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I am not human,
But yet I am.
I am not a wolf,
But yet I am.
I am neither man nor wolf,
Neither devil nor death.
For I am a cross of both man and wolf,
Of Death and Devil.

I am a living contradiction,
A being of Nonexistance,
Yet I exist.
Yet I am coporeal.
But yet made of flesh and blood and bone.

A howl, of anything and everything as feral.
Something that was inborn into me.
The fangs of a wolf,
The eyes of a hawk,
The speed of a cheetah,
The pride of a lion,
The aloofness of the wolf.
I am the most feral of beasts.
Don't even know if the word exists. I don't care either.
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Interesting. "I am a living contradiction" is my favorite line. I'd like to see the ending connect a bit to the opening though. But I like the idea. =3