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Spoirow by Zero-lnfinity Spoirow :iconzero-lnfinity:Zero-lnfinity 30 2 Mecha Lilac Redraw by Zero-lnfinity Mecha Lilac Redraw :iconzero-lnfinity:Zero-lnfinity 36 4 Yup. It's a Zero. by Zero-lnfinity Yup. It's a Zero. :iconzero-lnfinity:Zero-lnfinity 21 0 The Purple Legend by Zero-lnfinity The Purple Legend :iconzero-lnfinity:Zero-lnfinity 86 9 Zero design tweak sketch thing by Zero-lnfinity Zero design tweak sketch thing :iconzero-lnfinity:Zero-lnfinity 30 0 GV by Zero-lnfinity GV :iconzero-lnfinity:Zero-lnfinity 9 1 Cynder by Zero-lnfinity Cynder :iconzero-lnfinity:Zero-lnfinity 171 8 Zero again by Zero-lnfinity Zero again :iconzero-lnfinity:Zero-lnfinity 28 1 Robo Dragon Flare by Zero-lnfinity Robo Dragon Flare :iconzero-lnfinity:Zero-lnfinity 19 1 Zero by Zero-lnfinity Zero :iconzero-lnfinity:Zero-lnfinity 22 0 The Honoguma line (GSC Beta Pokes) by Zero-lnfinity The Honoguma line (GSC Beta Pokes) :iconzero-lnfinity:Zero-lnfinity 6 0 Yuri again by Zero-lnfinity Yuri again :iconzero-lnfinity:Zero-lnfinity 1 0 Karol Carol by Zero-lnfinity Karol Carol :iconzero-lnfinity:Zero-lnfinity 16 0 Yuri Lowell by Zero-lnfinity Yuri Lowell :iconzero-lnfinity:Zero-lnfinity 1 0 Kratos Aurion by Zero-lnfinity Kratos Aurion :iconzero-lnfinity:Zero-lnfinity 3 1 Spyro by Zero-lnfinity Spyro :iconzero-lnfinity:Zero-lnfinity 36 2


Wings of Fire - Welcome to Jade Mountain by Biohazardia Wings of Fire - Welcome to Jade Mountain :iconbiohazardia:Biohazardia 987 86 At Freedom Planet by ResidentEvilffs At Freedom Planet :iconresidentevilffs:ResidentEvilffs 168 10 Another Purple Boy by Blaze-TFD Another Purple Boy :iconblaze-tfd:Blaze-TFD 489 18 Cynder by Blaze-TFD Cynder :iconblaze-tfd:Blaze-TFD 623 26 Our Purple Boy by Blaze-TFD Our Purple Boy :iconblaze-tfd:Blaze-TFD 364 20 Freedom Planet X Rocket Knight Adventures by Edxtreme Freedom Planet X Rocket Knight Adventures :iconedxtreme:Edxtreme 48 6 Let's talk about the Wings of Fire Fandom by Blaze-TFD Let's talk about the Wings of Fire Fandom :iconblaze-tfd:Blaze-TFD 297 139 Awakening by KenjiKanzaki05 Awakening :iconkenjikanzaki05:KenjiKanzaki05 167 10 YCH Commission - RussianBlues by Blaze-TFD YCH Commission - RussianBlues :iconblaze-tfd:Blaze-TFD 103 3 I Will Send Out A Light Burning For You Alone by Blaze-TFD I Will Send Out A Light Burning For You Alone :iconblaze-tfd:Blaze-TFD 315 24 The Dragonets Of Destiny by Blaze-TFD The Dragonets Of Destiny :iconblaze-tfd:Blaze-TFD 932 134 Sash Lilac by NeonCelestia20 Sash Lilac :iconneoncelestia20:NeonCelestia20 298 23 Freedom Planet - Lilac vs Spade by Banzatou Freedom Planet - Lilac vs Spade :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 374 54 Let's Bring the Fight to Them! by WhiteLilyDragon Let's Bring the Fight to Them! :iconwhitelilydragon:WhiteLilyDragon 144 49 Yu-Gi-Oh: Your move by Ink-Leviathan Yu-Gi-Oh: Your move :iconink-leviathan:Ink-Leviathan 1,409 91 Lilac Smashified! by hextupleyoodot Lilac Smashified! :iconhextupleyoodot:hextupleyoodot 788 103


Mecha Lilac Redraw
A redraw of the Mecha Lilac I made a little while back. It was always a drawing I was quite fond of and I wanted to draw it again now that I've improved. It was a lot of fun. I'll probably redraw Mecha Carol soon too.
Yup. It's a Zero.
I can't title things.

Finally getting back into things. Here's a Zero. Sometimes I wonder if I should calm the fuck down with the shading details, but have way too much fun with it. Trying to practice with posing and stuff.
The Purple Legend
Man I cant remember the last time I drew TLOS Spyro. I'ts probably my favourite Spyro design (in the concept art specifically. In game he looks kinda derpy.) Surprisingly this didn't take too long to finish. Think I'm finally getting back into the swing of drawing.

Also trying to do more background type stuff so, enjoy the shitty rock and grass (OK, I know it's not THAT bad.)

I need to play TLOS again. I just bought the PS3 version of DoTD, since I've been stuck with the shitty Wii version for years.
Zero design tweak sketch thing
[(Copied from Twitter. Originally posted on September 10)
I like messing around with how I draw Zero. I though about actually using a bit of MMZ influence. I still dislike Zero's actual design from MMZ, but parts of the artstyle have grown on me. Took a bit of inspiration from X's Command Mission design too. It was fun.]
[For those not in the know (which is probably most of you) I had a searing hatred of the MMZ artsyle and MMZero's design. I used to get REALLY worked up about it. I've mellowed out a lot now and I've come to like the artstyle (the're still parts I don't like, the eyes for example)]
I still don't like Zero's MMZ design though, but I can at least look at it now without feeling sick or wanting to wash my eyes out with bleach. Plus my respect for senpai Inti Creates prevents me from hating it too much.]

I need to do a refined illustration with this 
design. Need to do one for X too.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Greetings fellow artists and internet travelers! You've somehow found your why to my DeviantArt page! Welcome! I'm ZeroInfinity. It might look like I'm fairly new to DA, but I've actually been here for over five years. I had an old account under the name SuperSonicFireDragon, but for a few personal reasons, I decided to make a new one. The account's still around if you're curious, but I advise you to say away from my old, shitty art. You have been warned.

So, what can you expect to see from me here? Mostly Megaman stuff, a little bit of Freedom Planet and maybe some Sonic and other video game characters. On a very rare occurrence you might even see some original character art from me. Ooooo.
I primarily work digitally, using a Huion Kamvas GT-221 Pro with Photoshop, but you might see some traditional Copic Marker artwork too.

I'm currently mostly just working on improving my art, but I have some comic projects planned for latter down the line, that are currently in very early writing stages. (If you're a fan of Megaman X and/or Freedom Planet, you might want to stick around for those! :P)

Anyway, my gallery is over there <-- so check it out and hopefully you like what you see!
Yo. I know I haven't posted for a while. Just comes down to laziness. I've still been drawing, but I've only been posting my art on Twitter. I'm going to post all my art from the last few months here in one go, so prepare for spam. After that' I'll post my art here consistently.


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