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The Hurricane Approaches by zero-torne The Hurricane Approaches :iconzero-torne:zero-torne 2 3 The Sky Has Fallen... by zero-torne The Sky Has Fallen... :iconzero-torne:zero-torne 2 3 Ghastly Dawn by zero-torne Ghastly Dawn :iconzero-torne:zero-torne 2 1 New Body by zero-torne New Body :iconzero-torne:zero-torne 28 18
Tragedy At Hand
Once upon a midnight dreary,
Arose two hearts alive but weary.
His was cold and cracked as ice,
Hers was whole and full of life.
Not once they thought they'd be together,
Apart and silent both forever.
A wish fullfilled but only half,
He stood aside as she walked past.
Another 'man' was in her sights,
'His' heart was soft like thawing ice.
But when outspoken of his care,
She couldn't bring herself to bear,
To leave the one she had ignored,
No pain could two of them afford.
The song was sung none could forget,
Of those who need more than they get.
Life was shared with hearts combined,
No love stronger one could find.
This happy ending was brought to you by:
He who seeks a heart willing to be shared.
:iconzero-torne:zero-torne 2 5
          Wind was cold as usual, rare was it that warmth blew through dense mountain range. Ancient pine trees reached for the sky, though none would pierce rain laden clouds. Stars could be seen in empty patches of sky as if dozens of silver arrows were shot into the heavens and never fallen. Trampled leaves of autumn colors blew down from the mountains while the clouds began to cry, only increasing the multitude of small ponds amongst the pine bases. Roots ran deep and far, earthen floor almost bare entirely of foliage of any sort, save few lichens and light shrubs bearing small, red fruits. There was no moon, much to the distressed howls from the rock mountainside. The time was nearing when it would emerge from pale recluse of starlit void.
:iconzero-torne:zero-torne 0 5
Something For The Masses
There was nothing like the darkness,
Something false and harmless.
Untill one day I met a bitch,
Who was simply cold and heartless.
Something deep inside told me to choke her,
But sadness welled up and then I faltered.
Her friends yelled out and brought me pain,
For no reason but the one I was just another chain.
If you know not of whom I speak,
The lead your merry lives.
For unknown wrongs I've done to her,
I'll die a thousand times.
For once I tried to be myself and God,
He would not have it.
So I was thrown behind a cage,
To be flogged and whipped by those in rage.
One day it seemed I found a light but it was nothing true.
The leash was snugged and then the papers drew.
A slave to such indignities and brought about for fun,
Such scarred and battered flesh was born had never seen the sun.
A Tether was bound to ankle tight to keep me not from their sight,
So tight a bloody scar had formed as was around his heart.
Too saddened I to put up any fight,
Accepted the fate that soon I would
:iconzero-torne:zero-torne 1 4
Not a tow truck. by zero-torne Not a tow truck. :iconzero-torne:zero-torne 5 13 Korean Wilderness by zero-torne Korean Wilderness :iconzero-torne:zero-torne 2 2 Much Work by zero-torne Much Work :iconzero-torne:zero-torne 5 20 You think... by zero-torne You think... :iconzero-torne:zero-torne 1 7 Aux2 by zero-torne Aux2 :iconzero-torne:zero-torne 12 17
Offering Offense
To the one I've waited for,
She who had abandoned me.
Torn between the life I lead.
And the war I must endure.
There was once this spark of hope,
Deep inside my heart.
But now the hole remains within,
The piece removed a distance far.
To those who say they really care,
And those who just pretend.
I must confess my love and fear,
And abhor that I offend.
I never meant her any wrong,
And know she reads this not.
A single thorn on falling rose,
I often ne'er forgot.
But peace of mind was not for me,
As pain had overwhelmed.
Together once and twice there gone,
A joke she called me free.
Tonight I cry and rain of tears,
Dowses sheets and palms.
That rose I now realize,
Had more than just one thorn.
Forget me not and love me less,
Fear has passed me through.
I wish I could just wonder why,
And get the fucking truth.
The ache I feel inside my form,
Shudders from without.
A shadow looms above my head,
Comical rain cloud.
To Bliss the sentiment I sent,
For to return I got rejection.
Woe to find
:iconzero-torne:zero-torne 0 2
Tears roll from my bed.
Life lays there is none,
For I am dead.
I'm throwing my time away,
Through the black hole in space.
No light escapes,
My life does not exist to you.
My body is numb and I can't feel my face.
Within the place, the bars are steel cold.
And I grow old.
By myself,
I can't be real.
I need something,
That I can feel.
Bear the burden of the lie,
The beat penned near me,
Does he wail and cry.
I be lone, creature carved in stone.
Inhuman beast without a home.
Place of hate and fear,
All the days of the year.
Cast out alone,
Coated beast in chrome.
Depression, regression.
Insane fed to the flame.
Intuition, superstition.
Dissipation, desecration.
:iconzero-torne:zero-torne 0 2
This is the entrance to my pain, excluded from the sane.
The Asylum is my home, I've been committed, all alone in my cell.
Feel's like my damned soul is going straight to Hell.
A toll I pay as I'm slipping through the hole, well, well, well…
My animality is pushing to be free.
The beast inside my mind, it cries.
Lusting to be seen, I can fly.
I wish it to vacate, allow it to escape.
I want to see it with my eyes.
Now I watch it as it tries to run.
I stare outside my cage.
Through barred prison windows,
My heart fills with rage.
I bang my fist against the door,
Metal caving more and more.
Soon I'll break the hinges off,
And then I will escape.
To the world to face my fate.
Life will never be the same.
It's time to play the game.
I'm the one to blame,
For the world's mistakes.
I drug the demons to this place.
I brought upon myself disgrace.
The terrorist in me it bleats,
My horrible nightmare, it is freed.
The devil dragon, not of age.
A chaos creature full of rage.
Red form, black horns
:iconzero-torne:zero-torne 1 1
Hear the roar of the dragon's calling.
Shaking earth of their bodies falling.
Casting out in pyre light,
Staining clouds among the sky.
Beasts of land they run in fright,
Dragon's lore a deathly sigh.
:iconzero-torne:zero-torne 0 2


Bare Fruit by Neme303 Bare Fruit :iconneme303:Neme303 157 18 Pennrose Catnap by Tristikov Pennrose Catnap :icontristikov:Tristikov 12 3 Power Pirate by BadCoyoteArts by animagusurreal Power Pirate by BadCoyoteArts :iconanimagusurreal:animagusurreal 20 2 my oc hana chan color sketch by studio-kun my oc hana chan color sketch :iconstudio-kun:studio-kun 17 1 Trucker Role by Tristikov Trucker Role :icontristikov:Tristikov 5 0 CHARR B1 by wasiak1994 CHARR B1 :iconwasiak1994:wasiak1994 26 13 Pennrose In Da Club Animation by Tristikov Pennrose In Da Club Animation :icontristikov:Tristikov 17 0 Penn and Char - Animated Dance Choreography by Tristikov Penn and Char - Animated Dance Choreography :icontristikov:Tristikov 7 4 Pennrose In Da Club by Tristikov Pennrose In Da Club :icontristikov:Tristikov 8 0 Charlotte In Da Club by Tristikov Charlotte In Da Club :icontristikov:Tristikov 11 0 |CM| Cutlery Ghostie by SerafianaArts |CM| Cutlery Ghostie :iconserafianaarts:SerafianaArts 5 0 |CM| Cutlery - Siblings by SerafianaArts |CM| Cutlery - Siblings :iconserafianaarts:SerafianaArts 4 2 Study by wasiak1994 Study :iconwasiak1994:wasiak1994 15 7 Rhys - Radio Pinup [SPOOPY EDITION] by Tristikov Rhys - Radio Pinup [SPOOPY EDITION] :icontristikov:Tristikov 9 3 Viktoria 80s Poster by Tristikov Viktoria 80s Poster :icontristikov:Tristikov 31 8 Starfinder - Eox Map by damie-m Starfinder - Eox Map :icondamie-m:damie-m 146 5



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Been a couple years since I wrote on here, not even sure anyone's paying attention anymore.  Out of the Army, out of work.  It seems no one is hiring drone operators but the market is big I hear.

I'm all but done commissioning people.  Been about a year and a half give or take since I shelled out a hundred bucks and got the first sketch four months ago.  Not the first time this has happened either, dropped like one fifty about nine or ten years back and then the person blocked me.  It's hard to bring myself to support people these days, even knowing there are good, worthwhile artists out there.

I don't really want to rant since it seems to be a trend these days but if anyone's paying attention, I'll be dropping some excerpts from my new book soon.


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I'm alive and I bought a comic shop. <3
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Business is dragging a little, we're trying to get in a different crowd that the previous owner. Soon we hope to have real profits.  Maybe enough to commission you again. Something to show in the store maybe.
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I'm of the same mind when it comes to lady horsebirds, haha. Love to see the colored version if and when you upload it.
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