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The Dragoon, Cyborg Trooper by Zeretg The Dragoon, Cyborg Trooper by Zeretg
If you see this mighty soldier stomping toward you, you best run for the hills as it is the feared 'Dragoon', heavy infantry of the company.

"Strike the core while it burns."
"None shall find us off-guard."
"We are the Dragon's cleansing fire."
"The enemy shall fall before us."

A tank among infantry, this cyborg soldier of the Dragons was once a fallen soldier or raider who was given a chance to aid or perish in the wake of Dragon. As such, these heavy attackers are built to resist small-arms and shrug tank rounds aside as they plow through enemy ranks.
In addition to the 'Golem' Shield, the Dragoon is equipped with a number of weapons that draws power and ammo from the Arsenal Pack such as...

'Goblin' Caster Gauntlet: This weaponized bracer has been configured to serve as a flamethrower weapon, able to blast a torrent of flames from it to engulf foes under the intense heat. Fire is not the only substance as a Dragoon is capable of also shooting corrosive acid, arcing electricity, and frigid ice with the use of this device.
'Hobgoblin' Anti-Armor Rockets: A half-truck can easily be wasted when blasted with this weapon of the Dragoon. Modified to bust through armor with ease, a Dragoon can easily go toe-to-toe with a medium battle tank and come out the victor with the right reactions and knowledge.
'Bugbear' Auto Cannon: Entrenched positions are not safe if one sees a Dragoon coming with this deadly device as its rounds are able to punch through bullet-proof armor and five to six inches of soil with ease.
'Tyrant' Storm Gauntlet: A single soldier who is brave enough or fool enough to confront a Dragoon in hand-to-hand combat best be ready when this weapon is activated. Transaction of the cyborg's free hand will deliever a resounding shock through the system and is only reserved for death battles as these are so deadly that allies are best to wear grounded equipment when tending with the Storm Gauntlet.
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June 19, 2016
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