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I have a number of stories and a bit of art, but I have actually been using Fanfiction to continue with my stories.
If you want to find me, simply click on the link right here: The Madness
If you like any of them, comment or like in any sort of way you like and I will continue on, so thank you for taking the time to read and I say to you, farewell for now and keep on doing what you all do.
Moreover, it will have a list on the additional things you will find in it: Warframe List
This may be a bit troubling, but I can't just sit on by while this idea is left alone, untouched until someone speaks about it in the distant future.
Will this change your life? --- No, It is just a simple plan of displaying an OC as a Anti-hero or Villain against the 'Good' guys.
Is this worthwhile? --- It is only worth it if you make it important and ask what you want done.
Do I deserve your opinion and OCs? --- No, I am only looking for people who want to include themselves in a small project and how the story should proceed.

What I am saying is, I don't wish to leave a idea unrefined any longer and only want to build the story as it goes, even the forces are unrefined until I either come up with them or get input on what they should be.

Just a short opinion and one that you can accept as a madman or a point that could be made.
As I have said in the start, this story will be separated between the Horde, the Forsaken, and the Circles with three different individuals.
Before anyone can do so, they must submit a basic character sheet, not like a PathFinder or D&D Sheet, but this...   

        Weapon of Choice:
        Magic( If any):
        Chosen Group:

It is fine to make a a young child or elderly person, but I would like to make the interactions normal as they can do, so be understanding when doing this...
Just so you know the basic if you didn't read the short thing... This is it...        The Forgotten Lines
With the recent typing of the first chapter of Gwendolyn's story, I had become curious of something in line of the OC character companions beside the main characters.

As the first has been made, (self-insert, go figure...) I am wondering if anyone was wanting to have their OC included and to this point, I have compiled a list of the remaining four characters, (maybe five since around the time, my sister wanted to be included, despite a character description.

        - Tyrina, 'The Swirling Love'
            A dancer in the court of Titania, she was granted pity by Cornelius and serves as friend and aide for him, approving his relation with the Forest Witch Velvet. Event's turn for the worse as she is caught alongside the now-Pooka and granted a pair of Psypher fans by the Queen of the Netherworld in a shocking kind tone.
        (Oddette kind?; Not a chance, but I tried...)

        - Rentru,'The Stone Claymore'
            A fairy-raised human, he displays a strong will to protect Ringford and granted the honor to fight for Mercedes as a guardian , proving himself a hundred times over to the Fairies.
        (Another human that was raised by Fairies, I debated for the character of my brother's, but I am unsure if it would work...)

        - Maire, 'The Dark Shroud'
            A long-standing ally of Oswald, she is cursed to be a human Halja to reap thousands, but her fallen blood is overcome by her human control and mercy, serving as a guide and defender for Oswald, her feelings untouched until she followed Oswald into the castle of the Demon King.
        (I had set her as my love interest, but is it worth it and how is it going to work...?)
        (Also, I had the thought of calling her Mare and it is supposed to be the same when saying her name...)

        - Wirrdin, 'The Defender'
            A Valentine captain, he is sworn to protect the heirs, even as a Pooka as he aids Velvet daily in her searches and keeping an eye on her 'lover', able to tell magic on beings, but keeps his jaw shut in concern for her joy and feelings.
        (Any objections to this for having a Pooka protector for Velvet or is it too cliched...?)

And that is all of them, leave a comment on what should be changed or who to change and I will see to it.
And before anyone asks, yes, they will all be using Psyphers because reasons...