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One day of mine

Its my new work~This is a story in the magical town ~
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So much atmosphere
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I love the little card soldiers, looking all tough and ready for anything.

Plus, the snail rides. I love snails. Idk why though?
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wow, beautiful atmosphère, love it so much !
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It reminds me very much of Shaun Tan's work - This is utterly lovely!
OMG @_@

soo beautiful; i think your characters got this enigmatic mood;
love those little creatures, and the overall environment 
nice composition too.

I was wondering if I could use this concept for my 3D demo reel, 
maaay I? 

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so richly imaginative with a interesting yet convincing design.
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Gorgeous work, as usual! I love all the little details and creatures in your stuff, I always feel like there's a huge story behind every picture. Plus, I would definitely visit this place if I could. :)
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I love the mood and all the details :heart:
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I absolutely love your work and especially this image. Its amazing what you think to put in them.
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love it!!! love all the little details and imagination!!!
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Love the cinematic feel! The colours are fantastic, too. Great work!
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Love the fantastic atmosphere in this :3
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hehe :D So cool!
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I love the balance and positioning of angular and curved shapes!
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You amaze me with each new piece. Wonderful imagination, and I hope you share more of this magical town :)
Also, :heart: that pumpkin-purse :pumpkin:
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Oh this is brilliant, so intricate and imaginative, there's such reality herein.
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Ooh! Forcing attention away from the human face- the everyday feel of the shop display- the proliferation of tiny inhabitants- signs at all eye levels- the color of the ground- ...snailoids? So many things to like!
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