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Purple-Catsuit 01

Finally something new to show! Been working on the V6.2 of the Catsuit lately, don´t have that much time, but it´s coming along as you may notice :) made some texture modifications, added colour variants and finished the inside boning of the corset and the neck corset (you can´t see it here, there is a textured boning inside where the texture is made from a picture of the orignially used steel boning for corsets) and made these sexy metal cuffs :)
the crotch open morph for the catsuit is ready, too i guess i need a "wider" one for cgytes to accept it!
not much left to do, get all the stuff in presets and see if it get´s accepted :D
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I kinda wish to be permantly encase in one of them. GOod work

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That is a very delicious looking catsuit and I love purple.

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Thank you! Yeah well, normally I prefer black, but the people is good, to t
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I've found it depends on shine and depth how well a color looks as latex; but you did an awesome job on this.

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Thanks, though I must admit, the basic color texture was generated with substance painter! It has a smart material naked black latex, just exported that, used the diffuse color map, converted that to grey scale and then colored it via Photoshop :)
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Wow; that's pretty cool.

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She looks very gorgeous and sexy hot! Love the purple! 💜💜💜
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Indeed! She's a sexy thing :) yeah, I'm normally not a fan of colored latex, black is the best, you know ;) though I plan to make s good release this time, so I thought some color options are necessary!

I agree, that black shiny latex is all times classic, but I like hot red and transparent too...

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