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FEA - Chapter 4 - Two Falchions
They were soon brought into the royal castle where the khan is likely to be dwelling as their escort turned and bid them farewell for now. "Prince Chrom, please wait here while I summon the khan." Chrom nodded as he bided her farewell.
"Of course." The knight departed as Alexander crossed his arms and he inquired.
"The khan is away?"
"Out training, I'd wager." The prince nodded as he rubbed his jaw. "The khans of Ferox prefer battle to politics. Or rather, battle IS their politics." Christian chuckled as he spoke.
"A warrior ruler, eh? I can picture him now..." Alexander shrugged as Christian fantasized. "A giant of a man of unparalleled thew, his broad chest covered in hair, heheh...
This didn't go unnoticed as someone spoke. "Am I now? ...Please, do go on!" Christian stopped as he looked around in a panic.
"Huh?" Arriving from the same way that the Knight Raimi had gone, a dark-skinned female Hero approached them, her posture control and loyalty as Alexander slightly bowed without wo
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Megaman Star Force: The King's Power
Heroes are often made to fight.
But they also face the choice of those around them.
Also becoming the same creatures that they battle.

Luna Platz enjoyed the company of her hero, but today was not the day for her praise and want as he was gone to deal with another random virus attack, chaos nearly coming to bear once more as she was left with Zack to either watch or head for cover, this time... she headed somewhere else, to the overlook of Vista Point, as she walked to the platform and leaned on the railing sighing a bit as she just looked up from the place, sadly musing her own place in the whole thing. "I really wish that I could help out, to bust some virus and be someone who can be depended on, Bud gets his chance and I just..." She sadly sighed before a voice spoke up.
"Another virus attack and a hero freeing up the EM Waves, this is a surprise." Platz sharply spun around to see the figure, dress in an attire that screamed 'wise bystander' with the intact jeans, a blank blu
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DEV's 18th B-Day by Zeretg DEV's 18th B-Day :iconzeretg:Zeretg 0 0
SWR : Rise of the Old Masters
It was tough for Ezra as his initial steps involved something difficult, he just didn't expect this as Kanan spoke. "Focus. Focus on letting go."
"Letting go? Rather hold on, if you don't mind." He was hand standing with his eyes closed, getting the feeling, but not the power in question as he also had a peanut gallery watching him as the teacher continued.
"Enough jokes. Focus."
"I'm trying." Kanan cut it short as he continued.
"Do or do not. There is no try."
That confused Ezra as he glanced at Kanan while still upside down. "What does that even mean? How can I do something if I don't try to do it?
"Well, see.." Kanan thought about it before he came up with nothing as to the meaning as Alexander continued his tinkering. "Actually, that one always confused me too. But Master Yoda sure used to say it a lot." Alexander chuckled as he added a bit of his own commentary.
"If you don't understand the meaning behind such a simple phrase, then you all have a lot to learn, guys, I'm just hopin
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SWR - Fighter Flight
The Ghost headed for Lothal once more as Alexander watched with Chopper as Ezra attempted to control his powers on a bowl that Kanan suggested to use. "Okay, you can do this." He closed his eyes and focused on the dish, feeling it as it moved, even the slightest bit, as he cracked an eye to it floating. "Yes!" Sadly, it was just Chopper making a mockery of Ezra as he cleared his throat and spoke again. "Very funny. But I don't need your help."
"It would do you good to clear your mind a bit more, Chopper is meant to be here, I know." Alexander Highwind commented as the droid hurled the bowl at Ezra and made a swift escape as Ezra shouted his name and chased after the droid to Alex rubbing his temples. "I really should have guessed this was going to end badly." He sighed as he made his way past and into the cargo bay where Kanan was working. "You should have been more exact with your instructions, Kanan, I am expecting something bad to happen."
"If this is about Ezra's training, Alex, I
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FEA - Chapter 3 - Warrior Realm
Alexander and Christian were not quite sure why they even had winter gear when it was bright and sunny in Ylisse, but crossing into Regna, it became clear why, the landscape was of snow and cold, no sane being would step into the realm without some form of warmth to keep them safe, but Lissa was taking the worst of it as she shook. "Brrr! F-F-Frebberick! I'm f-f-freebing!"
"Stand beside my horse, milady. She'll shelter you from the wind." Lissa did so as Frederick continued to ride in league with his allies before the snow and cold soon graced them all to a standing wall of stone and snow, Alexander musing as he asked.
"So that is the fortress?"
Chrom replied as he commented. "Yes, the Longfort. It stretches along the border of Ylisse and Regna Ferox."
Frederick added to it as he stopped short to the other side of Chrom. "The khans that rule Ferox have grown quite wary of foreigners. Still, don't mistake a lack of hospitality for open hostility." The Great Knight looked to Chrom as he
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SWR: Droids in Distress
Alexander should have known something was going to happen as he rushed through the Ghost as their latest heist went up in smokes with an Imperial Star Destroyer closing in with TIE Fighters in close pursue as he stopped short at the ladder and yelled to the roof gunner. "That was too bold a move, Kanan, think before you try this craziness again!" He booked it down as Kanan fired a few shots before Hera jumped them into hyperspace, the familiar look greeting them as Kanan got off the gun and spoke to the crew.
"Told you we'd get away."
"With the shipment." Sabine pointed out as she took to arguing on the fact. "You said we'd get away with the shipment." Alexander rolled his shoulder as he added his piece, something Hera would have scold Kanan on to start with.
"Kanan, our resources are at an low point, everything." He motioned with his fingers as the other crew spoke up, starting with Ezra.
"Food..." Sabine spoke next.
"Explosives..." Hera finished that line of thought.
"Fuel..." She ta
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SWR: Their Spark of Rebellion P-2
Kanan peered past as he commented, a gut feeling that something wasn't right. "No guards on the door..." He and Zeb booked over to the door and the Lasat spoke.
"Just set the detonator so we can get the Wookies out of here." Kanan pulled out such a device from his belt as he rigged it onto the door, the sounds rather quiet and the tension loomed over them as he calibrated the right setting as Zeb continued. "Least, things seem to be going smoother than our last op." Their thoughts were halted as Ezra came in shouting with Alexander behind him, Zeb snarling. "Karablast, these kids are blowing another op!"
"It's not an op, it's a trap!"
Alexander took the moment to speak as well. "We got an ISD bearing down on us right now!" This caught their attention as that meant that Hera sent them to warn the team, just as the door opened to storm troopers, Ezra taking the moment to shout.
"Run!" The troopers tried to capture the four of them, but Ezra blasted the detonator, exploding the path as th
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SWR: Their Spark of Rebellion P-1
Alexander Highwind, last name his own sadly, wasn't too sure WHY he even wanted to go to Lothal in the first place as he jumped out of hyperspace in the cockpit of a modified Z-95 Headhunter, but he shrugged as he zoomed in, smiling as his transmit codes were still good with the Empire as he came closer, staying the massive vessel of a Imperial Star Destroyer fly over the Capital City. "Strange, the Empire doesn't do too much in this section of the Outer Rim, what's a Star Destroyer doing out here?" He shook his head as he opened a channel to a friend of his. "Hey, Ezra, you still kicking down there?" Static filled the channel as he got closer to the planet, it didn't last too long as a voice came on.
"Alex! Where have you been?"
"You know, flying the galaxy, still haven't found a ride for you yet that you would like." Alexander's tone changed as he looked at the tracker of the comm that he gave Ezra when they first met a year ago and it was moving fast toward the city. "Bridger, you b
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FEA - Chapter 2 - Shepherds
They were led out to a sizable barracks on the outer rim of the Ylissean wall as Lissa spun and stretched out her arms to the place. "Here we are! The Shepherds' garrison. Go on, make yourself at home." It was not the best type of home that they could have asked for, but it meant something as Christian plopped down on a seat while Alexander finished off his cinnamon roll, making a mental note to get some more for the road or whenever he could, commenting on the garrison itself.
"It's nice, Lissa, though is it just you, your brother, and Frederick or...?" Before more could be said, a voice spoke up from somewhere behind Lissa.
"Lissa, my treasure!" From one of the other rooms rushed out a young girl, probably of a similar age as Lissa, dressed in a noblewoman's pink attire as she embraced Lissa in what could be termed as a flying hug. "Are you all right? I've been on pins and needles!"
Lissa was more at ease with it as she spoke. "Oh, hey, Maribelle!"
"'Oh, hey' yourself! I've sprouted
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FEA - Chapter 1 - Unwelcome Change
The night started to hang heavily on their bodies as Lissa paused to be upset with the whole thing, clearly not having enough of a time outside as people would like to believe. "I told you—it's getting dark already!" She swatted at some out coming bugs as Alexander and Christian just watched her with Chrom and Frederick. "...Ech! And now the bugs are out! Noisy, disgusting bugs that buzz around and crawl all over and bite you when—" Sadly, that was the part where a bug flew into her mouth and she started to make sounds, not thinking of releasing it from her mouth as she spat about, it getting out just fine, but she may have some remains of its tumble still in her mouth.
"Aw, come on now, Lissa." The behavior of Chrom, away from the battlefield, seemed to be caring, but also brotherly to Lissa indeed. "Hardship builds character. Want to help me gather firewood?"
Lissa, however, spat some more before she made a sound akin to swallowing, not even aware. "...I think I swallowed
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FEA - Prologue: The Verge of History
What was real and was a dream was a mystery as the young man dreamed... a violent fight, clashing with a dark man in a place of divine essence as he joined a lord in the offense, the fight not the only thing as many others fought to win in the battle that had begun. He blasted a powerful bolt of lightning at the sorcerer as he disappeared and soon brought the lord down on his knee before throwing another bolt of electricity as the clash blasted them apart and both stood up as they glared each other down before the man charged again, his mighty sword slashing through the magic that was dark and forbidden to the touch, but... somehow familiar to him as they clashed once more before the dark man underestimated his step and was met with a bolt through his torso, a moment of victory filling the young man before he spotted the man getting up, an orb of magic gathering in his hand before he fired it.
He moved to save the lord whose back was turned to the threat and immediately felt the blast
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The Tenno's Fel Contact
Kent was not blind, nor was he a fool, he could sense the growing anxiety among the civilians of the Relay, the members of the Syndicates, and even the Lotus herself when she addressed the missions. They were all scared of the growing Grineer presence, even the outspoken members were hushed at the thought of some powerful Grineer commander that, not only command will and force, but also mighty machines of war and the Lotus's words partially still haunt him. 'Tenno... this is not a machine, there is something inside the body, a organic being that controls the device, a Grineer protected by both armor and resolve.'
It was not known if the Grineer were secretly developing more powerful weapons for the wars, but Kent wanted to stop them short for if this commander was willing giving this tech to the other leaders, then the Tenno would be slaughtered within seconds, though there was also the issue of Vay Hek.
The Councilor has gone all-out for some traitor member, a recent renegade to the G
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Chapter 1 - Netherworld Endelphia - TPP
After they had battle through the dead, The now-changed souls found a more calm area which left them to their thoughts, discussing what could have happened. "It is nay impossible that such magics exist that could send someone here, but in the brief times of my stir, I had felt wethered hands carrying me and drop me here before I realized it."
Cornelius hummed in thought as well as blue and red glowed in the shadows, warding off spirits that dared not get any closer. "So someone or something carried us here, but what sort of magic could have changed us?"
"That I do not know, my prince, but I do know of a method of which we can leave." Tyrina continued as she had crossed her legs. "Though it be a mere rumor, we need to get permission to leave from the Queen, though I don't not know where she could be."
"I sense signs of life in this land ruled by carnage and destruction..." Both leapt to their feet as a voice seemed to echo in the hollow passages, a dim-blue light coming toward them as s
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Clash of the Exoframes
The Warframe was battered and defeated, but its Exoframe self was stronger, more durable as it held the Volt frame in its arms before the Ronin frame looked up to the tyrant that had done such a foul act, the Grineer Inquisitor Exo that stood ready for combat as it stared the opponent down, its mechanical hands free from any weapons except the jets that fueled the punches and the nozzles that surge out scorching flames.
The Ronin stood up and turned, handing the frame to its Tenno allies before turning back to the Exo and pulling out its Musa Ronin blade and got into a stance for battle, silence filled the area as the conflict had died down before both charged, clashing against each other with force, the Musa blade gripped by one clamp while the Ronin's shoulder was gripped with the other, it became a battle of strength, the Inquistor was not the strongest, but it was the more versatile as its hefty torso started to push slowly when the Ronin could only barely return the strength befor
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Pirate101 - Croaking Troubles
The day soon rolled in and the newly-found crew stirred to the daylight while Alexander stretched and stood up, peering through the window of the inn, pointing out where Avery would be before sighing out some. 'First off, before we meet Avery, I need to find an eye patch for the girl with us, a crew of four...a good start.' Browsing through the market early before anyone was ready, Alexander was a bit thankful that he had slept in peace at the table as he continued his search, gauging the various patches that Skull Island had to offer, but none were fitting in to a proper Swashbuckler, forcing Alexander to instead buy a long roll of clean bandages to use as a makeshift eye patch. Though not as pleasing as people want it to be, Alexander could see that he didn't have the resources to look further as all the others were of a higher tier than what he wanted. Returning to the inn, he found the crew, barely up except Wing Chun, as they took their time with breakfast. "Sorry, Subodai, but th
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They were soon brought into the royal castle where the khan is likely to be dwelling as their escort turned and bid them farewell for now. "Prince Chrom, please wait here while I summon the khan." Chrom nodded as he bided her farewell.
"Of course." The knight departed as Alexander crossed his arms and he inquired.
"The khan is away?"
"Out training, I'd wager." The prince nodded as he rubbed his jaw. "The khans of Ferox prefer battle to politics. Or rather, battle IS their politics." Christian chuckled as he spoke.
"A warrior ruler, eh? I can picture him now..." Alexander shrugged as Christian fantasized. "A giant of a man of unparalleled thew, his broad chest covered in hair, heheh...

This didn't go unnoticed as someone spoke. "Am I now? ...Please, do go on!" Christian stopped as he looked around in a panic.
"Huh?" Arriving from the same way that the Knight Raimi had gone, a dark-skinned female Hero approached them, her posture control and loyalty as Alexander slightly bowed without words as Chrom was caught off-guard before he recovered.
"You're the—?! Er, that is to say... The khan, I presume?"
"One of them, yes—the East-Khan." They listened as she continued, not taking a seat as she addressed them. "My name is Flavia. I apologize for the troubles at the border, Prince Chrom. You are welcome in Regna Ferox." They all bowed as Chrom started.
"Thank you, but I'm confident we can put that misunderstanding behind us. Is it true bandits posing as Ylisseans have been ransacking your border villages?

Flavia scoffed as she confirmed the notion quickly. "Yes. Those Plegian dogs! We found documents proving as much on the corpse of one of their captains. Plegia must see some benefit in raising tensions between your kingdom and ours."
"Damn them!" Chrom paused before he cleared his throat. "I... Forgive me, Your Grace. That was...indelicately put."
But the woman just laughed as she instead encouraged the behavior. "Damn them and damn delicacy! Here in Ferox, we appreciate plain speech." Chrom sighed in relief as Alexander and Christian just shook their heads in debrief.
"In that case, you should have a word with your damn border guards..." Flavia continued to laugh as she rested an arm on Chrom.
"Now that's Feroxi diplomacy! Yes, I like you already." She returned to her place as she spoke once more. "I know why you have come, Prince." She sighed as she finished the sentence. "But regrettably, I cannot provide any Feroxi troops for Ylisse." Lissa was about to inquire why before Alexander spoke up.

"Does it have anything to do with the other khan or khans?" Flavia nodded to Alexander as she explained.
"Indeed, I am the East Khan and the current one with the power is the West Khan, both east and west khans hold a tournament every few years with the victor obtaining total sovereignty over both kingdoms, meaning they get the final say on forging alliances. The West Khan won the last one, you see and so..." But anymore was not required as Chrom's shoulders slumped down as he spoke.
"So we are to receive no aid at all?
"Not if you always give up so easily! The next tournament is nigh, you see, and I am in need of champions." Christian facepalmed as he realized the meaning.
"Are you kidding, did we just get conscripted for a tournament against the West Khan, just so we can get our alliance?" Alexander was next to speak as all just listened to the batter.

"Could be a lot worse, my friend." Flavia just laughed a bit as she spoke.
"The captain of my border guard informs me your Shepherds are quite capable. Perhaps you would consider representing the East in the upcoming tournament? If you win and I become ruling khan, I will grant your alliance." Chrom wore a look as he inquired of the role himself.
"I would have assumed Ylisseans had no place in such Feroxi traditions." Flavia just laughed a bit as she answered the response.
"On the contrary. The khans themselves do not fight—they choose champions to represent them. Otherwise our land would be rife with blood feuds and dead khans!" They could see how that could turn out in the end, a very, bloody ice-cap realm of warriors and rulers. "We don't involve comrades or kin for the same reason. Over time, it was decided the tournament should be fought by outsiders. Although the outsiders have never included foreign royalty ...That I know of!" She gave a short chuckle as she continued. "Regardless, it is your choice to make." Chrom sighed a bit before he spoke for all of the Shepherds.
"There is no choice, East-Khan. My people are desperate. We face not only Plegia's constant attacks, but now the added threat of the Risen. If fighting for you is the quickest way to an alliance, then we will take up our steel." Flavia was not deterred as she thanked the band with a shake of hands.

"Oh, I like you, Prince Chrom. I do hope you survive the tournament! Come, I'll show you the arena where the tournament is held." They followed a short distance to a great structure that loomed over them all as she finished with a parting word. "But be wary! I hear an equally able swordsman champions the West-Khan." Chrom readied his blade as he spoke, the gate closing shut for the signal of no turning back.
"He shall be defeated by Ylisse’s necessity."
"Well spoken again—I look forward to seeing if you're equally skilled with a blade!" There, they were left to ponder battle formations as Alexander chose the core five once more with Sumia to aid as well as her skills with a Pegasus would be quite handy as the gate opened before them with the rest of the Shepherds cheering, encouraging, or other notions of support as their foes came forth as well, greater numbers of fighters, knights, and a pair of mages waiting for them, but the greatest threat and surprise was the figure standing in the shadows of the dome, their cape flowing through the air as Lissa called out.
"Chrom! Look!
"I see him..." Alexander watched carefully as Chrom spoke as 'Marth' was quiet, silent to the appearance of combatants against them. "Marth! One question, before we begin?" But nothing came to tell as Chrom groaned in preparation. "...Fine, then. Our swords can speak for us!" He got into stance with his weapon, his Falchion, but 'Marth' countered by drawing their blade, crazy thing was the blade was EXACTLY the same as the Falchion as Chrom gasped. "Where did you get that?" 'Marth' continued their silence as Chrom commented. "There's no way..." Chrom grunted as he leapt in the air before coming back down in a rolling strike, but 'Marth' blocked before deflecting the blade off and advanced, both exchanged blows before he inquired or demanded. "Tell me—Who taught you to fight like that?" Both divided before spiraling their Falchion and thrusting forward, both contacting and missing at the same time before 'Marth' used the same attack that Chrom did.

"My father!" They missed as Chrom rolled out of the way and toward the party as 'Marth' turned and pointed their weapon at the Prince as he shared a glance as the party joined the battle with the other combatants charging forward, but they were met with oppression as the Shepherds proved to be the stronger team, even the mages were outclassed by Alexander that it was a miracle for him to come out better as the foes were cleared before Chrom met with 'Marth' once more and inquired.
"Who is your father?"
"I've said enough for one day, sir." Chrom huffed as he spoke once more.
"Is that how it is? Lissa owes you her life, and for that you have my gratitude. But within these walls, I represent the East-Khan and the interests of Ylisse. I can't promise to stay my blade, but I vow not to shame you."
'Marth' chuckled as they countered with a slide of the blade across their arm in a defending stance. "Heh, never expected such youthful arrogance... We shall see who shames who!" Chrom, this time, was readied as he battled Marth with all he had and more as a short bout left him wounded and would have ended his fighting before Lissa healed her brother to full strength, returning to the fray as Marth made for a block, but was not prepared as Chrom used an uppercut and flipped it about to cleave through the armguard that marked Marth as a combatant, barely even touching the skin as Marth was then slammed with a hard orb of electricity, Alexander's hand sparking with tome in hand as they spoke. "Impressive...if not surprising..." The battle was won as Flavia joined the Shepherds on the battlefield.

"Well fought! You have my respect. And, perhaps more to the point, you have your alliance. I will provide Ylisse with the soldiers she needs."
Chrom spoke in thank. "Truly? Thank you, East-Khan."
"I should thank you! It feels like ages since I've held full power." She laughed heartily as she called for celebration. "Come, my new friends! Tonight, we celebrate!" She took off like a speeding balaista bolt as another made their appearance, Alexander turning as he commented.
"Christian, I think we found your 'warrior ruler'." The Mercenary turned and was not disappointed with the party as a big, burly man towered over them in Warrior attire, the titanic man sighed as he rubbed his bald head in grief, an eyepatch adored one of his eyes.
"Bah! Any excuse for a party and Flavia jumps on it..." The man just shook his head as Chrom questioned.

"I'm sorry, have we met?"
"I'm the West-Khan you so rudely removed from power!" The giant chuckled a little as he spoke. "You're handy with a sword, boy. I thought for sure I'd picked the stronger man."
Chrom took the moment to ask as he was still in the dark on what Marth was trying to do there. "What do you know about him?"
"You mean that 'Marth'?" The Khan scoffed in a playful manner as he continued. "He's just some sellsword with delusions of grandeur. All I know is that he turned up one eve and knocked my old champion flat. It was love at first sight, and I'm generally too old for such things!" Alexander and Christian looked at each other on the matter as the Khan continued. "Anyway, he's gone now. Up and fled the moment the tournament ended."
Lissa was, needless to say, swooned by the mysterious figure as she sighed. "He's so dark and mysterious..." Alexander chuckled, folding his arms as he spoke on the matter.

"Sounds like Marth's got at least one fan..." Lissa sighed a bit more as she slightly exclaimed.
"Well, I mean, c'mon... He IS sort of dreamy, isn't he?" This was rewarded by Chrom who deliver a slap to the back of her head as he slightly scolded.
"And YOU'RE sort of dreaming!" Lissa rubbed the back of her head for relief as Christian slightly chuckled about the chat.
"Yowch! Lighten up, Big Brother. I was just kidding." Fredrick cleared his throat in attention as he spoke.
"Milord? Milady? If this fascinating discussion is over, we'd best return home. The exalt will want this news of our new alliance immediately." Chrom nodded as he turned to face the Great Knight in understanding.

"Right as always, Frederick."
"Hold, boy." The West Khan spoke and the party turned to the giant as he continued. "Before you go, I have a little present for you." He looked back and motioned for someone to come, a myrmidon in Ferox attire stepping forward, a serious look on his face as he paused beside the Khan, speaking not a word as his employer continued to speak. "This is Lon'qu, my former champion. Not much for talking, mind you, but he's peerless with a sword. As good as Marth, in my mind." He shrugged about the compare as he finished. "To be honest, I can't figure out how Marth bested him so quickly."
"Marth beat him?" Lissa asked as she sized the man in confusion. "But he looks so big and strong..." She took a step close and Lon'qu replied in hostile tone.
"Away, woman!" Lissa leapt as Alexander and Christian watched gesture, stance, and movement, he moved on instinct, not hate, he was afraid of her, in fact, the way he eyed the others showed that he was not afraid of anyone, but for females to get close to him, perhaps a fear from his past holding him as he slightly released the sword to Lissa's surprise."
Hey! Wh-what did I say?!"

The Khan laughed as he explained it. "Let's just say that ladies tend to put Lon'qu on edge. Nonetheless, he is capable. Perhaps he even has the makings of a khan. Consider him West Ferox's contribution to the Ylissean cause." Chrom looked to the swordsman and inquired for himself.
"You're certain about this?"
"Yes, yes. He's your man now." Chrom was not satisfied as he turned his full attention to Lon'qu.
"And Lon'qu? You have no objections?"
Lon'qu didn't deny as he spoke in a calmer tone. "He gives orders. I stab people. I think our roles are clear." Before Chrom could say anything, Alexander spoke, his tone that of a mentor.

"Lon'qu, have a better sense of your skills." The whole arena, despite its emptying state, started to feel like the cold outside was brought in and reduced even further as Lissa felt the chill. "I will not approve of a man whose sole belief is by the blade, you aid us as a equal or you stand to the side and watch, we are not murderers or bandits, keep your heart and mind high from the blood of hundreds before you." Not everyone noticed, but Christian could tell that Lon'qu's sword hand was shaking, trembling even as the West Khan bid them farewell and they headed home to Ylisse, where more transpired in their brief depart...

Chrom explained the details and Emmeryn nodded as she spoke. "...Then Regna Ferox will support Ylisse?"Chrom nodded and Emmeryn released a small sigh in relief as she spoke. "Thank you, Chrom. I knew sending you was the right choice."
"You should see Ferox's warriors! Perhaps now our people will be safe from--" But, before anymore was said, the doors were busted open and Phila rushed over in concern as she spoke.
"Your Grace! M-milord! Forgive me, but I bring alarming news!" Emm waved a hand as she inquired.
"Philia! Slow down, please! What's happened?
"Plegian soldiers have been sighted inside our southwest border! They attacked a village in Themis and abducted the Duke's daughter." The name of Themis rang a bell to Alexander as his few days in Ylisse said that Themis was invaluable to the whole of Ylisse and the daughter of the Duke was... He didn't need to say anything as Lissa knew off the bat.

"B-but that would be...Maribelle!" Lissa looked beyond worried as she spoke. "Chrom, we have to do something!"
"There's more: King Gangrel of Plegia claims Lady Maribelle invaded HIS country. He demands we repay reparations for this 'insult'." Chrom let his anger fuel his opinion on the matter as he seemingly shouted.
"And we're to believe a dastard like the Mad King of Plegia?" His anger did not subside as Emmeryn tried to calm him.
"Peace, Chrom. We must keep our wits about us."
"We should put a sword in his gut and be done with it! The Mad King has been trying to provoke war with Ylisse at every step! He won't stop until he drags this whole continent to hell with him!"

"I agree with the prince, Your Grace. We must demonstrate to Plegia that such actions have consequences." Before Emm could answer to their comments, Alexander was next as he scolded them both.
"And what would be the result of that, you two, it would be a war that he could justify as true." Both turned quiet as Alexander continued, the look in his eye telling them that they were crossing a line. "The previous Exalt waged a similar war and WHAT was the outcome from that, both nations destroyed, people leave hurt and homeless, signs of a BAD halidom." Emmeryn listened as well as Alexander, giving his wise, kind soul heart a rest, confronted the both of them on the matter. "Get it through your heads, he wants this, he wants us to fight and to prove that he was right and to move through with his plans, we have to play a different game with him, he wants war, we will only grant him that if he is beyond reason." Both swallowed as both remained silence before Emmeryn spoke, the calmer of the band in the throne.
"We cannot repeat that mistake. I will offer parley with King Gangrel." The room nearly exploded before Phila spoke, hands behind her back, clearly wanting to say to reconsider, but the scolding had an effect as she spoke.
"....Forgive me, Your Grace. I spoke out of turn. I know you will stand always by your own principles. Pray, allow the pegasus knights to accompany you, though." Chrom was next as he cleared himself of the effect as well.
"I'm going, too. ...Someone has to save you from your good intentions." Lissa spoke as well as her interest to help was strong.

"And I want to be there for you AND Maribelle!" Emmeryn nodded as she spoke.
"As you wish. Thank you all. Your strength will be mine." Soon they started to prepared for the action to come the following morning as Chrom spoke in the torchlight.
"Well then! Is everyone ready to go? It's a long march through the western mountains to the Plegian border." Before they could dismiss, a young mage came run as he announced himself.
"Captain! I'm all packed! When do we leave?!" Chrom was taken back a he commented on the newcomer.
"Ricken? How did you..." He shook his head and pointed back to the barracks. "Go back inside. You're no old enough for this mission."

"But, Captain! You know my skill with magic! You know I can handle myself!" The prince rested a hand on Ricken's shoulder as he explained.
"I'd feel safer with your magic here, protecting the garrison. All right?" He patted Ricken's shoulder a bit before he turned back to the small group. "We're off, then. Be good." They soon left and Ricken was left to stir in his temper, flopping on the ground.
"'Be good'? Gods, how old does he think I am?" He reached into his pack and pulled out his tome as she planned. "...Well, I'll show him just how good I can be!"

FEA - Chapter 4 - Two Falchions
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Heroes are often made to fight.
But they also face the choice of those around them.
Also becoming the same creatures that they battle.

Luna Platz enjoyed the company of her hero, but today was not the day for her praise and want as he was gone to deal with another random virus attack, chaos nearly coming to bear once more as she was left with Zack to either watch or head for cover, this time... she headed somewhere else, to the overlook of Vista Point, as she walked to the platform and leaned on the railing sighing a bit as she just looked up from the place, sadly musing her own place in the whole thing. "I really wish that I could help out, to bust some virus and be someone who can be depended on, Bud gets his chance and I just..." She sadly sighed before a voice spoke up.
"Another virus attack and a hero freeing up the EM Waves, this is a surprise." Platz sharply spun around to see the figure, dress in an attire that screamed 'wise bystander' with the intact jeans, a blank blue shirt, and a light jacket, he was wearing some form of goggles on his face with a pair of shades on his head, standing at the bench that she questioned why she didn't see him, her surprise filled a bit more as a grinding voice sounded, her eyes not seeing it, but knowing for a fact that it has to be either a Wizard or an EM being.
"Indeed, and this power tells that its source is the same that took the key of doom."
"I see, so he had indeed bonded with a host, has he?" Luna was utterly confused before she spoke up.
"Hey, what do you think you're doing?" The figure looked to her and she wished that she kept her mouth shut before her eyes watched as the air behind him started to blur to a suit of armor, ice creeping out from under and across its body as the young man spoke.

"And who do you think you are, ma'am?" Luna took a step back as she tried to think of why she called him out, but she had nothing before the voice came again, it coming from the armor.
"Not so fast, friend, I sense the essence of a FM-ian within her soul and body." Vogue quickly appeared and hid behind Luna as the armor continued. "A Wizard is easy to deduce as man-made, but she holds such power in her body, the remnants of one that I am familiar with, Ophiuca, I believe." The young man hummed as Luna grimaced to the name, Ophiuca was the FM-ian that wanted something and helped her out of a bad situation, but it was too great a cost and it was pulled from her once more to fight Megaman, a dark power that didn't give in and Luna didn't want it one bit if it meant it would hurt her friends and family again. However, the young man raised a brow as he lifted his goggles to reveal radiant sapphire-red eyes before slipping the shades on and speaking again.
"Then perhaps she can help with the latest project, Borealis." The helmet nodded as the terrified Luna faced the look once more, but it was not filled with a wicked smile, but a line across the face like he was clearly more bored than anything else. "You tell me your name and I will share mine." Vogue looked to Luna in concern before the student president breathed and spoke.
"I am Luna Platz and my Wizard is Vogue, who are you and why did you speak about Megaman?"
"Megaman, huh?" The young man shook his head before he returned the conversation. "I am Isaac Boggs and this is my partner Borealis." The armor bowed as Isaac continued. "Now, I understand that you wish to help out in the EM roads?" Luna slightly frowned as she must have been talking aloud, but he didn't seem too phased by it, not even paying attention to the name Megaman. "Then, perhaps you can aid me in a small project."

"Hold it, you can't just..."
"Do you not like being a damsel in distress?" Luna's words were cut and caught in her throat as Isaac's own cleaved in. "Even heroes are weak to threats or powerless to some forms of strengths, there is never a full guarantee in the world that victory is assured, you mused, so I inquired, do you not like being the damsel." Luna found her voice again as she rubbed her arm.
"...I hate it..." Vogue hovered over her shoulder as Luna continued. "But I refuse to give up on them, on Vogue just for a shot at fighting, I am not even a fighter... I'd just get in the way..." Silence filled the gaps before Isaac pulled out a strange part of a Hunter-VG.
"This piece can be added to a Hunter-VG to allow two Wizards, I have been looking for someone who can aid me in testing it." He tossed it to her and she quickly caught it as she looked at it. "I will not ask for your life to be placed on the line for I will be there to aid you in your challenge, but if you don't want to do it, then I understand." Luna glanced between the piece and Isaac, giving the thought a deep pondering before Vogue spoke up, hovering in front of her.
"Don't do it, Luna, it could be dangerous, please don't do it!" Luna pondered it a bit more before she sadly smiled.

"...You know, Vogue, I know that this could be dangerous... but the idea, the thrill to help out and save people from more dangerous viruses... I want to do it." Luna mused before she moved the piece into place and it inserted to a perfect fit before she gasped, power erupting from her body as Vogue was slightly blown back, caught by Borealis as Isaac just watched. Soon, the transformation occurred as her body changed to that of Queen Ophiuca, but her lower body became blue and white instead of violet and green, the veil followed with the drills turning into blue, her eyes glowing yellow before she dropped to the ground and panted from the change and she groaned as Isaac spoke.
"Incredible, due to your previous involvement with Ophiuca, your EM form took her on, but shifted to your own control and will."
"I don't feel so good..." Isaac stepped over and raise a hand, resting it on the transformed Luna and the pain and tire started to fade with a blue glow in his hand, Luna reverting back as she spoke once more. "That... was not a good feeling..."
"I did warn you, if you are not suitable for the change, then it is possibly wise to..."
"NO!" Luna released in a shout before she breathed, looking down, hands planted on the ground. "No... I wanted to try, I am not backing out right now..." She slowly stood up and spoke, commanding. "Wizard On!" Ophiuca appeared, but she was severely different as the once-violet FM-ian was now blue with white and spoke in a humble tone.

"What do you wish of me, Lady Luna?" Isaac hummed as he spoke next.
"It appears that she has taken on a new appearance, resulting with a new behavior of a servant, do you see her like that, Miss Platz, a silent fighter with the behavior of someone to aid you?" Luna stared at the new Wizard before approaching and raising a hand, lowering it down and sliding it across the face with a small smile.
"She's perfect, no spite, no hate, just someone who I can turn to for help, someone to help me in my hour of need... Ophiuca the Fighter who is countered by Vogue the Mind." Vogue floated over and both Wizard gave a hug to Luna, a playful embrace and a motherly hold as Isaac nodded and he stepped back to Borealis before Luna spoke once more, releasing from the embraces and asking. "You said you can help, can you?"
"I never rejected your wish, now follow me into the EM road." He stepped into place and extended out his Hunter-VG. "Transcode, Arctic Borealis!" He disappeared before Luna followed, Vogue returning as the prez shouted.
"Transcode, Queen Ophiuca!" Both appeared and Luna breathed easy as she was into the form again, but it felt lighter now, she turned to see a very imposing sight of her client. The armor adored his body, ice forming into clear pauldrons, greaves, bracers, and the visor wielding powerful green eyes that bore into her soul while a sword was sheathed at his side as the arms crossed with misted breath flowing out from the visor.

"To train you on how to best the foes here, you must also learn how to use your new power against your foes, but the necessary method is unwise for you here."
"Show me..." After a shrug, Arctic Borealis started to conjure a image for Luna-Ophiuca and she drew back as the form was that of her hero, she biting her tongue as she inquired. "You believe he would turn!?"
"Not by will, by instinct, your form is one to be concerned about, is it not?" Luna didn't fight that thought as the knight continued. "To know the dangers, you must be prepared for anything, even if it never occurs, it is best to be prepared, to understand the possible situation that you would find yourself in, a hero who vowed to defend, suddenly confronted by someone who dons the Queen's form." Luna looked again and felt... glad, pleased to be shown this form, this figure as she loudly hissed and the sculpture stance for battle and Borealis stepped back before Ophiuca attacked, her power and strength besting the ice figure in speed and agility, but she didn't have the full advantage of Battle Chips as her opponent, but she could tell that it was going too easily as she charged toward the statue, getting blasted by a charged shot, but it didn't stop her and before it could pull out a Chip, She whiplashed with her tail and won the battle as the ice shattered, she baring her teeth to the emotions before Borealis spoke with a clap, pulling Luna out of the feelings as he spoke. "Excellently done, and against a starting form of your idol, Megaman."
"You knew and you played me like a..." To this, the knight shook his head as Luna paused to the words to come.
"Nay, I did not pull you to doubt, I never sought to cause you to believe that I was playing you the fool, you had seen or heard how the idol bested foes greater than he and it is thought lesser enemies and learning how to best them that he also learned how to fight, the statue also granted you a level of understanding of the elements."

"Yes, elements, some viruses are adapted to one of four powerful elements or left as neutrally-attuned foes." A display appeared as Arctic continued, motioning with a finger to the display. "Many Wizards and EM virus fall into five columns and four are in a cycle of weakness and strength, Fire consumes the Wood, Wood absorbs the Thunder, Thunder shatters the Water, and Water douses the Fire." Luna nodded as her tail coiled and she seated herself on it and listened, learning the same method that her hero had gone through. "Now, you may think that I was playing you, you would be talking about a half-truth, it may be my device that allows you to use this new form, but it is going to be your own skills to fight alongside those that you view both idols and rivals, my Water and your Wood have equal ground against each other, but I could have easily added several Fire-based attacks to the statue to give you a challenge." She nodded as Arctic continued. "Now, this lesson, if you wish to treat this as part of a school course, will also..." Arctic explained everything the Luna would need to understand and learn about in the busting business, even providing practical sections for Luna to test her new-found knowledge...

Geo was done with another bunch of virus and breathed as the area was clear for the time being before he got a feeling of dread and looked about, spotting as he spotted a familiar shape. "Queen Ophiuca!"
"Hold it, Geo!" The young man looked at his talking hand that was Omega-Xis as the Wizard and AM-ian continued. "It looks like Ophiuca, but something's different, I can't tell from here."
"You think it is something else?" The head nodded as Geo looked up and made his way to the path that connected to where Ophiuca was positioned at. Jumping to the path, he stopped some distance to see that Ophiuca was listening to a large suit of armor with ice coating it's body in places, crossing his arms to see the difference. Queen Ophiuca was often patterned with a violet and green color scheme with bluish skin, but she looked utterly different, the colors switched with blue and white, her skin more like his and Sonia's skins in their transformed states with its darker hue, and her snakes were nowhere to be seen. Omega humming before the armor stopped and its head turned to the figure standing down the way, Ophiuca springing up in joy, but was halted from rushing as the armor glanced and shook its head, she giving a remorseful look before she headed to Vista Point as the armor started, arms behind his back.
"Hello, Hero, you just interrupted my lesson, I can't have a student be distracted by idle figures." Geo held himself and Omega from attacking as he demanded.
"Who are you and who is the new holder of Ophiuca!?"

"Such hostility for a figure of your past, do you seek to shatter a heart even further than it deserves?" Both seemingly growled before Geo used a Battle Chip and called forth a High Cannon, aiming it at the figure.
"Last chance, WHO are you and who is in possess of Ophiuca!?" The only action from the armor was drawing its sword, a blade of pure ice and its tip resting on the road that was freezing to the contact.
"Perhaps it is better that we have this chat when there is less stress flowing through your veins." The blade raised before Omega shouted, removing High Cannon with his own face in surprise.
"MOVE, GEO!!!" Geo was swiftly yanked backwards, surprising him as the blade lifted an inch before slamming into the road, the whole thing freezing up like ice before erupting in a mist, Geo covering his eyes from the rush of crystal-like powder and it shortly stopped before both to look to the figure missing as Omega grimaced. "I think that one is an old friend of Planet FM, a really powerful one at that." Geo looked at his ally who was... shaking a bit as he asked.
"Who is he?"

"A FM-ian of ice, Borealis and he is not usually the social type." Geo nodded as he looked forward, both leads gone, but the chances of seeing them again were very high, they would see these new faces soon enough...

Luna looked up to the sky as she stepped out of Vista Point, a frown on her face as both her Wizard spoke to her. "We can talk to them about this, my Lady."
"It's the best thing right now, we don't know what Borealis and Isaac want from you!" Vogue spoke as Luna nodded before she joined in.
"I know... but I am afraid..." The hands reached to the arms and rubbed as she continued on home. "You both saw the look, Geo was taken by surprise, he was shocked to see Queen Ophiuca."
"Then we prove ourselves." Ophiuca spoke as they continued on. "We train ourselves for what could come and learn what we can, we are Brothers to them and they will understand that we have a secret project going on." Luna nodded, though to be secret from Geo, she knew that it was going to be hard to do it as she continued home, straightening up to not give a single sign of doubt as Isaac leaned against a tree before his phone rang and he picked up.

"How long are you going to play hooky with us, we need your plans to..."
"It is not going to be an easy task, but I just procured a lead in."
"Let's just say..." Isaac softly smiled as he finished. "I pulled some loose data free and now, we have not only a potential ally, but also a way to enter Project: TC without incident, tell you later, Sunspot." The phone was hung up and Isaac just nodded to himself. "Time to see what the TC can muster, I want to see what they have got in the wings." Isaac headed away from the Point and headed into Town to see to more troubles that he can deal with...

DEV's 18th B-Day
Here is my attempt at the birthday art and I don't hate it, but there is a difference between traditional and digital, surprise, I like paper.

It was tough for Ezra as his initial steps involved something difficult, he just didn't expect this as Kanan spoke. "Focus. Focus on letting go."
"Letting go? Rather hold on, if you don't mind." He was hand standing with his eyes closed, getting the feeling, but not the power in question as he also had a peanut gallery watching him as the teacher continued.
"Enough jokes. Focus."
"I'm trying." Kanan cut it short as he continued.
"Do or do not. There is no try."

That confused Ezra as he glanced at Kanan while still upside down. "What does that even mean? How can I do something if I don't try to do it?
"Well, see.." Kanan thought about it before he came up with nothing as to the meaning as Alexander continued his tinkering. "Actually, that one always confused me too. But Master Yoda sure used to say it a lot." Alexander chuckled as he added a bit of his own commentary.
"If you don't understand the meaning behind such a simple phrase, then you all have a lot to learn, guys, I'm just hoping that Hera isn't going to kill us for doing Ezra's training so high in the clouds." Kanan rolled his eyes and Alexander laughed a bit. "Oh... no, the great Jedi knight in the doghouse now?"
"It's... complicated." Alexander chuckled as Zeb yawned.
"I really thought this Jedi stuff would be more interesting. No wonder the old religion died."

"No, the religion died because of something else altogether, not that it was boring, Zeb." Alexander commented as Chopper added his own input as Zeb started again, Kanan ignoring the comment as well.
"Come on, kid. Do something. Amuse me. 'Use the Force'." He messed with the turret Ezra was on before the young man fell, dropping into a crate of trash as Zeb laughed as the training moved to the front as Ezra grumbled to Zeb's presence.
"Does he have to be here?"
"He's annoying, but there will always be distractions. You need to learn to focus through them." Kanan thought about it before he moved on a idea. "Here. Let's try something else." He constructed his lightsaber and offered it to Ezra who told it on hand as he asked.
"When do I get my own?"

"Having a laser sword doesn't make you a Jedi."
"Gets me closer." He activated the weapon as Kanan called out.
"Careful!" Ezra held it steady as Kanan came up around and helped out. "There's a control on the side that adjusts the length to your height." Ezra nodded as he tuned it down as Zeb smirked.
"I think it should be a little shorter." Ezra and Kanan glared at Zeb as Chopper just laughed as Alexander just shook his head as Ezra took up position as Kanan spoke again.
"Okay. Close your eyes." Alexander commented 'Not a good idea' as Ezra did so and Kanan continued, turning to Chopper who was getting supplied by Zeb with the trash. "Let him have it, Chopper." The astromech gladly did so as he hurled the pieces right at Ezra, knocking him about as Kanan and grimaced at the lack of focus being done as Ezra yelped in pain for every object hitting him. "Be precise. Keep the blade..." Another hit and Kanan winced. "...up." He groaned and rubbed his face as Zeb continued the treatment.

"That's it, kid. Use your body to slow down that trash." Alexander joined in the face rubbing as he just watched it happen. The training was going terrible in lightsaber handling and blocking as Kanan spoke once more, clearly distressed from the effects of it.
"No. You're not focusing." He groaned once more as Zeb poured the whole mess on Chopper as Alexander just shook his head. The barrage of trash shoved Ezra off the ship as Zeb called out, Kanan rushing over as well as Alexander made his way to the cargo bay and watched as Ezra first plunged to the surface below before being lifted up by the Force, Kanan saving him once more as the young man reached out and grabbed Ezra as the Ghost lowered for the save.
"I got you." He pulled him in as Chopper chattered once more before making to haul another piece of trash as Ezra, but was foiled as Alexander sniped it from the air and then delivered a resounding shock to the droid with a shake of his head. "There is a time and place, you are just begging for pain right now, Chopper." Both headed up as Kanan started it, scaling down as he spoke.
"You weren't focused."
"Tough to focus when I'm falling to my death." Before anymore was said, Alexander got in between them as he spoke.

"Enough, both of you." He turned to Ezra as he criticized on his training as Zeb joined them. "Ezra, you are not doing it properly, you have to both clear your mind and let the Force be your guide, use it to see things before they occur, it's the same method that Kanan used with blaster fire, he knows where they will hit and how to dodge them." But it was not the end as Kanan was faced with the same words. "And Kanan, training is good, but you are trying to put him into intermediate skills and techniques, BABY STEPS, Jedi, you can't expect a prodigy to come bursting from Ezra, you are also faced with fear, why on all of Lothal are you holding back, sir?" Both are quiet as Kanan sighed as he walked past with Ezra rubbing the back of his neck.
"It's difficult to teach."
"I can tell, Kanan." Alexander commented as Zeb didn't say anything as he headed in and to the main room as the two followed them in to Ezra asking.
"Kanan?" But the lights dimmed as Sabine started, bringing up the holo of the duo's act.
"You made the Holonet, guys." It started with a man's voice telling of the incident, but then making a lie about the matter.

"The stolen TIE fighter was later used to attack a transport full of innocent workers..." Zeb snarled as he remarked.
"You liar! We set them free!" Suddenly the holo switched to another as someone made a bold statement.
"Citizens, this is Senator-in-exile Gall Trayvis. I bring more news the Empire doesn't want you to hear." Ezra raised a brow as he asked.
"What's a Gall Trayvis?" Hera filled in the blank as she commented on the name too.
"The only member of the Imperial Senate with the courage to speak out publicly against the Empire." The message didn't end as more was supplied.

"One of the Republic's greatest peacekeepers, Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, is alive." Kanan and Hera exchanged looks before getting closer to the holo as Trayvis continued. "She has been imprisoned unlawfully somewhere in the Stygeon system. As citizens, we demand the Emperor produce Master Unduli and grant her a fair trial before the entire Sen--" But that was the end as one broadcast came to an end with the default voice.
"...Marking another successful planetary liberation, utilizing the Base Delta Zero initiative." What should have ended the holo, instead continued it as a glitched out figure was broadcasted to the Ghost's surprise, heedless of Alexander's hidden grin.
"Citizens, this is the Voice of Fire, bringing to your ears the truth of recent Imperial acts, starting off with the destruction of yet another system who refused to yield or even bare arms toward the Empire, making it a pure, terrible massacre of living beings, adding more to the death count that Imperial forces have brought to the system." The figure motioned with glitched-out hands as it continued. "However, within the Outer Rim, govern by the Grand Moff himself, these reports of an Imperial TIE slaughtering innocent lives has been falsified, the reported TIE merely was in the area when a sudden ambush devastated troop transports enroute to an Imperial base to deliver supplies and prisoners, prisoners taken off their homestead after it was destroyed when the owner in question refused to let the Empire take the land by financial gains." The crew listened as the broadcast finished. "This is our reward for being loyal members of the Empire, betrayal and treason among our most trusted officers, blind to the truth that their own acts cause such rebellions to swell and grow, it is by their hand and oppression that we find ourselves in sudden alliances with known rebels..." The broadcast closed as Ezra instead focused on the Jedi Master as Kanan thought about it as well.
"This Luminara. You knew her?"
"I met her. Once." Kanan mused as he thought about it, all ignoring the signal of the Voice of Fire as they instead focused on Unduli. "She was a great Jedi Master. Brave, compassionate, disciplined. In fact, she'd make an excellent teacher for you." Ezra wore a look of disappointment as Kanan turned to Hera. "There've always been rumors she survived the Clone Wars, but they never came with a specific location before. We can't pass this up."

The Twi'lek rested on a hand on Kanan's shoulder as she replied. "Was hoping you'd say that. I'll set course for the Stygeon system." Hera headed for the cockpit as Kanan turned back to the team.
"The rest of you, prep for an op." They all headed to the Phantom as Ezra sighed as he spoke, the only ones listening were Chopper and Alexander.
"You hear that? He's done with me. He's gonna pawn me off on some stranger." Alexander rested a hand on Ezra's shoulder as Chopper just chuckled at Ezra's misery while rolling way.
"Let's look at it from a different point, Ezra." The young man's blue eyes turned to his friend as Alexander continued. "Do you believe that Kanan is fully able to help you with your Jedi powers, I think that he's afraid that you are not getting the full treatment, that maybe he is skipping valuable training. Besides, another living Jedi could be what the galaxy needs to kick on back, some old fragment of the old Order could have a heavy impact on the system, not just an idol, but a beacon." The young man just slumped as Alexander nodded. "I'll get ready, you too should be ready when the time comes." He walked on past as Ezra pondered what to do next before joining up with the rest of them.

As they zoomed through hyperspace, the crew turned to Chopper as he showed a display of the place where the Jedi Master was sealed, the Spire, as Sabine started. "Welcome to the Spire on Stygeon Prime, the only Imperial detainment facility in the Stygeon system. And it's impregnable."
Kanan spoke in turn to the statement. "That's never stopped us before." The Mandalorian chuckled as she corrected the matter.
"Trust me, we have never faced anything like this." She listed off the measures that the empire has in place on the Spire. "It's a real work of art. Blast proof, ray shielded, protected by anti-ship weapons, TIE fighters, and short and long range scanners.
"We can fool the scanners."
Sabine continued to Hera's assurance. "Maybe. But that just leaves an army of troopers and guard posts on all the walls. Look, even if we get into this beauty, the hard part's getting out. 'Cause, you know, it's a prison." Ezra then inquired with a feasible idea.

"What about going in low and sneaking onto this landing platform?" Sabine shook her head with a disagreeing hum.
"Platform has a heavy trooper presence and reinforced blast doors. Impossible to get in or out that way." Kanan looked and found a path as he spoke, gesturing with his finger and the spot highlighting.
"Here. There's only room for a couple guards." He motioned up and through the structure. "We take them down, make our way to the upper level isolation cells. free Luminara and come back out the way we came in." Chopper chattered as Alexander added his input on the matter.
"It's a crazy and lousy plan, but I guess we are going to be on the impression that the Empire will think the same thing." They jumped out of hyperspace and the crew loaded up into the Phantom, a small fighter-craft attached to the Ghost, as Zeb remarked on Chopper as they dove to the clouds of Stygeon Prime.
"Oh, I'm sorry, Chop. We just don't need your damaged logic circuits on this one." The Phantom detached as it flew down to the surface, Chopper grumbling as he was left in the Ghost. They whizzed on through the cloud cover before spotting the Spire as Hera spoke.

"Thirty seconds. Good luck."
"Luck?" Zeb grumbled as he continued. "We're gonna need a miracle." Luckily, Sabine had some.
"Here are three." Zeb and Ezra took one as Kanan stated.
"Try to stay focused."
"Thought there was no 'try'." Ezra remarked, but Kanan was not having it as they flew close and Kanan went to work, disarming the pair of Stormtroopers that were standing guard, Ezra watching as both Zeb and Alexander spoke and reaching out to him as he prepped himself for something reckless.

"Kid, wait! What are you doing?"
"Bridger, don't you dare..." But it was too late as Ezra launched himself from the ship. Kanan smiled as he commented with falling the last trooper.
"Nice and quiet-like-" Sadly that was not the case as Ezra landed with a roll before slamming into the door, Kanan grimacing as Ezra got up and slowly back up, both ready for anything when nothing happened at the moment as the Jedi scolded Ezra. "What just happened? You were supposed to exit with Zeb. You're lucky every stormtrooper in the prison doesn't know we're here." Both jumped as four additional troopers arrived and the trio in the ship jumped out and landed on the platform and took out the troopers with throwing them over the side as Kanan continued. "Stunts like that put us all in jeopardy. That is exactly why you need Master Luminara to teach you discipline." Kanan then suffered a sharp whack at the neck as he slightly howled as Alexander started it off.
"Spectre One, keep your lecture to yourself for the time being and doing such scolding WRECKS mental fortitude, be silent." Kanan quieted in shock to Alexander's authority, even Sabine and Zeb shared a look as Alexander turned to Ezra. "Spectre Six, splice the door."
"R-Right, Seven." Ezra headed over to the door and started to work, slowly going as Kanan opened his mouth again.

"Quiet. I'm focusing." The work was tedious as Zeb propped the remaining troopers up to pretend to stand guard before the door opened and the five rushed in as Hera planted the Phantom to the wall below. Kanan slightly shoved past Ezra as the youth commented. "You're welcome." He was whacked in the back of the head as Zeb spoke.
"You did your job. You want a medal?" Kanan extended his powers through the compound to find her, but it was met with resistance, like a cloud over the mind.
"Luminara's here. I sense her presence, but it's clouded." He turned to Sabine who was accessing a terminal to find out where. "Where's Master Unduli?"
"Detention block CC-01. Isolation cell 0169." That caused the Jedi to question as he checked as well.

"They have isolation cells in the lower levels?" He looked to right it was right as he grimaced. "We planned off outdated schematics." He knocked a fist on the console as Ezra asked.
"What does that mean?"
"It means the plan changes." Zeb asked next.
"You got a backup plan?"
"Figuring one out right now." He walked into the turbo lift as he continued. "Zeb, Sabine, you're coming along."

"Weren't we supposed to hold our escape route here?"
"Now the turbo lift is our escape route. Let's go." The door closed as the five were on the same lift before Sabine made small talk with a scoff.
"His plan get worse all the time."
"Just hope he doesn't change it again."
"I'm standing right here."

"We know." Ezra and Alexander allowed a small smile at the jab toward Kanan as they continued on.

Hera waited as she rested in the Phantom before the radar picked something up and she grimaced. "Uh-oh. Company." She looked to see what it was as something flew past, her eyes searching as the thing past once more and she glanced to the side to see it when it 'flapped' up to her view and groaned in a sound to her surprise. "Okay, you're not a TIE fighter." It continued to flap as Sabine's jammer beeped, the creature ramming the ship as Hera exclaimed. "Hey! Watch it, buddy." The creature moved as the jammer continued its signal, Hera finally piecing it out as more came toward her. "Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. Sabine's jammer is operating on the same frequency as these creatures. It's sending out..." She stopped as the thing... hugged the Phantom to her confusion. "...A mating call?" They continued to swarm her as she shortly recognized them to be Tibidees, powering up the ship to lure them away. "You lovebirds are attracting too much attention. Hope I'm not needed anytime soon." She detached and took flight as the trio followed her, most likely gaining more in the follow.

The lift doors opened and the two troopers were swiftly grabbed and bashed before it opened again with Kanan, Alexander, and Ezra stepping off as the leader spoke. "Maintain comm silence. And whatever you do, hold this lift." No sooner had they stepped off, two more troopers came around the corner and shouted instead of called for backup.
"Hey you! Stop!" Kanan didn't give them quarter as he force pulled them and clotheslined them both as Ezra commented.
"Wow. You're really not messing around tonight."
"There's a lot more at stake than you realize." Kanan headed on as Ezra and Alexander paused with Zeb dragging the two into the lift, one getting caught in the door before Zeb pulled him free as the trio headed on to the cell to two troopers talking to each other.
"Ever seen this Jedi Master?"

"Don't have the clearance." Kanan used his powers in what is known as a mind trick as he inserted words into their minds, useful on the weak-minded to make them forget and move on.
"Shouldn't you be guarding the Jedi's cell? It's on the next level."
"It's on the next level."
"You better get moving."
"We better get moving." Both went off as Ezra asked about it in amaze.

"When do I learn that?" Kanan tapped in the code and opened the cell as he spoke.
"Luminara will teach you much better than I could." Alexander hummed with a slight 'No doubt here' as they walked to the Jedi, silent and that was a problem as Ezra asked.
"Is it really her?"
"Yes, but... something's wrong." She stood up and Alexander paused as well before he whispered in horror, both Jedi feeling the change as the young man spoke.
"She's a ghost... we've been had." He sharply turned to the door as a imposing figure appeared, both Jedi noticing the same as the figure spoke, Luminara disappearing into a coffin as skeletal remains of her body dwelled with it.

"How you had known is beyond me, young one, but that is hardly the point." The figure flicked out a wrist with a half-circle tool in hand before it plumed out a red beam as he continued. "I am the Inquisitor. Welcome." The door closed shut as the Inquisitor continued, Kanan drawing his lightsaber to defend. "Yes, I'm afraid Master Luminara died with the Republic. But her bones continue to serve the Empire luring the last Jedi to their ends." Ezra tried to signal help, but it was in vain.
"Spectre Three, come in. It's a trap!" Nothing but static filled the comm as the pale figure continued.
"There will be no reinforcements." Kanan charged to fight, but the dark being was a master as he seemed to toy with the Jedi in a fencing stance as he continued. "Interesting. It seems you trained with Jedi Master Depa Billaba." This took Kanan by surprise as he inquired.
"How-- Who are you?" But the Inquisitor said nothing as he continued to bat Kanan in the fighting while Ezra, pulling out the detonator, worked to get them out of the chamber as the pale fighter continued to speak.
"The temple records are quite complete. In close quarter fighting, Billaba's emphasis was always on form 3, which you favor to a ridiculous degree." Ezra took a shot at the Inquisitor which he blocked with ease and kicked Kanan toward the door as he continued. "Clearly, you were a poor student." Ezra fired a few more of his shock sling and the volts just travelled over the armor with ease as the saber was swung. "Is that really all you've got, my boy?"

"Well, I've got that." The detonator erupted and blasted the door open as the trio rushed out with the Inquisitor following in pursuit as, on the other side of the compound, Sabine attempted to raise anyone on the comm.
"Spectre Five to Spectre One. Come in." Nothing but static which assured her just what was happening. "Thought so. They're jamming our signal. They know we're here." Zeb asked the question of what she meant.
"Here in this lift or-"
"Here, period! They lured us in upstairs at the prison's weak point. We're expected to exit the same way, so you can bet there will be troopers waiting for us." She shook her head at the chance now given to him. "We'd never make it out of the lift.
"So what do we do?"

"Well, time for a miracle." Back with Kanan's team, the Inquisitor outmatched Kanan as the other side of the weapon extended out another beam of red as he lectured Ezra and Alexander.
"Are you paying attention? The Jedi are dead, but there is another path, the dark side."
"Never heard of it." Ezra launched a shot, but the pale figure blocked it and force pushed Ezra back as he commented.
"Have you taught him nothing?" Kanan continued to fight as Alexander quickly roused Ezra back up and they joined in the evade as stormtroopers, on the other side where Zeb and Sabine were, waited at the lift and fired into it as it opened, the fire continuing before the lead called a halt.
"Hold your fire!" They stooped as they investigated inside to their unconscious allies before the sound of a detonator caught their ears, but it was too late as the lift was destroyed with Zeb commented.

"That's one lift off-line." Sabine came running over as she stated the effects of her own sabotage.
"I've disabled the other two. There are other ways down, but it'll take 'em a while. Let's go." They booked it down the way to join up with the trio as Kanan held his ground to the Inquisitor.
"Do you really think you can save the boy?" Kanan glanced to Ezra as Alexander continued his aid. "For his sake, surrender." Kanan glanced back as he scoffed.
"I'm not making deals with you." The Inquisitor hummed before he straightened up.
"Then we'll let him make one, shall we?" He force pushed Kanan and Alexander, barely getting Ezra to stand, was forced to catch the Jedi as Ezra watched before the Inquisitor spoke again. "Your master cannot save you, boy." Ezra turned in fury as the Inquisitor just smiled. "He is unfocused and undisciplined."

"Then we've prefect for each other." He launched a few more shock shots, but they were blocked and the Inquisitor moved to kill, but Ezra proved a bit faster as the Inquisitor slowly rounded the saber.
"I do so admire your persistence. Ready to die?" Fortune favored Ezra as Kanan roused himself back up and used the Force to shove the Inquisitor into the ceiling and shouting for Ezra to run, the young man getting by as Kanan dropped his focus, the pale Sith glancing back before extending out his saber once more, the half turning to a full as the beams started to rotate in the weapon as Ezra asked in both concern and amaze.
"Does yours do that?"
"Come on, let's go!" They ran for it before meeting up with Sabine and Zeb.
"Guys! This way!" They continued in the run as Kanan filled in the details with Sabine.

"You figured out it was a trap?"
"Yeah." Sabine didn't want to ask, but it had to be said. "Luminara?"
"Long gone. Our new exit?"
"Landing platform."
"Thought it was impossible to get out that way." Sabine scoffed as she finished.

"Well, let's hope the Empire thinks so too." Behind them, the Inquisitor followed in a silent pursuit with his spiraling saber before activating the comm on his wrist and issuing a command.
"Secure the facility. Full lockdown."
"Well, that's not helpful." Ezra commented as the blast doors started to close in front and behind as they picked up speed to evade the Sith, but he picked it up as well as Sabine shot some rounds, only for them to be blocked as the chase continued before Zeb launched himself and wedged himself into a closing door, forcing it open for the moment as he remarked.
"Can't do this all day! Go!" The crew jumped through and Zeb let it close on the Inquisitor, only for the red beam to slice through the door and they making it to the hanger bay doors, Zeb stalling the Sith a bit more with shot controls as Sabine attempted to access the door.
"I've got it. I--" But her code and work didn't work as she groaned. "I'm locked out of the system! Ezra?" The youth extended out his tool to unlock the way, but he suffered a few volts before falling onto his back as he apologized, but Kanan was not ready to give up as he lifted Ezra onto his feet.

"Ezra. Together." They were going to open the bulkhead through the Force as Ezra remarked in questioning worry.
"Yes. Picture the locking mechanism in your mind." Both closed their eyes as they started to feel it out, the Inquisitor close behind as Zeb remarked.
"Excuse me, but can we train Ezra later?!" Both didn't yield as the door instead yielded to them, revealing several stormtroopers that fired on them as they returned fire as Zeb pulled out the last detonator. "One last miracle here." He armed and hurled it underhand to put a dent in the force within the explosion as the team took cover before Sabine radioed for the Phantom.
"Spectre-Five to Phantom. We're on the landing deck, ready for pickup."

"On my way, Spectre-Five. And I'm bring the fleet." Zeb wore a look of 'what did she just say' as he questioned.
"We have a fleet?" From beyond came the Phantom with several more Tibidees than before as the assault began.
"We do now." The creatures charged with rams as the Phantom blasted at the troopers and exploded a TIE as the Inquisitor managed to get through and shortly pursue them as Zeb took out a turbolaser turret from blasting the Phantom, the Inquisitor readied before he threw his lightsaber, the attack, though initially aimed at Kanan, found Alexander in the pathway as he mumbled in grief.
"Of course." Kanan sharply turned to stop the blow, but Alexander surprised him as he timed it before lashing out an arm to the beam, it not cutting off his arm or head, but instead stopped short as he bounced it off with force as he joined Kanan in the ship as the saber returned to the Inquisitor, unaware of what had even occurred as Zeb asked.
"Does yours do that?" Kanan's saber deactivated as their first encounter with a Inquisitor was rather well as the Phantom closed and headed to the stars as all were silent in the ship before Hera broke the silence with her question.

"Master Luminara?"
"Gone." Hera's face and heart dropped in heartbreak as Kanan continued, next to Hera. "We'll need to find a way to spread the word."
"How's Ezra taking it?"
"Not as bad as I am." Both master and apprentice bowed their heads in grief. "I guess he's stuck with me. For now." Joining back with the Ghost, they landed on the planet Lothal once more as Ezra, taking a moment to ponder, sat on the lowered ramp and looked out before Kanan joined him, his words finding purchase for the moment, his feelings for Ezra stronger than inquiring HOW Alexander managed to block and counter a lightsaber with his arm.
"Look, don't bother saying it. I'm letting you off the hook.

"What are you talking about?"
"I know you wanted to dump me on Luminara." Kanan glanced a bit as Ezra continued, clearly not finding the words to use. "Just 'cause she's gone doesn't mean you're stuck with me."
"I don't want to dump you." Kanan sighed as he took a sit beside Ezra and continued. "Look, I just wanted you to have the best teacher."
At that point, Ezra blew up as he remarked. "Well, I don't want the best teacher. I want you." This caught both of them off-guard as Ezra continued. "Not that you're not the best. I--" But Ezra was cut off as Kanan spoke.
"Ezra. I'm not gonna try to teach you anymore." Ezra looked dejected as Kanan continued. "If all I do is try, that means I don't truly believe I can succeed. So from now on, I will teach you." Ezra gave another glance as Kanan finished. "I may fail. You may fail. But there is no try. So from now on, I will teach you."

"I understand... Master."
"Let's see if you do." Kanan offered the lightsaber and Ezra took it as they both training, practicing on Ezra's skills of blocking and striking when Sabine came running out. "Sabine, what's wrong?"
"The Voice of Fire... They're broadcasting again!" Both looked at each other before the saber was deactivated and the trio headed for the main room where Hera, Chopper, Zeb, and Alexander watching as the glitched figure spoke.
"This is the Voice of Fire, bringing to your ears the recent truths of Imperial acts." The hands joined at the back as they continued. "At long last, the rumors of the surviving Jedi Master Luminara Unduli can now be remedied, but many of you will not like the tone of what I have to say. What was broadcasted by Senator Gall was, in fact, false as Master Unduli has long since fallen, her death at the very beginning of the Empire itself." The figure looked about before pressing on. "To any and all survivors of the old Jedi Order... this comes to your ears in great sorrow and remorse, I cannot understand the pain that even now enters your minds at the sound of this broadcast, but let me assure you all one thing... What the Empire has done is not to be forgiven, life is something of great value, if the Empire doesn't see the true cost of their actions, then they too are deaf to the sound of resistance, a rebellion is brewing, but time will tell where it will strike, one great strike that could signal the beginning of what could be seen as a Galactic Civil War." The transmission closed and the room was quiet as Alexander was first to start, opening his eyes as he spoke.
"This Voice is mad, the Empire will muster more forces to capture this rebel broadcaster."

"Yes, but where?" Hera asked as she motioned with a hand. "For all there is, it could be just someone willing to speak about the crimes of the Empire, but is not willing to stay in one place very long."
"Let's not mention the other thing." Sabine spoke as she continued. "I tried to bypass the encoded lock on the broadcast to see where it is coming from, and it was impossible, it was an active algorithm and a changing data base, that I could get one measure before it changed completely." Kanan folded his arm in thought as he spoke in turn.

"We can't investigate this one without the proper tools, it would seem, but for now, I am just... glad that someone managed to spread the word. Getting it all across the galaxy takes guts, more guts than I thought was feasible." He thought about it as no one seemed to know the identity of this mysterious agent, their presence was actually discovered during the time when the Empire had just begun, bot no one has been able to pin a location or place that they came from... save for one who was more than willing to keep quiet to let the theories fly...

SWR : Rise of the Old Masters
The Edited story is mine while the real story and characters belong to Disney.
I really wanted to just be quiet and all that junk, but I just thrown in a holo persona as a means for telling the full truth and I think I will continued, may want to skip the next one, but then that would be treason, right?

The Ghost headed for Lothal once more as Alexander watched with Chopper as Ezra attempted to control his powers on a bowl that Kanan suggested to use. "Okay, you can do this." He closed his eyes and focused on the dish, feeling it as it moved, even the slightest bit, as he cracked an eye to it floating. "Yes!" Sadly, it was just Chopper making a mockery of Ezra as he cleared his throat and spoke again. "Very funny. But I don't need your help."
"It would do you good to clear your mind a bit more, Chopper is meant to be here, I know." Alexander Highwind commented as the droid hurled the bowl at Ezra and made a swift escape as Ezra shouted his name and chased after the droid to Alex rubbing his temples. "I really should have guessed this was going to end badly." He sighed as he made his way past and into the cargo bay where Kanan was working. "You should have been more exact with your instructions, Kanan, I am expecting something bad to happen."
"If this is about Ezra's training, Alex, I assure you that..."
"Leaving Chopper to distract and annoy Ezra is not wise for a start, but I see the merit." He helped move stuff before a loud thud was heard and Alexander whipped to the passage. "Was that...?" Ezra came sliding down with a 'whoa' as both looked up to Zeb perching on the railing and leaping for Ezra. "Really...?" The resulting crash knocked a fair bit of work apart as Hera arrived with a displeased look on her face as both stated.
"It's his fault!" But it was far too late, they were in trouble.

The Ghost landed, thanks to Chopper as Zeb and Ezra started to argue, Alexander lucky to have evaded toward Kanan than with Ezra. "My fault? This is your fault!" Zeb started it off as Ezra battled.
"Don't go blaming this on me."
"Enough!" Hera shouted as she scaled down in her lecture. "This is my ship you're wrecking, and I want you off it." She activated the ramp, out to the vast landscape as Zeb started again, the two shoving each other.
"Hera, be reasonable."
"Come on. You know what he's like." But the Twi'lek instead showed a list as Ezra took it in confusion. "Uh, what's this?"

"A market list." Both looked at it as Hera continued. "The town of Kothal's two klicks to the south, and I'm sending you both on a supply run." Both straightened before glaring at each other as they spoke at the same time.
"With him?"
"With each other." She paused before she chuckled in her next sentence. "Oh... And don't even think about coming back without at least one meiloorun fruit. Clear?"
"Clear." They turned and headed down, still fighting as Alex sighed as well.
"Well, if they fail, I will be getting the supply in case, I am just glad to have gotten a copy of that list." Alexander removed his rifle and hid it in his pack before heading out and Kanan spoke.
"How do you expect them to find meiloorun on Lothal?" Hera just smiled as they took the time in do things in peace.

The tension lessened as they headed for the town as Alexander placed himself between the two hotheads. "Now, let's talk about what happened today, calmly."
"Well, I was trying to sleep when all the sudden, two..." Zeb closed his mouth and spoke differently as Alexander gave quite the intimidating glare, where did he learn to do that? "A young man and a astromech disrupted my sleep and I wanted to ring the kid's neck when his bunk dropped on top of me."
"Ezra... your side." Ezra gulped as Zeb wore the terror as well, did the tension actually fade or was it replaced with scared nerves.
"I was practicing my Jedi abilities when the astromech from Zeb's story messed me up, annoyed me and tampered with my bunk... I think, it was tight on last time I slept in it."
"Sounds like the astromech in both really just butchered up this already strained relation, but not a problem, we are out to get some things and while we are at it, maybe Ezra can self-learn from the Force while Zeb can relieve himself of his 'debt', is that clear?" Both nodded as they approached the town before they stopped off the side and Alexander started as he took Ezra's list off his hand and pulled out his own list. "While we are here, we need to find the food stocks required and I have a personal search for some vehicle parts to work with." Zeb grimaced as he raised a brow to the youth's secondary list.

"Geez, kid, what the heck are you trying to build, a speeder?"
"Is there a problem with that?" Zeb closed his mouth as Ezra just shrugged with an unsure look as Alexander continued. "Now, you guys find the food as that takes priority while I look for the parts I am looking for. Good luck, gentlemen." They spread out into the town in their search for the items on the list as Ezra looked about before he heard someone.
"Ezra?" He looked around before spotting an aged man. "Is that Ezra Bridger?" He walked to the man with a questioning tone.
"Mr. Sumar?" The old man chuckled as he returned the chat.
"Ezra. Oh, look how you've grown. Here, have a jogan." Ezra took the violet fruit as he asked.

"Thanks. Don't suppose you have any meilooruns?"
"Meilooruns?" He chuckled a bit as he explained it. "Meilooruns don't grow on Lothal."
"They don't?" He facepalmed in the realization that Hera must have sent them on a wild fruit chase with the last thing. "No. Of course they don't."
"I suppose you could find an off-world importer, but it'd cost you." Ezra nodded as he shouldered his pack.
"Right. Well, great seeing you again." Ezra paused as he spotted an Imperial patrol and let them pass as they inquired to Sumar about something, about his farm which was not for sell, but the small chuckle the officer gave was unsetting as Ezra didn't fire and nearly headed off when he bumped into Zeb as the Lasat spoke.

"I got everything but the meilooruns. Any luck?"
"No. And I don't think Hera meant for us to have luck." Zeb looked about as he continued.
"Well, someone has to be selling those things." He gave one of the large crates to Ezra in his continued speech. "Here, take this. I'll go find one." Before Zeb could walk off in search, Ezra spoke up.
"Seriously? You want me to carry your supplies after saving your life?" The Lasat sharply turned and slammed a hand on top of the crate as he growled, forcing Ezra back some.
"Stop... saying you saved my life!" Ezra bumped into a crate and both looked into it before explaining at the radiant orange fruits. "Meilooruns!" They quickly confronted the Rodian about the shipment. "How much for the whole crate?"

"I'm sorry. They're already sold."
"Well, maybe we can buy one from-" Anymore was interrupted as a stormtrooper closed the crate and lifted it as the Rodian finished the line of thought.
"From the Empire?" The being laughed a little as he bid them farewell. "Yeah, good luck." But what Ezra saw was a challenge as he followed a short distance with Zeb before speaking into the commlink.
"Alex, meet us up when you can, we have a majority of the wares, but we are going to need some help with some other things." Ezra and Zeb continued in following as Alex got the message...

~At the same time~

Alexander's own search yielded just what he was looking for as he spoke with a shaded shopkeeper. "Rumors say you have a piece of junk, I am here to relieve you of it."
"Go ahead, blasted thing took too much damage, it will be a miracle to get that thing moving."
"Let me worry about the issues, it belongs to me now, so pleasure doing business." They shook hands and Alex headed into the unfinished model of a T2-B Replusor Hovertank, some parts of it damaged or outright destroyed, but that was beyond Alex's mind as he set his pack beside the vehicle and started operation on it, replacing the laser cannons for the more-important engines and devices as he worked it out and replaced the needed parts before wiping his brow and sighing as he threw the pack in and turned the machine on, its hum a welcome tone to him as he listened some more, detailing where else the problem could be before nodding, checking the fuel cells with a slight smirk. "Well, this is perfect, thanks, sir!" The human entered aghast as he took in the vehicle as it was lifting off the ground without its cannons attached.
"How did you manage this!?"
"A lot of elbow grease, mechanical engineering, and some perception on the internal workings of the vehicle." Alex got it moving as it hovered out of the garage with ease, nothing too difficult, the more advanced systems could be dealt with. "Now, by right of contract and payment given to you, I am now the sole owner of this fine vehicle, you will not be in trouble with the Empire for I carry the deed with me, correct?" The keeper opened his mouth before sighing and heading back to his station as the young man worked a bit more as he drove the vehicle to the outskirts and packed it for the time being, stashing the weapons in the side compartments as he got a transmission from Ezra and answered it as Ezra started.

"Alex, meet us up when you can, we have a majority of the wares, but we are going to need some help with some other things." Alex couldn't answer as the link died just as quick and he sighed as he activated the sensor, tracing the link to a nearby position for Imperials.
"Just my luck, well, I suppose that this will have to do for now." He activated the vehicle again and drove on the outskirts of the town as he looked for a good place to pick up the goods that both of the guys had obtained, then he would be heading for the Ghost, no sense in waiting on them for something else to happen...

Ezra and Zeb came close to the trooper as they found themselves peering at an imperial transport, more importantly, the crate of meilooruns as Zeb questioned Ezra's look. "Why are you smiling about?"
"The obvious answer to our problem." Zeb glanced before he scowled, shoving Ezra down as he grunted.
"Hey, it's not like we've never stolen from the Empire before."
"Alright." Zeb slugged Ezra as he continued, jokingly jab at the young man. "So what's the plan, kid? You gonna use the Force?"

"Maybe..." He paused before he agreed. "Sure. Why not?" Ezra looked past the crate as Alexander arrived and parked his new ride, Zeb keeping quiet as he brought the crates over and put them on the vessel before returning, Ezra closing his eyes as he breathed and extended his reach, the crate shaking and moving as the lid attempted to open to Zeb's amaze as he glanced at Ezra, the youth trying a bit harder, but it was in vain as a trooper took the crate, leaving Zeb to spit then laugh before he spoke as Alexander headed off to not draw attention.
"We should go."
"You go. I'm getting what we came for." Ezra crepted around as Zeb reached out.
"Wait, kid-" He groaned as he watched Ezra do his own thing, doing pretty well actually as he sneaked past the few troopers and scaled the transport to get one meiloorun fruit, but the victory was short-lived as troopers sighted him.
"You there!" They spotted him and all he could do was speak as he returned the fruit.

"I'll just put this back." Crates soon came flying as Zeb shouted from his hauling performance.
"Run!" They did so as an officer shouted to stop them as they continued to run. "You made me blow our cover! At least we're even."
"Even? Please, I had the whole situation under control." The Lasat grunted as he yelled with stormtroopers were pursuing them.
"Come here!" The troopers followed the pair, only to find an empty alley as one spoke.
"Where they go?" Zeb had attached himself to the upper portion of the wall before hauling Ezra to the top, the young man yelping which drew the troopers' attention. "Up there!" They opened fire on the scaling Lasat, but blasting him off was their mistake as Zeb dropped and ended them as Ezra called out.

"Just keep going. I'll catch up with you." He booked it as additional troopers came to crash the party.
"Split up!" Three took after Zeb while the remaining two headed after Ezra. Zeb found himself before a landed TIE fighter and attempted to hide, but the pilot was a bit more observant, connecting the dots and readying the TIE with cannons aimed at Zeb as the stormtroopers closed the space as Zeb called out.
"Hey, you don't have any meilooruns, do you?" The moment was pierced by the pilot speaking.
"There is nowhere to hide. Commander, take this monster in for questioning. Let's find out why he's running."

"Hands up!" Zeb slowly came out of cover, letting the troopers think they had him before he bounded onto the crate and onto the TIE fighter, the pilot yelping in surprise and fear as the Lasat got on top with blasters firing on him before he opened the hatch and tossed the pilot out, taking the TIE for himself as he questioned.
"Never actually flown one of these before." He gripped the controls and it jerked before he regained control and fired on the stormtroopers, blasting the whole area with maniac laughter before taking to the skies. "Too bad the kid wasn't here to see that." He looked forward and grimaced as he pulled hard as he nearly crashed into the buildings before adjusting as he chuckled uneasily. "On the other hand-" He mustered the starfighter to find Ezra as the young man evaded and dodged across rooftops as he continued in his running as Zeb descended on by.
"Great. Just what I need." Zeb waved to his young companion and Ezra did a double check in surprise. "Zeb?" The Lasat gave a thumbs up as he controlled the fighter to a hover as it leveled with Ezra as he called out. "Zeb! Hey, Zeb, let me in!"
"So now, I'd be saving your life, right?"
"What? Yeah, sure. Yes! Whatever!"

"I let you in, we're even."
"You have to say it!"
"All right, all right. We're even. Now let me in!" The hatch opened and Ezra jumped in, getting tossed into the back as the two started to fight over the controls, wreaking havoc over the townsfolk as they soon blasted a fruit stand, splattering the cockpit window in fruit as Zeb growled.
"I can't see a thing!" They soared out of the city as Ezra attempted to navigate somehow.

"Gain altitude."
"I know." Ezra turned his surprisingly neutral tone to the Lasat.
"Zeb." Suddenly, Ezra's comm beeped on and both listened as Alex spoke.
"Garazeb Orrelios... Ezra Bridger... Can you PLEASE tell me what on Lothal are you two doing in a Imperial TIE/LN Starfighter!?" Both grimaced as they were found out...

~At the same time~

Alexander was taking his own sweet time after dropping off the supplies for Hera, she was glad to have them while he waited for Ezra and Zeb to come back, but the sound in the air had him on edge, a TIE fighter close by? That was not a good sign as he waited in the tank which no one seemed too observant to it as he waited before he had... a feeling. "Gosh darn it, you two..." He glanced up to the sky and, sure enough, a TIE fighter flew overhead, its window covered in some local produce as he readied up and rode after it, the tank's speed far exceeding its standard trip without the additional guns, but he could modified it later as he gave pursuit before he radioed Ezra's comm and spoke. "Garazeb Orrelios... Ezra Bridger... Can you PLEASE tell me what on Lothal are you two doing in a Imperial TIE/LN Starfighter!?" The groan that followed told Alex everything as Zeb spoke with Ezra staying quiet, a first to be honest for a while.
"Look... kid, it isn't what it looks like, we were just..."
"Stealing a TIE Fighter straight out of Rothal, unaware of the locator beacon on that piece of work, remove the red AND blue wires, that will disable it." A few sounds of ripping something out and Ezra spoke.
"Sorry, Alex, we just got too... heated in the moment."
"Yeah, we just... lost our cool and went after something that we couldn't grab to start with, sorry..." Alexander sighed as he rubbed his temples with a single hand.
"No, you need to tell that to Kanan when you are ready, but we are not keeping the TIE, as much as I want to do the same, okay...?"

"...but we are not keeping the TIE, as much as I want to do the same, okay...?"
"Says the guy in a hover tank for a ride." Zeb grumbled as the link cut, Ezra focusing ahead before he spoke again.
"I think we're too low."
"How can you tell?" Zeb gestured to the window as he continued. "Why don't you clean the window?" They continued in silence as Ezra felt it still, both unaware of the incoming stone column approaching as he spoke again with worry.
"We need to turn." The feeling grew and grew before Ezra forced Zeb to turn. "Turn!" They flew past and resumed as Zeb looked back at the large stone that nearly ended them as he asked.

"How did you know?"
"Not sure. I just... knew." Zeb lightly chuckled to ease the tension.
"Good. That's-That's good." He sighed before he spoke. "Now get out there and clean the canopy." Ezra shrugged as they landed for a few seconds, enough to wash off the ship as they soon took off again to fly for a bit before they called up Hera...

Kanan and Chopper enjoyed a small game with Kanan losing before taking it back as he spoke with Hera sitting down, the droid leaving in a huff. "Have to admit, it's a lot more peaceful aboard with the kids gone."
Hera looked down as she returned. "Yeah, but I'm feeling a bit guilty about sending them-"
"On a wild meiloorun chase?" Kanan chuckled before Zeb called in.
"Spectre-4 to Ghost."
Her heart soon was relieved as she spoke. "Ah, right on cue." She activated her link and spoke. "Go ahead, Spectre-4."

"Right, well, we've had a bit of a problem."
"I thought you might." Hera breathed as she continued. "Look, don't worry about the meilooruns." Ezra spoke up.
"Yeah, meilooruns. Uh, we found some. But we lost them. Then we found them again. But we smashed them." A sound started to blare over the link, causing both Hera and Kanan to narrow their brow to the sound, what is that as Zeb spoke.
"Just cut to the chase, kid." Sadly, the sound was too apparent and both widened their eyes as Kanan started.
"Wait! What am I hearing? It sounds like-"

"Yeah, about that. See, um- well- WestoleaTIEFighter." On the other side, Kanan was very cross as both winced.
"YOU WHAT?!" Zeb shrugged as he spoke.
"He's taking it better than I thought."
"Get rid of it!" Both moaned as they countered.
"Do we have to?" Kanan sighed as he continued.

"At least tell me you dismantled the locater beacon."
"Of course. We're not fools." Zeb glanced to the back and Ezra nodded as he continued. "No imperial coming to track this one any time soon."
"Stealing a TIE attracts unwanted attention. Rendezvous at Shadow Site 2. Fly straight there. Do not stop. And don’t do anything." Zeb rolled his shoulders as he closed the link.
"On our way. Spectre-4 out." They waited a moment before Ezra spoke with a smile, matching Zeb's.
"That went well."

"Yeah." They looked forward as Alexander kept in stride with the ship.
"Do you know which way we're supposed to go?"
"No idea." They took the time to get it together before the Lasat continued, obtaining the needed coordinates for the point. "Okay. Navigation system's online. Course set for rendezvous point." However, Ezra directed a different point as he spotted something.
Wait. What's that?" Zeb looked forward to see a column of black matter floating into the sky as Ezra answered it to his own opinion. "Looks like smoke."

"Only..." Ezra paused as he drew closer to the window. "I think I know where it's coming from." He turned to the Lasat as he asked, maybe even pleaded. "Go check it out. Please." Alexander followed the TIE as he spotted the same as he called it up.
"Hey, if there is smoke out there, do you think that maybe..."
Zeb spoke as he exchanged. "It's possible, I'm leaving to Ezra to fill in the blanks here." Soon they came across a ruined house stead and the Lasat asked with a sigh. "Friends of yours?"
"Of my parents." Ezra said as a look crossed the young man face before Alexander spoke.
"I get this feeling of dread, is Ezra thinking of what I think he's thinking?" Zeb started as he explained it out.

"There's a convoy of troop transports heading northwest." The look deepened as Zeb groaned. "Uh, karablast! I know that look."
"What's the worst that could happen?"
"Well, the three of us all wind up dead."
"Besides that." Alexander lightly chuckled as Zeb sighed again.
"Oh boy, Here goes nothing." They headed off the transports and quickly caught up as Alexander started, using the TIE's comms to give his orders before Zeb could say anything.

"Attention, transports, this is Agent Vermillion of the Imperial Security Bureau." Both Zeb and Ezra looked at each other in confusion as Alex continued, doing something else in his chat. "Reports of rebel activity has been made in your sector. Reduce speed and await further orders."
"Acknowledged, Agent Vermillion. Reduce speed." Zeb turned to speak as the link was cut for now to the Imperials as their transports started to slow.
"How did you do that?"
"I play by a different book to be exact, now get going, I have some prep work to do." The link cut and Ezra spoke.
"Get me in close." The TIE fighter came in closer before the hatch opened and Ezra jumped out onto the transport as Zeb flew on by as the officer spoke.

"A TIE fighter?" He activated the comm and spoke to Vermillion. "This is Supply Master Lyste, LSM-03. My men reported a stolen TIE."
"Acknowledged, TIE fighter recently stolen from nearby town of Kothal, however, it appears to be wildly flying about, label it under distraction and ready weapon in case of attack." Something didn't fit as the Supply Master questioned.
"Agent Vermillion, repeat your operating number."
"ISB-793, now LSM-03, maintain speed and await further orders." Lyste scuffed as he started to command.
"All transports, resume..." Any more was lost as the ground in front of the lead transport erupted in a explosion and the transports halted short as more of the ground erupted and Lyste spoke, regardless of who Vermillion actually was. "This is Supply Master Lyste, requesting immediate aid, we are under attack from rebel forces, please advise!" Stormtroopers stormed out of the transports as some were fling about and launched as Ezra worked to undo the restraints on the prisoners getting them out and leading them away in the chaos, no one knowing where the explosives were being planted or launched.

"Acknowledged, LSM-03, Stormtrooper Garrison 742 responding to your distress signal." Alexander, while still firing mortar rounds from a portable mortar piece that he managed to assembled on short notice, started to send out a distress beacon, remoting connecting to the transports to the selected garrison, it being in Kothal and able to respond to the threat before long, but before long, he directed his comm to Ezra. "Bridger, get the Lasat and the meiloorun fruits you were looking for and get out of there!"
"Little busy here!" Ezra spoke after directing the prisoners to the distance, rushed on back and looked through the supplies before stashing some into his pack and jumping to the active turret, shoving a wrench into the barrel and waited for it to explode and Ezra quickly jumped as Zeb opened the hatch and reached down to grab the young man as the mortar rounds volleyed the transports before ceasing, Alexander seeing the pair leave with a smile before he stashed the weapon, started up his tank and rode it back to the Ghost, the Imperials none the wiser as to what just even happen to both their prisoners and some of their equipment. Ezra started as he relaxed in the TIE cockpit with Zeb. "Thanks for the save. Guess I owe you now."
"Let's just say we're eternally even. Oh." The Lasat pulled out a helmet as he asked Ezra. "You collect these, right?"
"Already have that one." Zeb's face frowned before Ezra took the helm. "But this is a nice one. Besides, maybe I can get Sabine to paint it for me. So thanks" Silence filled in before Ezra asked. "So, what do we do about the TIE?" Both started to laugh as they formed a kinship with each other as they soon got 'rid' of the TIE...

Kanan and Hera looked about as the sun was starting to set on Lothal while Alexander, however without his tank, sat in silence and fiddling with his rifle before the Jedi spoke up. "Ah, they should have been here by now." They continued to look before Hera pointed them out.
"Over there!" Zeb and Ezra came the way as they approached the trio, Alexander standing up as Zeb offered the trio of meilooruns that Ezra managed to steal.
"Three fresh meilooruns, as ordered and beyond." They were given to Hera as she thanked them.
"Thank you, kind sir." Zeb smiled with Ezra who was still holding the Imperial Pilot helmet, slugging him as he commented.

"Forget about the fruit. Where's the TIE fighter?" Zeb sighed as Ezra looked uneasy before the Lasat sighed and answered Kanan's question.
"I crashed it.
"On purpose." Ezra interjected quickly as he held up the helmet as if in plea. "Uh, we didn't want it to fall back into the Empire's hands." Kanan mulled it over in his head before he replied to the uneasy looks of both of them.
"That's what I like to hear." Both heared in as Lasat and young man sighed in relief before they started to playfully punch and jab at each other before arriving to their room to Sabine speaking.
"Finished." Ezra landed once final punch before he asked with Zeb in tow as to what the artist was up to.

"Uh, finished with what, Sabine?"
"Thought it was a moment that needed to be immortalized." Both looked to see a diagram of the same incident that caused the whole fiasco. Zeb groaned as Sabine continued. "And you did say you wanted to be my inspiration."
"Yeah, but that makes me look like a fool."
"Makes me look like a bigger fool."
"I paint what I see." Both groaned before Chopper made an appearance and rasp berried both of them, all three crewmates grimacing as Alexander appeared behind the astromech and smiled.

"Ah, a faithful astromech, ready for the operation of a lifetime." Chopper whined in mercy, but Alexander was not having it as he lifted the astromech off its hinges and continued as he walked to the cargo bay. "Now now, you knew this was going to happen when you decided to play trickster, you ARE the source of the whole chaos and I have been dying to go picking through your head, Hera even gave me permission for a full minute." Chopper wailed for help, for mercy, anything, but the crew just signaled for the droid's safe return, not thinking of asking Alexander where he put the tank...

SWR - Fighter Flight
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