appeared! Yoru ran away screaming.
He was still fleeing, when he realized he was lost. Lost, in a cave full of Ghost Pokémon… poor, poor Yoru! Scared, he sit behind a rock, hugging his Umbreon in order to be brave, with only the glowing Umbreon’s rings that enlightened the zone.
A noise made him jump. “Maybe those Misdreavus have found me?” he though. He jutted out from the rock… it was only a girl. A girl that seemed totally at ease in that situation. But Yoru noticed something else: the flock of Misdreavus… behind her!
Yoru shouted her to look out, and the girl turned around, founding herself in front of the threatening Misdreavus. With Yoru’s big surprise, the girl didn’t nothing but smile to them. In front of Yoru’s amazed expression, she explained that the Pokémon just wanted to play with him.
Yoru fixed the girl – the way she faced those scary Ghost Pokémon was just… astonished.
The girl led him to the exit.
«I’m Lavender – Lavi for friends» said her, smiling beautifully.
Yoru grabbed her extended hand, and was sure that, with her at his side, he would face every fear.

Whoa! I wrote a NOVEL! xD

(…I usually avoid romantic stuff, so… be merciful ^^’)

Pokémon images © Ken Sugimori/Satoshi Tajiri/GameFreak/Nintendo/etc.
OC © me
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Nicole-Jimenez Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013   Digital Artist
Cute boy! :love:
About the story I dont understand very well @.@ My english is basic very basic T^T but cute boy xD
zero0810 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! 
Kitty-Vamp Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ASDFGHJKL!! :excited:
I Love The Story and Amazing Character!! //Dies// :faint: :heart:
THANK YOU So Much For Entering Dear! :hug:
zero0810 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I'm glad you like the story, usually I'm awful at stories... oh, and I'm glad you like my character too :love:
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