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Gill 01

just a quick render of a new girl :) changed my graphics adapter from a GeForce GT730 to a GeForce GTX1050Ti some days ago, now this image only took around 45 minutes, while my other work rendered through the night for about 7 to 8 hours! so a rather high speed improvement, even though the GTX only has 4GB of Video RAM and i still run an old AMD A8-5600k CPU (a Quad Core)
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Such an adorable expression! I wanna just reach in and give her a big hug and kisses. 😍
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I would like to tie her up ;) 
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Expression puts this over the edge! I love it! Of course, goth is awesome anywhere, but that collar really is spectacular.
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Thank you :) yeah i thought the expression is good for a sub, looking into some nice punishment ;)

LXXT's avatar pretty! :-)
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I don't know what most of those numbers and letters you quote above mean. I'm focusing on the 8 hours down to 45 minutes. Fantastic! Does that equate in 8 times more stunning images like this one?:)
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possibly, yes :) i now have the option to render an image in much faster time then before :D

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