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And wish everyone a good day, I hope everything goes very well for all of you!
I'll do my best to continue making more art for a good while longer.

If there is anything in particular you'd like to see more of from me in the future, feel free to let me know.

Thanks for reading and take care!

600px-080Slowbro by Zerinon

What I can do.

  • Digital art, please refer to my gallery folders to get a good idea on what I can do.
  • I'll accept anything including fan art, fan characters and original characters.
  • Any NSFW content may be posted either via private message or at an alternate website. However, I won't do anything involving explicit sex, visible genitalia or scat.

Simple art

Flat color or no color with minor background elements

Starting at £10 - €15 - $15


Manga styled art

Black and white art with shading and/or background elements

Mature Content

Grasshopper? by Zerinon

Starting at £20 - €25 - $30


Full shading art

Colored with extra details and background elements

Cell shading starting at £25 - €30 - $35

Soft shading starting at £30 - €35 - $45

Cell + Soft starting at  £35 - €40 -  $50



Simple and plain backgrounds are free.
Backgrounds that require additional details and objects to be drawn may be charged for depending on the overall complexity of the detail's asked for.

Additional charge if:

  • 3 or more character's are involved starting at £5 - €10 - $10 for every additional one or two characters. (same characters drawn multiple times still counts as more characters)
  • Overall details of the character's design, art style and/or background involved. (More detailed looking characters and/or environments will cost more)
  • More than one panel is used.
  • More than one different line colors are used.
  • Minimum wage pay may be applied if the commission is a large project that takes a long time to complete.


The following payment methods are accepted:
  • Patreon

How to contact me for commission's.

You can either get in touch with me via DA's note's or via Discord. Discord may be easier as we can discuss everything more thoroughly in real time. Be sure to send me a note with your Discord Tag if you wish to get in contact with me. (email works too if that's your preferred method of contact)

The commission procedure

  1. Send me a private message and provide as much details as you can about what you want to see (eg. how the characters pose, what colors I should use etc) references will also help out a ton.
  2. I will provide a low resolution sample of your commission in question, be sure to let me know if everything is alright and if there need to be any addition's or changes. If you are not satisfied, I will redo the entire sketch once for no charge.
  3. Once everything is set in place and we get a better picture of how the commission will potentially turn out, we will discuss the price then.
  4. Once your commission is complete, the full resolution will be send to you privately once your payment has been successfully processed. The low resolution version will then be posted online.


Be sure to check my gallery to be certain that you want a commission! I am better at some things than I am at others, but I'll be sure to do the best I can with your commission. It may also be a good idea to look through my gallery in case you find something similar to what you want. I have the right to turn down commission requests.

I won't accept any payment's until the main sketch of your commission is finished at the very least, however, I won't provide the high resolution artwork of your commission until your payment has been successfully charged.

I won't be doing any refunds, so be absolutely sure that you want to do a commission first and be as thorough as possible with your commission request, the more information you give on how you want the final product to turn out, the easier it will be for both of us to end up with the right results for the final product.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.

Will draw:

  • Fan art
  • Original characters
  • (Clean) size art
  • Certain NSFW themes (Depending on the theme, it may be posted to a different site or send privately)

Won't draw:

  • Anything with realistic or overly busy looking design's
  • Blood and gore
  • Explicit NSFW themes