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Managed one more before the end of the weekend! ;)

Sans and Toriel haven't had much time together in this comic as of yet. They're very close friends. About time I showed it! XDDD


NEXT - When I can! 
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To be continued?

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This comic is simply stunning! I've been reading through it all over the last few days, and I am simply blown away both by your storytelling ability and the way your art style has developed! I think you do the characters justice, all the while building on all the lovely traits they already have. I cannot wait to see what happens next, please let Frisk be saved fast!

Thank you so much for creating this!

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LunaUndertale10Student Traditional Artist
Zeragii was just on a vacation with her boyfriend and she posted on her Tumblr 4 days ago and yes she is fine everybody!
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Endgame292007New Deviant

ok thank you

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LunaUndertale10Student Traditional Artist
You are welcome
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I'm not a psychologist, and I don't know much about Zeragii, but I'll try to explain why I think the comic is delayed. When you produce such an amazing masterpiece, and it gets attention, for the first few months, you'll start producing more of it as quickly as you can, prioritizing it over most things. Once the hype wears down, you start realizing that you're spending too much time locked up in your doodle sphere (I'm horrible, I know) and decide that you need to put your life first. 1 page every 2 weeks is reasonable, however it's also taking up quite a chunk of time. Even if you have the least toxic Fandom and the most supportive watchers, eventually, the pressure will wear you down and you won't be feeling up to it anymore. You've got irl stuff, and you'd rather be a free artist sketching every once in a while than being bound to a deadline. She also knows that the more she draws, the more she stretches her story out, the more people will demand it, and it's far from over. It can't be wrapped up in a few chapters. In fact, it's at its climax. And she probably doesn't feel up for it anymore, she's had enough of undertale. She still wants to continue the comic, just not at a steady pace. Why am I saying this? Have no idea. Why am I speaking like I know what she's thinking? I tend to do that, people love it. But anyway I'd like you to know Zeragii that while us peeps here are waiting on ya, there's no rush. Take a whole year if you will, just don't start hating to draw the very thing you've made us come to love.

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Good point and I would like to hear Zeragii's response.... Not that like I DEMAND her to but that might calm everyone down about the continuation of this comic, especially that some "weird" things started happening in the comment section.....

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Lol the comment above is me confirms that she was just on vacation with her bf. Seems we all overstretched things

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Well it can't be helped that most of us will overstretching things or overreacting because, 1) some were about covid

And the others were al mostly about if she will drop it because even before today's world events ᴀ ʟᴏᴛ of comic were drop mostly due to life hitting them very hard to the point that some doesn't have the heart to continue and some are because of school either they are before leaving school or going to school ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

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o god I cant wait-

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chloebelfordNew Deviant

Is Papyrus gonna walk in the room, drop the water in releif/shock and run at full speed to hug sans, cause if that's the case Tori said to try not to move yet so papy would be inflicting tones of pain on the poor lil skele

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Sorry about the last comments I just overreacted

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Cheesyboi24New Deviant

U good mate, pretty sure everybody's wound up given the times

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I am ok, I was probably crying from before but I’m fine

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It's okay.... Everybody makes mistakes! Anyway I don't want you to worry, she will return with the new pages very soon.... Let's just wait, capiche?

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chloebelfordNew Deviant

Can you keep going yet T~T

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I hope you are okey Zeragii, you usually post every weekend. I don't mind you taking your time but it is concerning with everything that's happening. Send you kisses of platonical fan love.

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WillowTheMeifwaNew Deviant

Take your time, I respect that..


oh MAN that cliffhanger ;-; is frisk ok?

nuuuuuuu ;w;

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This post might hit the #1 post with the most amount of comments in that rate...... Or maybe not.... Since every post gets revisited all time!

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I bet sans is gonna cry when realising frisk is dead or gone later 😆

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Hello, I don't wanna brag about the past cause it sucks but I think you own us an apology, just saying! If you don't want that then fine I won't force you... But you Do know that your last comment brought alot of bad replies from people probably wanted to be friends with each other or even with you.. Soooooo yeah

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If I may ask, what did they comment?

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Oh, nevermind, I just found it.

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ShidareSenshiNew Deviant

hi! that's nothing to be happy about. And you've yet to address or apologize for your last comment. Do you still stand by it? i'm curious.

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