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The hour rang out as a individual arose from their bed and looked out to the wildness beyond. Peace was a delight to possess, but the same is said of war as humans have long forgone their greatest foes as mere cattle to slay and focus on preserve the way they wish in the kingdoms, putting down revolts and incursions around the world.

The lone soul stood up and only watched, wishing that they could do something to change the status quo when it occurred in a slow point.

Though disbanded, the Horde, a collection of native creatures that wish to reclaim their lands in the name of their fore bearers, the Forsaken, a large gathering of cults that have devoted to the power of death and ice to turn the world into something more suited for their unholy masters, and the Circles, a gathering of demons that seek to claim the world as a home for their kind, still roamed the world in small pockets and only needed a firm hand to rebuild them up to far greater things to control the world.

...Yes, the world will soon feel the wrath of its long-forgotten foes as they will quake in the coming darkness...
This is based off the familiar game of 'Don't take my Jewels!' where the main focus is their dark master that only desires to keep heroes from obtaining their jewels, but here is something else.

With the dark forces scattered across the land from the results of the Bogmirre Wars, humanity has rebuilt their long-standing kingdoms again and have lived in pleasant peace for a great three hundred years... Until the day when they would see the forces rise again, under the binds of a new master.

Before anyone has a chance to be upset, I am purely making it out as a person going out to find these dangers and building them up so that they can conquer the world one piece at a time. I would also like to point out that this will go through three separate storylines as all three races make for some crazy antics.

Update: This is the basic gist I ask for in those who are willing to be a part of the story, their input most valued if they want...    Character Sheet
Zeretg Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016
As I prefer to add my own comments,  I will...

I like the idea that each race would have a reaction to conquering, defending, and constructing additional troops, structures, methods of border and taking human territories and what the OC leaders would have to say from their creators if there were some.

If, for some reason, this is not a likable idea and is told to not continue, I just wish for some input as to why and reason that it is not agreeable.
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Submitted on
September 21, 2016