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Arron waited, not to be rude or anything, but because he didn't know how to go through with this. He peered at the glass eye in curious nature and rolled it in his hand as he tried to figure out what had happened, that outburst of strength and relentless malice was not something that just occurs normally.

Taking a breath, he pushed the door open and spoke. "Phanto..."

Laying on the bed with his gear on the far wall was the leader, his sapphire hair apparent as he relaxed in the cushions of his room, glancing over to see Arron with the left eye, the right hidden under a tuff of hair. "Nice of you for dropping by, but I guess this isn't a causal meeting." Arron nodded as he returned the eye to Phanto who rolled the orb before rolling it in a basin of liquid to his side as he remarked. "Cleansing agent, this stuff is quite effective with keeping this eye from disease and illness, long lasting into the earlier hours of the day." Removing the eye, Phanto proceed to insert the eye into the right socket, removing the bandages and groaning as the eye found purchase and was locked in place. "Too bad it also stings like ten wasps on the skin." Phanto groaned as Arron watched, unsure of what must be done, as Phanto started to settle, the eye glowing a bright green as he looked back to Arron. "Sorry, this is both my antidote and my poison that I must live with the rest of my life."

"...Why?" Phanto chuckled as he recounted his tale, reason enough to tell it to Arron as he was similar.

"Well, it all started a year after the disappearance of Phoenix Drop's Lord..." Laying back once more, Phanto closed his eyes and spoke, the memory a truly terrible thing to live with. "I, as a child, had learned of the exploits of Phoenix Drop and her Lord as it grew as a village and quickly had found itself caught in the fires of betrayal and war." Rituals and spell tomes flowed into his mind as he counted the number of times he wanted to learn. "I was an aspiring mage who saw that what the Lord had done was to be a remarkable thing to learn from and gain experience from it, but with both youth and lack thereof, I had learned the hard way of trust." Arron watched as tears flowed out of the left eye, shadowed in the dim room. "I was attempting to leash a lesser deity of fire into my magic spells so that I could learn from them of how to properly channel a more efficient method of the Pryo Magicks, but I was blind for my 'allies' that helped me in the ritual only wished to see me suffer for my better understanding than theirs so they had sabotaged the ritual by exchanging a needed ingredient for something far worse." Phanto breathed as his hand clutched at the mere thought. "I knew the error, but didn't act on it and had summoned a greater Nether Blaze named Kilroe who could not be sealed except by binding the power to myself where my second error came into play and teach me the lesson there."

Arron wished to hear this, clearly the truth behind Phanto's character now. "What happened...?"

"I was not able to seal him away completely as his madness had affected me so greatly that everyone in my home, my village paid the price with their lives, even those who betrayed me because in the end, they realized their greatest mistake was not telling me to stop the ritual to assess, making a horrible monster of myself." The door reopened and the healer named Mel came in and, stepping past Arron, she started to tend to Phanto, her hands aglow of green energies as he continued. "After that, I had destroyed what I once had been and became a wanderer to stay away from people as I would end up killing them in the end, that was my fear in the past, but I had found myself renewed with the coming day two years later." Arron attempted to move closer, but he got such a death glare from Mel that he wondered if she cared for him further than a healer. "I soon found a individual that not only staved off my burning madness with her eyes, but she had also given me a new chance as she remade the eye that burned in the fires and made it so that I can easily keep Kilroe locked away for good."

Phanto looked to Arron with a smile as he told that in that time, he had found survivors of the fire and had wished to help him as best they could so he devoted himself to the art of fencing, learning how to wield weapons as a expert in warfare before he remade his learning in the magicks so that he could easily cast spells without a medium and scripted down the basics for his summoning spells, the same that allowed him to channel the elements of the world into wisps that exist within his body as long as he was able to, renewing the contracts every year in case anything went downwind. Arron processed this before speaking. "Is it possible... for me to learn how to summon my own spirits?" Phanto sat up and stared at Arron before breathing and stared forward.

"No, but not for the reason of inexperience." Arron listened as Phanto continued. "To use the wisps and use their power, you have to possess a certain level of purity like feeling the world around you and drawing the elements into your body, but your soul is tainted."


"Yes." Phanto returned to looking at Arron as Mel continued to hover by his side. "Even though I cleansed your soul of its darker influence, your body had taken in too much of the Nether's darkness and fire that manifesting any wisps would be nigh impossible, but this just means that we have to try a different method as I can tell, despite our difference of age, you have potential." Shifting out of bed, Phanto headed over to a window and stared out onto the town of Bright Port below, pleased to still see it even from a distance. "We have all to approach this with a similar method as Shadow Knights..."

"I will not fall to darkness like them." Arron's tone was anger at the mere mention, but Phanto pointed out the facts in a different light.

"No no, you misunderstand..." Taking a seat by the window and gesturing for Arron to sit across, further explaining as Arron took the seat. "The process for a Shadow Knight to be one is a difficult thing to undergo as they surrender their whole being to the Shadow Lord, devoting their every whim to him with few rogue elements in between, granting them massive reserves of power at the cost of servitude." Phanto started to rub his jaw as Arron took note of Bright Port, still listening with a bearing in mind. "You may have some of of the Shadow Lord's essence inside you, but it is dominant and trapped, its power having no effect on you in the long term unless you learn to channel it into your own strength for you do have the capabilities to hold the darkness in the palm of your hand." Motioning for Mel to take Arron's hand, at first hesitant as to what was happening, but realized it when the right hand opened to show a sigil that was a faded grey of the Shadow Lord's emblem. "I won't lie, this is the first time anyone has the capacity to enter a heightened form of strength and I have little experience in the art, but if you want to leave, that is your choice." Standing up, Phanto opened the door and motioned Mel to follow, looking at the man who stared at Bright Port. "Stay or go, I don't judge your decision."

As the door closed Arron continued his watch, now knowing that Phoenix Drop was beyond Bright Port and could slightly see it across the water, his mind strong on leaving and reuniting with Aphmau. However, he paused and returned to his thoughts, what if this 'Shadow' power releases in destruction, what if he can't control it and ends up... He shook his head to drive the memory away. 'That is not going to happen again, Zane is gone, I watched him die in my hand and I will not be influenced again.' Still, Phanto had a point and he needed control over... this should it arise as a problem. 'I can't endanger Aphmau like that, not anymore...' With that, Arron stood up and headed out to find Phanto and have him teach what can be done for if there is anyone who can, it would be him.


After some time, Phanto had returned to the grounds and spotted his outburst spot, rubbing the back of his neck in grief before speaking to a archer. "Did I... kill anyone?"

"Nope, you were focused on the new guy who withstood pretty well." Phanto breathed as he returned his gaze to the spot, studying it before breathing at his own mistake of no control.

'Just need to... set my mind with training, that will ease my mind.' But before he could, Arron made his appearance as he headed over to Phanto who addressed him. "I take it you have something to say to me?"

Arron breathed in the cold air as he stared at Phanto before replying. "Yes, I would like to understand this power, though it pains me to just forget Aphmau..."

Phanto rubbed his temples before whacking Arron with a wooden foil. "I am not asking you to give up on her, you are planning to master this so that you can better protect her so don't give me that!" The soldiers started to circle again in the broad daylight as Phanto lectured Arron. "I don't mind who you are or your decisions to go to her, but here is where you must harden yourself, strengthen who you are, and show hundreds if not thousands what you are capable of!" Raising his hand to the side, Phanto caused a series of stones to fly toward him and circle him like a Blaze. "First, we must invoke your power, cause it to manifest as a part of you, an extension." Arron, stunned from the display, nodded as he focused, trying to find a spark in him that could cause the darkness to manifest, but it was being vain as Phanto floated down and continued. "You're pulling on an empty thread, visualize your tether that connects you to him, think of what you want in order to invoke this!" Arron pulled deeper, trying to find his focus, something that could keep him connected, but it was still not working and Phanto could see it as he sighed, the stones returning to their place as Arron released and panted, the young leader resting a hand on Arron's shoulder. "It would seem that this goes far deeper than I had guessed, we take this one step at a time, but first, we need to get you some food." Arron's stomach growled in agreement and he sighed at the fact that he was hungry and just needed time to figure the whole 'manifestation' power as he stood and nodded, only for Phanto to slam hard with his foil. "No gloom and doom here, we are all friends here as we eat at the same table, we train in the same yard, and we all share our fair bit of stories in the times when we only wish to know." Phanto trailed off as he headed back into the structure, leaving Arron puzzled as to why the friendly behavior, he was a leader and should demand loyalty, but then why would he even care for these soldiers if they were bandits and militiamen all the same...

Arron was confused by far as the only ones who showed any amount of kindness were his... He shook the thought away as he headed into the building himself, wishing to postpone that for a later time...

I am sorry, to anyone who reads this, as I have granted Arron a strange power and will exploit it as such.
This was a fairly short story, but it is still my story and deserves the same respect as any other.

Aphmau and MCD belongs to her and my OCs belong to me, I am in no part a piece of MCD unless placed otherwise. (That will be the day...)
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