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BRS Canon Tutorial

By zerartul
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BRS Gun Tutorial.

This is a tutorial for how I constructed the gun. Large scale prop. Lights are not included as I didnt document it (doing at 3am) and others may find a better way to do it as theres a barrel already ready for it. More pictures from the shoot will be up soon I hope haha.

Some additional info:
Pipes are 4 inch and 8 inch respectively
Tools used are dremel rotary tool, Proxxon Foam Cutter, Bosch power screwdriver.
Most of my connection are done with screws from 1.5 inch to 4 inch long. You may use glue instead.
You can hotglue foam, just dont let the tip touch the foam.
Iron on technics can be searched online (monokote in youtube). Paint is cheaper but a much messier and longer procedure.
Total took me maybe 30-40 hrs for construction and layering. This is not 100% complete yet though haha.

Side note: The canon is very heavy. 1.7 m high and weigh probably 8-10kg. Extremely durable barrel but foam parts may fall off if handled roughly. The plastic coating that is done of the foam protects the gun but is extremely costly. It cost me 3 rolls (each about 25). The only damage to the plastic was a rock punching a hole at the barrel tip.

And if you have problem viewing, just download it will be better. DA is really bad this days =/

Pics from the shoot

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nicely done 
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Thank you for this tutorial
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omg...I've been searching for tutorials on BRS' cannon. Thank you so much
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How heavy is it?
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Wow the quality of the Gun is awesome

Can I ask what's the width of the Construction Pipes?
D00M99's avatar
What plastic are you using to wrap? o_o??
LadyCheck's avatar
amazing! although it seems really heavy @.@
NyanRebellion's avatar
Oh MAN that is awesome! O___o, GREAT tutorial! I'm gonna go and make one out of tons of foam and wood! XD
mina-sanLovesCookies's avatar
can you give the exact measurements of everything? i want to try make this
ExiledFantasy's avatar
I wish my parents would let me do this ._. How did you get the cannon to light up?
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Oh, wowzers. This is awesome. O_O
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WOW. :stare:
Amazing tutorial :stare:
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Thanks for the tutorial! I made my own Canon using it and it worked perfectly! :)
SpinkellaSapphire's avatar
As awesome as this looks, I'll never be able to make one myself LOL. It's all too... pro? :XD:
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can i just put a flashlight in there ahaha
xCrystal-Nekox's avatar
Oh wow! Amazing job! I think I'm gonna try making my own this summer. Thx for the tutorial! Very helpful ^^
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where can i find foam?
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holy amazing fruitcakes.
I'd like to try making something like this someday. One day.
Excellent work.
I like that it was on the same table as food/cooking supplies xD
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Do you know if it is ok to bring this into AnimeExpo?
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As great as it looks, I'll probably end up just making mine out of cardboard, foam and paper mache xD
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wow!>.< Epic masterpiece! is it heavy?
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