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The northern forest facility had remained untouched since Unit Sentry-100 had last entered. While it did not have the necessary freedom of movement to examine all of the present units without attracting attention from its guild-assigned compatriots or any additional subjects present, those that were immediately visible remained in the very positions they had been in over the past set of cycles.
This did not deter the guilds of Rift City from investigating the area. Unit Sentry-100 was ensuring upon each Pokémon taking notice of a fallen Porygon or Magnemite unit that the still-discarded machine was analyzed and declared inactive. To risk tampering with these units would inhibit Unit Sentry-100's primary function, as well as the immediate goal of the guilds to locate the lost keystone fragment.
"Hey, what's up with Glitch?"
DATA UNAVAILABLE. Subject Twerp's inquiry prompted a shift in ocular parameters, and Unit Sentry-100 regarded the form of Unit Glitch, now pr
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The Turning Tides - Part 3
Sure enough Noir's disguise brought with it a fast response, not only as the spectators from the furthest edge of the audience began to make way for him but also as one more attentive Pokémon called out,
"Hey, the rich lady has a body double!"
If nothing else would help him find Jazzy, that sort of comment would definitely get her to show herself right away. Just thinking about it made him smirk, an expression that carried over to the illusion of his wife and made her look just as pleased with herself as Noir really was. To be fair, he imagined Jasmine would have that same look on her face after getting back her "old body", after their baby was born. Confident and proud as ever...
"I guess that makes sense," said another. "Her family's wealthy enough for it, and they'd never let her go out of the country without paid help..."
The voice that he heard next practically drowned out the music and the murmur of the crowd, sounding nothing like his wife. "Who said that!?"
There was Jasmi
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The Turning Tides - Part 2
The lovers were now totally oblivious to the danger they faced. They had grown so connected that the pressure Noir felt to return to Jasminami was shared in turn by her, though the worry she felt was for her sake and not his. A sensation spurred on with the fact that she had been put in an extremely unfavorable position.
The splashing of tiny crests of water had warned the Mienshao that a swimmer was drawing close to her, and she had turned around to see who it was coming her way, and move out of their path.
It was Xianyu. The Brionne had abandoned his impromptu stage and very meaningfully approached her... her utter astonishment at the gesture gave way to indignation and spite. It was a power play. Even if the Xin Touian didn't recognize her by her family name, she knew that being the only expecting mother made her a unique accessory to his performance - a means for him to include a partner in his act and showcase how he could not only improvise his performance to include a second bod
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The Turning Tides - Part 1
To Jasmine, being in a region as hot and sunny as Algeen was a blend of familiar sensations and alien visuals. It wasn't the first time she had been in such a tropical environment, but it was certainly the first in several years. She was far more accustomed to the arid, dry heat of Rubias. Here though, it felt like the moist sea air was clinging to her fur, especially with the bodies of so many other guild members clustered around them.
Mizmar, the elegant Milotic, was still welcoming their guild to the island. Her voice wasn't quite able to carry out over all the masses, but Jasminami was still able to pick out bits and pieces of her announcement, and she was able to fill the gaps otherwise by observing the woman's appearance. It was amusing to see someone of that species acting so lively, given the particular Milotic she was familiar with. She wondered if Noir, too, was thinking of his aunt.
"I realize this must be a strange circumstance for you all, knowing that we have had the ship
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Reflection of the Past - Part 3
Makoto equally stuffed his face greedily and apologized profusely over his rudeness. He couldn’t stop eating. Everything was so delicious! How could he?
Noir kept himself composed throughout most of the meal. He smiled at Jasmine’s mention of the show. After a few seconds of thought, he whispered, “Maybe we can convince your folks to welcome in some other acts. Maybe not as wild as I imagine it was, but it might bring life to the place. At the very least, I’m curious about Mako here. Two illusion users can be good for a show and he can sing. Don’t bet on him being able to dance, though. Not on those legs of his.” Noir made a soft gesture of moving out of the way. He pretended to be leaning back in defeat from the meal. It was just enough room for her to examine Makoto a bit better.
Jasmine hadn't been thinking much about the concept of inviting Makoto to partner with their business, not since he first arrived at their doorstep and they proceeded from
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Reflection of the Past - Part 2
Noir stole a few tissues to aid his sneezing fit recovery. He used the sudden onset sickness as an excuse. He wasn’t singing, noooo. He was… imitating someone else as a joke. Pietre was mistaken. To Pietre himself, the claim was an apparent lie. But he allowed the young Zoroark to feel confident that he was able to disguise his performance with a well-placed illusion of the tongue. His mind had already set on perhaps cultivating the skill Noir seemed to enjoy.
“Thanks for the tissues. I don’t know if there’s some sickness in the air or what,” Noir said quietly. His eyes shifted from Pietre to the entrance. There were others standing outside. One shape looked like Dom.
Sure enough, the entire party came through the doors. Most looked surprised to see him standing there.
“Welcome back. You were out pretty late; I was starting to worry.  How did it go? Were the spas nice?” Noir asked with a soft smile.
Izumi blew up. She ran over and be
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Reflection of the Past - Part 1
Hot, humid air filled the enclosure around the women paying a visit to Tabira's public spa in the late fall that year. It was a visit that would have gotten mixed thoughts - certainly, the heat was comforting to take in while the cold weather outside continued to weaken the energy of the populace, but to visit a spa meant stepping right back out in the cold weather as soon as the visit was over - not a thrilling prospect.
But this visit had not been made for Thalassa's own sake. She smiled as she regarded her beloved zahra, Jasmine, who sat on the bench beside her. Her daughter appeared much more relaxed now that she was soaking in the refreshing warmth the rose up from the floor to the ceiling overhead. The elder Mienshao had known this would be a fitting respite for her - Jasmine had been complaining of terrible abdominal pain, and to Thalassa's quiet happiness neither Noir nor Pietre were present to supply unnecessary panic.
No, Thalassa had experienced such pain
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Ken-the-Eagle - Rite of Ascension by Zero-Zivan Ken-the-Eagle - Rite of Ascension :iconzero-zivan:Zero-Zivan 10 0 SplendidCitrus - Floral Frenzy by Zero-Zivan SplendidCitrus - Floral Frenzy :iconzero-zivan:Zero-Zivan 7 5 KazzleKat - Catching the Thief by Zero-Zivan KazzleKat - Catching the Thief :iconzero-zivan:Zero-Zivan 7 4 Flo by Zero-Zivan Flo :iconzero-zivan:Zero-Zivan 10 12 Xin by Zero-Zivan Xin :iconzero-zivan:Zero-Zivan 11 3 Bruno by Zero-Zivan Bruno :iconzero-zivan:Zero-Zivan 10 3 Hiyam and Haku by Zero-Zivan Hiyam and Haku :iconzero-zivan:Zero-Zivan 11 3 Halloween Foxies by Zero-Zivan Halloween Foxies :iconzero-zivan:Zero-Zivan 14 6
Buggy Equipment
Liam awkwardly moved aside some loose scraps of metal that adorned the top of a dusty table inside the complex, trying to uncover the paper that was buried beneath it. He only succeeded in crumbling what remained of the mysterious ancient parchment into dust which joined the small cloud that kicked up from the jostled debris. It puffed up into the air at the slightest touched, blinded him and forced him to step back with a cough.
Warily, he looked back to see if Jon was watching him. The waistclothed Sneasel was, instead, across the way in the abandoned building, poking through a series of glass containers gingerly with his claws. For a while, he had been doing quite a lot to distance himself from Liam, including saying a peep, or even looking at him.
Liam looked down at his feet. Cold, flat feet that (ironically for him) he was unwilling to dip in the proverbial waters of danger.
He could still feel Jon's claws on his shoulders, the piercing red eyes boring into his fearful skull.
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PKMN: Tales of Tabira - 'Joanna' Page 19 by trainer-mana PKMN: Tales of Tabira - 'Joanna' Page 19 :icontrainer-mana:trainer-mana 9 7 Coffee or tea by Flavia-Elric Coffee or tea :iconflavia-elric:Flavia-Elric 73 10 PKMN: Tales of Tabira - 'Joanna' Page 18 by trainer-mana PKMN: Tales of Tabira - 'Joanna' Page 18 :icontrainer-mana:trainer-mana 10 3 RG: WTA Prologue page 7 by ZonnyBrown RG: WTA Prologue page 7 :iconzonnybrown:ZonnyBrown 17 4 HH - Page 9 by Flavia-Elric HH - Page 9 :iconflavia-elric:Flavia-Elric 90 7 Job 5 Epilogue pg. 5 by Srarlight Job 5 Epilogue pg. 5 :iconsrarlight:Srarlight 29 15 PKMN: Tales of Tabira - 'Joanna' Page 17 by trainer-mana PKMN: Tales of Tabira - 'Joanna' Page 17 :icontrainer-mana:trainer-mana 8 5 RG: WTA Prologue page 6 by ZonnyBrown RG: WTA Prologue page 6 :iconzonnybrown:ZonnyBrown 7 8 Silt Ref 2019 by pickled-egg Silt Ref 2019 :iconpickled-egg:pickled-egg 15 3 ToT - The Siren's Sorrow - Part 2 by DuskLugia ToT - The Siren's Sorrow - Part 2 :icondusklugia:DuskLugia 3 4 RG: WTA Prologue page 5 by ZonnyBrown RG: WTA Prologue page 5 :iconzonnybrown:ZonnyBrown 7 10
Event 0 Part 4: Learning about the rites

The next morning came a little late for them than usual. It wasn’t much for the tiredness of the day before as it was from their position between the mountains, instead of the near top of them like in their journey towards Whisper Falls in which the sun awoke them in the first hours of the morning. Since they were going to take their breakfast in the town, they instead did their meditation session with the usual deep breaths and listening to their surroundings. The air was still fresh so it was like a purifier to the soul for them.
Once they were done, they headed to the town, specifically to the guild’s quarters, to meet up with Yuri and Aphrodi to take breakfast. They talked for a bit, since the preparations for rite of ascension were already on the way and they needed to be as soon as possible.  When they finished and were heading out of the building, the receptionist told them that the rooms would be cleared in the afternoon and
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RG - Hyped by GraceyFH RG - Hyped :icongraceyfh:GraceyFH 12 5 PKMN: Tales of Tabira - 'Joanna' Page 16 by trainer-mana PKMN: Tales of Tabira - 'Joanna' Page 16 :icontrainer-mana:trainer-mana 10 10 RG: WTA Prologue page 4 by ZonnyBrown RG: WTA Prologue page 4 :iconzonnybrown:ZonnyBrown 9 11 RG: WTA Prologue page 3 by ZonnyBrown RG: WTA Prologue page 3 :iconzonnybrown:ZonnyBrown 7 8


My absolute favorite thing about this is the wings. My God, those are beautiful! You did an incredible job in making cuts to give them ...


The northern forest facility had remained untouched since Unit Sentry-100 had last entered. While it did not have the necessary freedom of movement to examine all of the present units without attracting attention from its guild-assigned compatriots or any additional subjects present, those that were immediately visible remained in the very positions they had been in over the past set of cycles.

This did not deter the guilds of Rift City from investigating the area. Unit Sentry-100 was ensuring upon each Pokémon taking notice of a fallen Porygon or Magnemite unit that the still-discarded machine was analyzed and declared inactive. To risk tampering with these units would inhibit Unit Sentry-100's primary function, as well as the immediate goal of the guilds to locate the lost keystone fragment.

"Hey, what's up with Glitch?"

DATA UNAVAILABLE. Subject Twerp's inquiry prompted a shift in ocular parameters, and Unit Sentry-100 regarded the form of Unit Glitch, now pressed low against the dusty floor of the facility. Tracks had been carved in the thin trail where the Genescect's legs and arms had scratched the dust away, and slight peals of metal dragging against tile rang out as the giant unit struggled to make itself as compact as possible. The position in which it folded itself resembled a child seeking cover in an earthquake.

"Stop! STOP!" VOCAL TONE IDENTIFIED - ACUTE DISTRESS. BIOMECHANICAL SENSORS ENGAGED. The image of Glitch's solid armored shell faded nearly to obscurity, replaced by an array of red, orange and yellow lights that indicated the organic components of the unit's system. Within the chest cavity beat a heart not unlike those of the Pokémon subjects they were allied with. There was one distinct feature that separated Unit Glitch from the others, in that its heart was beating more rapidly than normal oxygen intake demanded for a creature its size. "They are in there! No way back- no way- no way-!!"


Unit Twitch recited a binary warning message for its companion unit. MEMORY ACCESS IS PROHIBITED UNTIL MAINTENANCE IS COMPLETED.

The Magnemite unit disengaged its bionic sensors and sent out a light ping of electronic communication to Unit Twitch. The Z-model Porygon swiveled its head to regard the monocular machine.




"What IS up with them...? Sen, you know what has them spooked?"

A request for information from Subject Jace. These subjects did not understand the language of binary code, which was perhaps why the makers programmed the units to speak it. Unit Sentry-100 began to peruse its memory files, analyzing the available data on Unit Glitch's immediate status and a directory on systems matching the Genescect's make and model. Each directory search was halted by the security coding installed by the makers. No information was to be shared with Pokémon subjects except with express permission granted by a designated maker.


"Ugh." Jace groaned and slapped a paw against his face. BODY LANGUAGE INDICATOR - EXASPERATION. SYSTEM SEARCH, PREVENTING OUTBURSTS. UNIT MUST NOT ENABLE VIOLENT OUTBURSTS. "All right," said the Absol, "well at least you do know. Will they be okay then?"

Unit Glitch's voice had recovered from a slight breakup, voicebox degredation and continued hysteria mannerisms causing it to repeat the same phrase ad infinitum: "No way out, no way out".

Unit Twitch had encouraged mental therapy to restore Unit Glitch to proper functioning order. Subject Konjac had already returned to the side of the unit he had prior been riding atop, a hand rubbing gently on the machine's large hatchet head. The odds of Unit Sentry-100 being needed for restoration were in low values - directly engaging would increase the present bodies from 2 to 3, and likely exacerbate Unit Glitch's condition rather than aid in a recovery effort. "DATA SUGGESTS THAT UNIT GLITCH REQUIRES TIME TO STABILIZE MENTALLY." Unit Glitch had not entered this state of panic until subjects surrounding them had entered the Moon Pool. Comparing this behavior to Unit Sentry-100's data logs regarding doorways matching this one, and the pschological profiles in organic subject logs, the cause was highly relative to the last known location of the makers. "EXPOSURE TO THIS AREA IS A LIKELY INSTIGATOR. UNIT MAY RECOVER IF REMOVED FROM THE VICINITY OF THE REGION CODENAMED 'MOON POOL'."

"He doesn't like the pool... I guess it makes sense that he's scared. But what about you?" Subject Twerp surveyed the pseudo-aquatic event horizon of the Moon Pool gateway. He turned his attention to the Magnemite with an expression of concern. "Will you be alright if we go in?"



"Is he bein' tough?" Evals asked. "There's nothin' wrong with bein' scared." A perfectly reasonable response. Despite dialect differences, Subject Evals showed a rather fearless, if not analytical mind. It would be accurate to say that he had no knowledge of the lack of a fear response in nonorganic units.

"Well if you could be afraid," Twerp pitched in, "would you be right now?"

The unit did not have the ability to reflect instinctual patterns such as fear, bravery, and restlessness to its hardware and performance even in a hypothetical sense. However, a doorway that was apparently capable of performing such a cataclysmic event as seemed to be the case with the makers so long ago, coupled with the concept of 'fear of the unknown', made offering an answer which the subjects would appreciate a simple matter. "THERE IS A HIGH PROBABILITY."

The subjects of Team Premonition began to converse among themselves, doubtless in an effort to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of choosing to follow their guild leaders into the Moon Pool or remaining within the corroded facility of the makers.

This provided another opening for Unit Sentry-100 to engage with Unit Twitch.


Subject Twitch spasmed, a feature that was caused by the highly enhanced hardware fitted into its shell running more programming than perhaps was fully manageable. UNIT IS NOT TO DISBAND FROM PARTNER UNTIL DIRECT INSTRUCTIONS ARE SUPPLIED.

Perhaps then it was Unit Sentry-100 that should enter this foreign dimension. A report would have to be given to Units Glitch and Twitch as soon as any further indication to the whereabouts of the makers, or lack thereof, arose.


"All right," Subject Jace announced, drawing Unit Sentry-100's attention away from the current investiagtion. "I guess we're going in." He paused to regard the Magnemite directly. "...All of us."



"Wow. This place is a disaster!"

Deserrel hadn't been gone very long at all - she could barely keep herself inside of the Moon Pool for more than a few minutes. It did seem like a weird place, with trees growing all around like it was some sort of forest rolled up inside of a pipe, and where she could float a little in a few places. It was even kind of fun! But she was really more excited about getting to meet her new friends!

And when she came back to the abandoned lab, it struck her as pretty funny that she wasn't even paying attention to where she was when she woke up.

This place did seem familiar, in that weird way that most of her memories did. Like it was a place she had been to, but the first time she was really "seeing" it. Like it was never important for her to pay attention to what everything looked like, even if that sounded ridiculous - how else was she not going to get lost?

But what she could see for sure was that the place was a wreck. Anyone could see that a room with a broken walkway and a big pile of dirt in the corner where the ceiling had caved in was way past destroyed. But for the life of her she couldn't guess why. This place was meant to be safe, wasn't it? She had a bed in here after all. Or, well... a big tube where she was sleeping anyway.

So many parts of what she did remember were fuzzy, not the least of which was the makers... what they looked like, how they acted. She remembered that one or two of them liked to rub her head and call her "Dessie" or "Guppy", like she was a good friend. But to not remember their names or faces made her feel wrong. Guilty, even! How could she go and forget about someone who loved her?

Maybe the others could fill in the blanks. Her thin and narrow feet clattered on the cracked tiles that were still mostly in place on the floor as she hurried over to Jonathan and the bigger fellow who looked like a brother, or maybe cousin of hers. Her mouth curled in a happy smile - it was sad to know that the "old self" of hers wouldn't be able to wake up again, but maybe this other one like her could help fill in some gaps and explain that, or anything else that was slipping her mind.

Genescect. That name seemed to click in her mind, like a lost bit of knowledge had fallen into place.

"Welcome back, Deserrel." As she hurried closer, the female realized that Jonathan, the dark-furred friendly weasel creature was looking over the dust-covered pipes and hand tools left out on a table less than a foot away from her double. Or had been, at least, now that she was back in the lab room and he quit searching through the pile. "How is the Moon Pool?"

"Definitely different!" she exclaimed. "You can jump and stay up in the air longer than normal, and there's a forest on the other side that grows all the way around the sides until they're upside-down above you... it sounds so crazy, doesn't it?"

"Huh... yes, it does," Jonathan hummed. "That does explain why Jay and Tiva were so excited. I hope they can find the keystone in there, if that's where it's gone. But I'm sure the Ancients would have left a clue in here somewhere that would help more than going around hunting blindly for it. But that's neither here nor there at the moment..." He paused to rap one of his big claws against a hatchet-tipped tool that he had found on the table. The rusted metal broke apart almost instantly, and he scowled. "Humph. Nothing in here is in working condition, but I shouldn't be surprised." He turned his eyes over to the giant insect that had come back into the room. "Deserrel, if you'd sit down for me I can try to help clean you up a bit."

"Oh, sure. Thank you!" Deserrel sat down where she was standing, wrapping her arms around her knees to stay more balanced. The other one sat across from her, his back pressed against the table Jonathan had been scouring, with a little lizard boy at his side and the little pink-and-blue bird hovering around his head.


She shook her head a little bit; the thought seemed so dumb in the big scheme of things. Why couldn't she remember something more important than just what her cousins were called?

No wait, that wasn't right. Or was it? They were made to be like her, and not the way twins or triplets or whatever you called it came from their mother. Someone had put them together from pieces. The makers.

"Are the-e-e-ey coming bac-ck?"

She realized with a start that she had been staring at her lookalike without saying anything. Jonathan, who had been reaching over her shoulder, uttered a small gasp which prompted her to straighten and apologize. "Oh no, sorry Jonathan! I'll hold still from now on!" Silly her, getting so caught up in her thoughts! "Um, what did you say? Who is 'they'?"

The other one - the other Genescect looked past her, peering at the gateway of the Moon Pool, the door into the mystical floaty forest, and then his body shook and rattled the floor and the little lizard boy.

"Easy big guy!" he exclaimed. "There's nothing here that'll hurt us."

"01010100 01101000 01100101 01110011 S 01100101 00100000 01100111 01100001 01110100 01100101 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101111 01101111 01101011 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 E 00100000 01101101 01100001 01101011 01100101 01110010 01110011 00100000 01100001 01110111 01100001 01111001 00101110 00100000 01010111 01101001 01101100 L 01101100 L 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 01111001 00100000 01110010 01100101 01110100 01110101 01110010 01101110 00111111"

Deserrel frowned. She... she could understand that. How was she able to understand that? It all sounded like a bunch of funny little noises that were even stranger than a baby's babbling. But it all fit together into a sentence somehow. "Huh. I don't... no, I don't think so."

"Well of course there's not!" the boy seemed to think she was talking to him. "I mean, there are a lot of you big guys and girls down here, but you're all so friendly. I've been keeping track here, too." He tapped on a page he was carrying with a small board to hold it steady. "We found forty-eight of you so far - nineteen alone that look like you and Glitch here - and none of you have been mean!"

"Ah, no, that's not what I mean. I was just telling him-"

Glitch's eyes flickered. It was like the battery behind them was going out. The crack in one of the dust shields made the light break up into tiny dots every now and then. His mouth was frozen in place, like his head was more of a helmet than a part of his body. He was unreadable, but she could feel a terrible sorrow coming from him. And she knew that he was afraid for the makers. She could sympathize with that; she knew that something terrible must have happened, based on what he, the other guild members, and that Porygon-Z had told her. The little pink one was trying to help him, but he and the lizard boy could only do so much.

...The battery? She realized she had been thinking about something that she didn't even understand. What the heck was a "battery"?

The moment of solemn communion with Glitch was broken when a fifth light appeared that should not have been there. A blue one in the shadows of the hall back behind Glitch. Not just a fifth light, a fifth EYE. One that vanished back into the darkness even as she lurched to her feet and raised her abdomen, the pressurized cannon on her back clicking into place over her shoulders and head and aimed straight down into the corridor. A signal bleeped out between her teeth, that strange foreign language that the little Porygon-Z was using.

"01001000 01001111 01010011 01010100 01001001 01001100 01000101 00100000 01000100 01000101 01010100 01000101 01000011 01010100 01000101 01000100 00101110"

Glitch reacted before she had finished saying the thing, shooting up to his feet as well and turning on his heel to aim his own cannon out the same way. Nothing moved, except for Deserrel as she made tiny, precise turns to adjust her aim. Something was in that corridor.

"What? What is it?" the boy exclaimed. "Did something spook you?"

The birdie chirped. "01100110 01101111 01110010 01100101 01101001 01100111 01101110 00100000 01100101 01101110 01100101 01110010 01100111 01111001 00100000 01100100 01100101 01110100 01100101 01100011 01110100 01100101 01100100 00101110"

She didn't like that. She could feel herself slipping, going numb... she suddenly felt exhausted, like all those long countless years of sleeping were catching up to her and wearing down her health even more. Her vision was already going... even as she slipped and crashed on her side against the floor, she barely noticed. Thankfully her armor was specially made to take worse hits than that.

Who did that eye belong to? She felt like it was important... that thing that she saw... but what was it she saw? Right now all she could see was the little pink-and-blue birdie nestling itself onto the crook of cousin Glitch's waist and abdomen. She would have yawned with how tired she felt, but her eyes were closed and she was completely dozed off before she could even make the effort.

She wanted to go home...
Team Premonition
Team Smooth Standing
:iconkazzmcsass: owns WeaselCat Jon!

Retreading some steps with little Sen, but I think it might do you guys some good to see this story from its point of view too! :P
And so we have both of the 'bots trying to connect with Glitch and Twitch, and for the most part doing a decent job... but what's just happened, I wonder?
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:iconsplendidcitrus: tagged me so let's see what I can do here xD

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Character tagged: Evals
Original creator: ME ME ME MEME

alora-of-hearts - EvalsBaseBasic by Zero-Zivan (icon made by :iconfoxroddraws:! :D)
Rival Gates Application - Team Premonition

Tiny Pixel Sparkle The scars on Evals's face were cause by a branding iron - originally she was supposed to have the brand on her cheek, but her resistance led to it getting smudged and also taking out her right eye (:C), hence the clean brand on her forehead instead.
Tiny Pixel Sparkle Evals was abandoned by her family as a newborn, but the whole truth isn't all that clear yet... Future hints??
Tiny Pixel Sparkle The Brooklyn accent was picked up from the dealers who raised/owned Evals.
Tiny Pixel Sparkle Evals is used to keeping one arm hooked over her shoulder (like those photos of mine workers with a pickaxe slung over their shoulder) because it became the easiest way to keep from cutting someone accidentally while she was working in the fields.
Tiny Pixel Sparkle Very proud - if it wasn't for that fact, she probably would not be free today!
Tiny Pixel Sparkle Respects power - not in the sense that it's the be-all-end-all of living, but more that it's obvious someone who hits hard and can take a beating deserves respect! (Citrus don't you be all sitting over there with Roheline being full of herself for the compliment >:P). Addendum - this is why Evals is so confident in herself despite all the crap she's been through. She was able to endure and escape it, and she understands what a big deal that is.
Tiny Pixel Sparkle Didn't originally know that bug-type Pokemon could ever evolve - which leads to her crush on Aya ([RG] Team Pugnacious). So she's going to work hard as hell to get evolved now that she knows it's an option.
Tiny Pixel Sparkle Evals is honestly the character who I have plans to turn into a freaking beast for Team Premonition - to the point where I have almost daily brain-movies of her using her uber techniques and making some poor idiot criminal pee their proverbial pants. xD

Current ref: (Might be updated if I remember this thing next year xD)

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Tiny Pixel Sparkle :iconmalevolentman: - Teolle
Tiny Pixel Sparkle :iconfoxroddraws: - The Egg (PMDU). Or Neiko <3
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A pony fan who also happens to enjoy writing sc-fi. Put 'em together, and you'll have my first FiMfic, "Origins of Sunny Town". Read it here or out on EQD or FIMfiction.

You can also visit my page here or on Tumblr (,, and to ask the characters anything you want!



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Zero? Can you do something for me? if your not to busy?
Zero-Zivan Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If I can, then sure. What is it?
joelhj Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2018
Well, It's an art I want to do for Rival-Gates
Zero-Zivan Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay. And how can I help you with that?
Keep in mind all I can do is color; I can't draw very well at all!
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Srarlight Featured By Owner May 12, 2018  Professional Filmographer
Little slow to the party but I hope you had a great b'day Zero!!! Party Birthday cake 
Zero-Zivan Featured By Owner May 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhhhh Srarlight thank you!

And don't worry, there hasn't been a party! :P
nautical-mile Featured By Owner May 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday, Zero! I'm wishing you all the best for today and for the times to come! ^^
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