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Soldiers of the Dragons by Zeretg Soldiers of the Dragons by Zeretg
For lack of a better name, I present to you the Soldier.

"Reporting for Duty."
"Locked and Loaded."
"Show your Fangs!"
"We will not fall!"

The backbone of the Dragons, the Soldier is the bread and butter of the military force and have been selected among devoted civilians to bio-engineered fighters to serve as the first blood to fight, the last to leave standing, and the most resilient fighters to come into contact. They are conscripted by will or influence to fight, though most will serve as policing troops, replacement guards, and profound links to the people serving as both a beacon and a role to look into with time. They come equipped with a number of weapons such as...

        - S-32 'Footman' Assault Rifle: The most common of the Soldier's weaponry, this rifle fires metallic spikes at a fire rate of 25 rounds per sec, making it the mainstay for its lethal power and tactical placement of additional scopes or lights.

        - R-16 'Archer' Tactical Pistol: Known for its ability to stop a rampaging rhino with a single shot, this pistol has long been used by security forces and contracts, seeing little changing into the Dragon arsenal except for a tactical rail on the barrel as to be provide the ability to apply lights, lasers, and mods like a anti-armor enhancement chamber or pyre coats.

        - P-10 'Knight' Combat Shotgun: Lean, mean, and likely to pump a round through one to kill the next three behind, the Knight is a lethal addition and makes its name known as riot shields are merely cardboard to a normal round and armor just makes the death of VIPs more painful as the spikes, once fired, spread out and latch through. However, since it is new, it has seen little action in public and the Marshal prefers it that way.

        - 'Conscript' Fang Knife: Lined with a metal that acts like a slime agent, the blade is able to soften any protection and cuts through like paper, making it a need-be for those difficult to kill without ordinance.

        - S-24 'Crusader' Combat Rifle: A burst-fire rifle to the average eye, this weapon still plays a part in the battle as some like to use the stopping power and strength over the lesser of the Footman.

        - 'Golem' Protector Shield: Standard used by Dragoons, this hard-shelled riot shield can stop tank rounds short and is also modified with a nano-drone reactor which fixes damaged limbs and wounded organs by injecting a stream through the arm which is neglected in the adrenaline as the bots work in the chaos of a accelerated system.
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