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The Seer, Psion Trooper by Zeretg The Seer, Psion Trooper by Zeretg
These powerful troopers are feared for their biological modifications, tapping into their unknown psi wellspring into their abilities.

"What is your bidding, sir?"
"I know what you are thinking."
"None will stand in my officer's way."
"The plane of reality has no hold on me!"

A remarkable sight to witness, these troopers are able to change the battle with their psionic abilities. More often than not, the likelihood of a 'Seer' being female than male is placed on the ratio of fifteen to one, but they are only drifted as a 'Seer' by choice, drilled through a series of simulations and tested on condemned prisoners to ensure that they are ready, revered as the 'truth seers' in the Dragons at times. Besides their small arsenal of a 'Archer', 'Gemini', and 'Lightning', their abilities are as follows...

-Helix Shield: Projecting their massive power in front of them, the 'Seer' is able to protect whole companies from devastating weaponry, the only flaw is that they need protection as they are unable to move while projecting it and it drains their reserves if used in long periods of time without rest.
-Focused Pulse: A common power of the 'Seer', they are able to generate a burst of energy that can either pierce through armor or blow troops and vehicles aside in a knock back effect.
-Fleet Agility: Through this, the 'Seer' is able to accelerate infantry to their position in a quicker pace, like a stimpack without the harmful effects. This doesn't last long and is best that the soldiers use the time to do their tactics and none more as it also drains the 'Seer' extensively.
-Fire Storm: Not much is capable of living through a psi-made storm of fire, making this ability lethal to all against the 'Seer'
-Mental Shield: At times, supernatural entities have been known to weed battle plans out of the most experienced of generals and their subordinates, but the field is evened with the 'Seer' and their ability to cause a feedback to the creatures in the form of a shockwave that stuns and, for weakened mindflayers and such, kills them within seconds.
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