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February 10, 2011
The Suggester said: "Servant of the Castle by ~ZERG118 is incredibly imaginative and inspiring. The creature's design is absolutely stunning!". And it's true! Such an amazing scene and characters! Impressive!
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Servant of the Castle

Hello everybody~~~ This is my new work~~
This was an ancient city with a longhistory,which was a lost culture. After many years, a young mage found a passage to the castle.what was waiting for him when he stepped into this place.
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Very, very cool!!
I wonder if anyone noticed that the reflection in the mirror doesn't match. That adds and extra eerie dimension to it for me, excellent work!!! 
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This somehow reminded me of Codsworth from Fallout 4, telling his suffering on the futility of dusting a falling down house.
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oh hi, Theophilus,  you're out late.
   working late  in the archives, Meryl, I think I found the secret passage.
oh, that is nice.  you wouldn't happen to have any pastrami-peanut butter sandwiches on you, I'm in one of my craving moods.
   sorry, but I have a book of political debates, will that do?
I'll pass, those give me heartburn.  well, I hope you have a safe journey.
   I will, Meryl,  thanks for lighting the way.
"Yes child, your brother was here no less than two days ago. However, he was not alone..."
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"Have you come to remember?"
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Super creepy!  I love it <3
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looks like no face :)
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this serpent looks like a spirit from avatar the last airbender...hehe
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What a marvelous imagination you have! Fantastic work! :clap::iconcheerplz:
Well done, indeed! :D
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very good work
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Wonderfully creepy :)
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The creature is amazing! Love
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That is a creature gorgeous in its ugliness. I like too the contrast between the green and the yellow/orange here.
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"Come to my countenance, young one. I shall teach you of a world you couldn't believe."

Yes, I'm bored. And yes, I seriously considered writing out more than just that.
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This picture is so awesome. This is just so mesmerizing.
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Wow, this is sooo cool I love it! :squee:
Gives out a very cool and scary atmosphere
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Your art has been featured: [link]
That is one heck of an interesting creature! It reminds me a little of the Masked Spirit from Spirited Away because of the mouth in his belly, but the main head looks so wise and expressive that that idea is thrown away very fast. And the setting looks amazing too, with all the glory turned to dust, but the walls have still maintainted their old glory. Man, I would love love to see how this meeting would continue :aww:
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Oh I love the mini plot you wrote to go with this. I could just imagine how the store would progress from this point, especially with such interesting creations. Great work. :love:
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