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Don't mind me, I'm just in my own corner doing my own things.

Feel free to drop by if you like though.


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Lord-Enemil Featured By Owner May 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello and welcome to this page full of creative people. It seems like you got some potential here, as i liked your first fan-art.
Keep going with that good stuff!
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Maklods Featured By Owner May 14, 2016
Hello there, nice to meet you and allow me to welcome you to this site.
I am Maklods, but you can call me Mak for short.
I'd like to start of by wishing you a great start of a new adventure that lies ahead.
I actually have a few welcoming words to share and tidbits to share with you.
So I hope you care to listen, I'll try to explain it as nice and easy as possible.

It might sound very interesting considering the fact it might be a few days that you've been here.
But do not worry, if you need any guidance or help throughout your artistic journey.
Don't be afraid to ask, I'm willing to give anyone the support they ask for and those who are in need of help.
And lastly I hope you enjoy your stay in this wonderful site and be sure to check around to meet other artists as well as socialize with new people. Since it does give a positive effect on those who are near you. 

But nonetheless, at least you're here for one of the most important reasons and probably the reason why you decided to join this site.
And reason is to provide your own creativity and uniqueness to both the art community and the literature community.
It'll be a pleasure to see what kind of mysteries lies ahead for you but also what you're willing to offer for this site, but don't worry. 
It's all in good fun. So go out there and show everyone what you're made out of. :) (Smile)
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