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Dreams filled his life as he rested in the jail on board the Armada ship, wishing peacefully in silence as he heard the air swish on by when suddenly the whole ship shook. He bounced off the seat and landed on the wooden planks, the air starting to heat up as sounds of cannons filled the Skyway. "What in the world...?"

"Get down, she's gonna blow!" The hatch to the prison erupted in a fiery explosion, smoke filling place as the voice returning with some stomping down the steps. "It's one of these cells!" The young man coughed a bit before he started to standing up and looking at two individuals, a monkey in navy uniform and a large man with white beard.

"Is this the prisoner we've looking for?" By the tone of the monkey, it sounded like he has had training in Monquista before leaving to join this pirate.

"Hmm, hard ta say..." The pirate pointed to the young man in the cell. "You there, you're standing on me blind side, are ye boy or girl?"

'Really?' The prisoner shook his head as he dusted off his sapphire-blue vest and slacks before adjusting his bandanna. "I'm male."

"What's your name, pirate?"

"Alexander Ironsides..."

"I told you, he's the one..." The monkey was convinced about something, but the older pirate didn't look all that easily so."

"Maybe so, if ye are who ye say you are, prove it." Alexander wanted to faceplam, as this is looking to be a jail break, not a personal quiz of life. "We know you're an orphan. So how'd you lose your parents?" The panic started to fill up in his throat as he recalled the event that had lost his family in a search of strange things, vanishing from the world.

"Best you not ask about a lost cause of family..." Alexander leaned against the wall and stared at the other wall. "They're gone... lost in their journeys."

"Lost in search of buried treasure! Now there's a tale!" Alexander glared at the older as the monkey butted in.

"Look on the bright side - perhaps they are not dead! They could be trapped in a dungeon somewhere." Alex wanted to admit the same, that his family was still alive out there, but a gut feeling pounded itself into him that they were gone forever."

"So who raised ye, then? Where'd ye grow up?" The young man looked back to his foster family who probably won't be glad that he was rotting in a prison, gripping a small pin that was embedded in the vest, but the old man noticed the emblem on the piece and seemed to be pleased about it. "Raised by the Dogs of Marleybone, were ye? Your foster father was a Redcoat!"

"You must be a good shot. The people of Marleybone are known for their accuracy." Alexander could find a ally in the monkey who was more nicer than what the pirate could provide, but this was not done as the pirate asked one final question.

"So how'd ye end up locked up in this brig? What crime did the Armada arrest ye for?" Alexander chuckled as he explained that he was just playing the role of 'goods' under the Armada's nose. "Caught trying to smuggle weapons to the Resistance, were ye?"

"You must be a Musketeer. Musketeers are the masters of firearms, keen of eye, and sure of hand." Probably the best could be called for their skills, but Alexander couldn't say that as he was captured for a late raid with too many clocks in his path. He shook his head as he watched the pirate calling himself Boochbeard work on trying to open the door while his ally, a Mr. Gandry questioned a bit more to ensure that Alexander was ready for action as he described a banner of blue and dark grey with a crossbones of reversed colors to address his crew to which Boochbread was successful and attempted to pry the door open, but the bulkhead was bent, probably done by the effect of the resulting cannon fire outside. Luckily, the wall behind Alex was blasted open and he booked it out, grabbing his weapon from a table, a worn spark thrower rifle and headed in the direction of Boochbread when he found a crane prisoner and released him from his cell, joining him in the escape. They met up with the duo and headed for the stairs when Alexander stopped at the sight of another cell, occupied with a horse barbarian and a young girl, blood pouring out of the left side of her shadowed face, hesitating before pulling the lever to the cell and motioned them to follow, unwilling to leave a prisoner for the Armada...


As soon as they reached the top, into the light, Alexander came face to face with the ship's captain, Deacon who seemed furious though no one can really tell with clockwork soldiers. "What's this? Boochbeard! Trying to steal my prize, you ruffian?"

"Deacon!" The feeling was mutual as Alex gripped his weapon, about ready to blast that emotionless mask off the 'gentleman'.

"Spymaster of the Armada - I think we've in trouble." Alexander stopped a moment to think as there were hundreds of captains so why would the Spymaster be commanding this vessel?  However, Wing Chun was more blunt with his mind than Alex.

"It is our jailor! Evil machine! You will pay!"

"I think not." Deacon huffed as it straightened up. "The prisoner must not be allowed to escape. Take them!" Tossing the cane up a tad, Deacon waved it and Alexander could tell the trouble as winged soldiers descended from above, Battle Angels who are said to be the elite warriors for the Armada, with Mr. Gandry addressed the same fact. "Indeed." Deacon was just smirking under his mask if it was human. "It is high time you buffoons learned just who you're trifling with." Alexander prefers to know that odds were in his favor at times and this was one of the times with his confidence was lessened a bit, but he readied himself to fight as he charge into the fray with a Battle Angel and slid under the Angel's initial swipe as he unloaded three spark shots into the machine but was not quick enough to evade a swift back flip kick before several sparks impacted on his body while the other two started to close in. 'Really?, I am not surprised in the very least...' Alexander leaped back and fired the final spark of the Angel's coffin as it stopped short and fallen down, but the timing it took almost allowed the left one to close in when it was struck hard, rolling across the deck as Wing Chun delivered a swift flying kick to the encroacher and followed up with a strong roundhouse before he was forced back in a flurry of front flip kicks and a single shot while the right, taking the opportunity, tried to hit Alexander, but soon force it's attack null as Alexander throw the blade force and dodged the spark fired. "This ends you!" Jumping into the air, Alexander rolled through before aiming the thrower into the Angel's mask and fired, blowing the head completely off as Wing Chun finished it with another roundhouse and flurry of punches, ending with a powerful torso blow that shattered the Angel across the deck. 'Your toys didn't work out as...'

"Not so fast." Alexander looked up and regretted it as Deacon, still the silent face, was projecting victory. "Do you think you can defy the might of the Armada?" He looked down and tapped the cane on the wood as the deck opened, bringing up hulking clockworks, armed with two-handed swords and large spark throwers, onto the top which then positioned themselves in a firing squad, the monkey sharing the same shock as Alex as he asked the same as Alex's thoughts.

"What...what are those?"

"Surrender! Don't make me destroy you." Alex couldn't see a easy way out of the hulking figures when Boochbeard spoke.

"Oh, don't bother." It all happened in slow-motion as the cannons on the boarding ship turned themselves into the hull and deck while Boochbeard pulled out another spark thrower, Alexander and Wing Chun sharing looks before hitting the deck as Boochbeard finished. "LADS - FIRE!" The resulting round of cannon fire blasted through the center of the ship, destroying the legion and setting the ship ablaze as Alexander got up with a smile on his face.

"Impressive. It seems we've underestimated you, young Pirate." Standing up, Alex had the strong feeling of guarding as the clockwork straightened up. "You'll regret making an enemy of the Armada. Enjoy your freedom...while it lasts!" Gesturing a arm out, Deacon flicked the wrist and a thrower appeared in his hand and fired, hitting a stash of crates in front of Boochbeard, blasting him back as Deacon disappeared. Alexander rushed over to pick Boochbeard up, but he waved the young man off as he ordered that he takes the helm as the blast nearly put Boochbeard down. Acting quick, Alex ordered some of the crew to ferry the wounded onboard and rushed over to the helm and commanded that the sails be rigged in full as they headed for Skull Island as Boochbeard pointed out...


The night was quiet as Alexander opened the door to the temp room that the prisoners would be sharing as they needed time before speaking to Captain Avery, a friend of Boochbeard, settling in a seat as he stared at the small flame of a candle as the door opened behind him and he could tell it was the horse barbarian. "How is she?"

"We are lucky, another minute more and she would have suffered a great illness." He sighed as he took a seat of his own while stroking his long mustache. "Though it pains me so as her ally that her left eye is too damaged for use..."

"It's fine, I'll look for a eye patch to cover it in the morning." He returned to his battle with the candle when the horse spoke once more."

"If we are to be allies, we must honor the other with names, Captain." He cleared his throat and extend his hand. "I am Subodai, what do you call yourself?"

"..." Alexander was not in the mood for friends or allies as he just wished to be alone to the night air, but he breathed, knowing that if he wanted to foster any, he must foster the trust and respect that the crew deserves in return as he clasped hands. "...Alexander Ironsides."

"Well met, Captain Ironsides." The two proceeded to chat about their plans to work alongside each other...
Just in my own opinion, I don't like Dead Mike much, but that is just me.

Despite lacking a name for the female companion, I am currently working on my own as the story goes on and will likely be a good twist of crews as both join on the same ship and adventure the same as they search for treasure, danger, and bonds through the Gales of the Skyways.
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