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Dead Winter - Book 1 - Chapter 5 :iconzeritanos:Zeritanos 0 0
Mature content
Dead Winter - Book 1 - Chapter 4 :iconzeritanos:Zeritanos 0 4
Dead Winter - Book 1 - Chapter 3
Chapter 3
     "What's it look like out there?"
     Jason knelt over to look around the corner of the building he and Weston stood behind. Out in the streets, about fifteen or twenty figures shambled around. The most he could see of them was just a faint outline, but it was enough to see that these 'people' weren't okay. A few of them were walking around with no arms or legs, while others had chunks of their bodies missing. Even in the haze caused by the snow, he saw that one of the people had been completely torn open, their organs spilling out in heaps.
     "Bad…it looks really bad out there, I'm not gonna lie."
     "Can you be a bit more specific?"
     "There's about fifteen of…them out there. Maybe twenty. Way too many for us to handle by ourselves. But…"
     "But what?"
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Mature content
Dead Winter - Book 1 - Chapter 2 :iconzeritanos:Zeritanos 0 2
Dead Winter - Book 1 - Chapter 1
"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on." –Robert Frost
Monday, November 21, 2011
     We made it to the cabin a little later than I would have liked today, but there's not much I could have done about it. Just the little things piling up, really. It's not as dusty as I thought it would be, so we've caught ourselves a break on that at least. Considering everything that needs to be done, I would guess that we should be done before Thanksgiving by about a day. Seems like dad overestimated everything. Again.

     Jason Hall finished reading the last 'normal' entry for the fifth time that day. Rubbing the exhaustion from his eyes, he flipped the pages of his journal past yesterday's and began to write.
Thursday, November 24, 2011
     Cabin is still holding strong, but that's become a non-issue considering our food is starting to run low. Fridge is almost emp
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Jason Hall by Zeritanos Jason Hall :iconzeritanos:Zeritanos 0 3
My Funeral
Ever since the death of my grandmother, I've been giving far more thought into my own death than a normal 20-year-old man should. I've asked the questions of "What will I leave behind?", "Who will miss me?", and most importantly, "How in the hell will I or my family pay for my internment?", because a funeral is no cheap thing.
My grandfather on my father's side, bless his soul, was buried traditionally. That is, he was embalmed, placed in a coffin, buried six feet under and then had a chiseled rock placed on top of his face. My grandmother on my mother's side's funeral was noticeably cheaper, about $7,000, since she was cremated versus being buried.
They both also had music played during the memorial, rented an establishment to carry out the ceremonies, and required a vessel for their earthly remains. These, I think, are going to cost the prettiest of pennies. Well, maybe not the music. I just have a really important reason for including that, but we'll get to that later!
Now, since I'
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Mature content
Sin Saves :iconzeritanos:Zeritanos 2 9
Mature content
Boredom :iconzeritanos:Zeritanos 2 0
It had always been the front I had put up whenever I was sad, or angry. Every day I hoped, even dreamed that someone would see past that smile.
Dreamed that someone would take it away so that I could let the tears I wanted for so long to finally fall. The tears would have healed me, if they were allowed…
But no one ever did. And slowly, oh, so slowly, my shield became my sickle. And every time I raised it, it cut me. It cut me so deep.
What was worse was that I never let the wounds heal. Every effort to shield myself cut deeper and deeper, making it hurt more and more.
So what was I to do with that shield? I couldn't toss it. It was all I had. It was all I could use against the nightmares I met day in and day out.
So I kept it. And still have it. So when you see me, when you see my smile. My shield. My sickle. Please. Take it down.
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Mature content
Fucking Mayans... :iconzeritanos:Zeritanos 1 3
The Wastes - Book 1 - CH 1
     Arron sat atop the wall that surrounded his village and looked out into The Wastes. The best way to describe The Wastes was the way his mother had put it:
     More sand.
     And not much of anything else.
     Arron liked sitting on the wall. It was the closest he would ever get to leaving the village, which he desperately wanted to do. But the only thing out in The Wastes was death. He had learned that lesson all too well.
     "Arron!" called a voice, "Get down from there!"
     Looking down, Arron saw that it was Davvid, today's guard for the wall. Which meant that Arron wasn't going to get off so easily this time with his wall sitting. Climbing down, Arron jumped the last few feet to the ground, and faced Davvid.
     "Hey, Davvid! What's up?" Arron tried to say with
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     Energizers. That's what we called them in my platoon. We first came across the word when we were passing through Misery. It was plastered on a big sign with a little pink bunny off to the side playing drums. Private, the only one in our platoon who could understand the Old Words told the rest of us that the sign said "Energizer", the small print at the bottom reading "It just keeps going". And just like that big sign said, the fires we came across just kept going. And going. It seemed to be an apt name.
     I remember seeing one of those fires in a place Private said was called "Mini Soda". I will never for the life of me understand why the Old Folks named their places the way they did. In any case, we were about a day's travel into Mini Soda when we found the first one. We saw the smoke first. Always the smoke. We didn't try to put it out though. There was no way in hell we could have tamed that monster. Or any of the others for
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The Jester
     The young man awoke, head throbbing, and heart racing. This was strange; because he knew he had been unconscious for some time, so there shouldn't had been a reason for his strong heartbeat. Head pounding, the young man stood up, fell to the ground, picked himself back up and looked around. He was in a place that could be described as, quite frankly, the middle of nowhere.
     He stood at the intersection of four roads, each of them cutting through fields of what seemed to be grey grass as far as the eye could see. There was no wind and the air felt cool, but not overly so, leaving the temperature as what could only be described as perfect. Looking down each road, the young man suddenly realized that he instinctively knew that the roads went North, East, South, and West.
     Suddenly, the young man began to panic. How did I get here?, he thought to himself. Looking down at his clothes, he saw that
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     "Are we there yet?!"
     "My feet hurt!"
     "Too bad."
     "You're mean!"
     "Don't care."
     "I hate you!"
     "I know."
     It had only been an hour since they had left the gas station, and already The Little Girl was getting on his last nerve. The Lone Man had had no idea The Little Girl would be this annoying. And they hadn't even reached any semblance of a town to rest yet. How much more do I have to put up with? The Lone Man thought to himself.
     In the distance, The Lone Man could see a hill. Great, he thought to himself, This'll be fun. Not even one quarter of the way up, The Little Girl called up to him. "This is hard! Carry me!"
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     The Lone Man had draped his jacket over The Little Girl and had given her a small piece of jerky, which was already gone by the time he had gotten his own piece of jerky out. Nibbling on a corner, The Lone Man slipped into his thoughts.
     Why did he take this girl? What was he going to do with her? Would he even keep her for very long? Where would he even go to get her better clothes? How would he feed her if he could barely feed himself?
     All of these things raced through his mind, bubbling up and popping the last thought out of existence before he could even answer the previous question. Suddenly, he felt a tug on his shirt, breaking him from his trance.
     "Mister…what are you going to do to me?", The Little Girl asked, fear and confusion welling in her eyes. The Lone Man took a second to think before replying "I don't know". And it was true. He really didn't
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HOW TO DRAW by 1000th HOW TO DRAW :icon1000th:1000th 3,400 408 MALE ANATOMY by kanapy-art MALE ANATOMY :iconkanapy-art:kanapy-art 10,413 180 Army of Zero by gts Army of Zero :icongts:gts 528 49 Perspectives Tutorial by DerSketchie Perspectives Tutorial :icondersketchie:DerSketchie 8,885 185 Skin tone palettes by ED-elementaldesign Skin tone palettes :iconed-elementaldesign:ED-elementaldesign 3,563 144 Feet Reference by Kibbitzer Feet Reference :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 17,994 319 Hands Reference by Kibbitzer Hands Reference :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 20,801 513 Writers Block Stamp by Khrinx Writers Block Stamp :iconkhrinx:Khrinx 2,791 185 Linda by Kikiine Linda :iconkikiine:Kikiine 88 13 Rosy Pink  and Jade Green by Kikiine Rosy Pink and Jade Green :iconkikiine:Kikiine 44 6 Head Perspective Chart by yuumei Head Perspective Chart :iconyuumei:yuumei 47,510 2,755 Facial Expressions Tutorial by Genolover Facial Expressions Tutorial :icongenolover:Genolover 2,808 302 SD Jake with Tonfa-Halberd by FontesMakua SD Jake with Tonfa-Halberd :iconfontesmakua:FontesMakua 18 33
Writing Better Character Descriptions
Writing Better Character Descriptions
We writers have a particularly tough job: bringing nonexistent people (our characters) to life in our readers’ imaginations. While it’s never easy, we usually accomplish this magic by writing each character with two qualities in mind:
1) Their personality
2) Their physical appearance
Personality is usually expressed through characterization, and appearance through physical description. Admittedly, that doesn't sound so complicated.
But there are two things I’ll suggest today: first, that description needs to do more than just craft appearance, and second, it’s good characterization, more than anything, that’s the key to conjuring vivid characters.
Character Description:
Let’s take a look at the following example.
1) When I entered Mr. Smith's office, he stood from his desk and smiled. He had a big nose, brown eyes, and short, blond hair. He wore a dark suit. I shook his hand.
What can you tel
:iconinkfish7:Inkfish7 2,985 588
RMZ - Cannonball by michikixthien RMZ - Cannonball :iconmichikixthien:michikixthien 1,923 209 Body Language Meme - Envy. by Endling Body Language Meme - Envy. :iconendling:Endling 20,299 1,101


Yup. I'll be working them. Hopefully this will give me a chance to write since I will have nothing else to do during my hours.
Other than that, this was just a quick little update. I'm currently revising what I already have for Dead Winter to hopefully get some enthusiasm for writing again. I mean, I really do love Dead Winter and the universe I've made for it, it's just my confidence in my writing has been at an all time low due to no feed back in what I've written. And as a writer for an ongoing story, it's kind of a big deal to have that.
But I'm going into topics that don't need to be gotten into.
Anyways, that's all for now. Hopefully I'll have something in the next coming days to give to you all. 'Til next time.


United States


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