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Mm. Poor Sans. Tough luck, Charlie. XD


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ZazoliteStudent Writer

That better not be the last page! >:0

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LeviaStar237Hobbyist General Artist

OH! Golly Ned! :noes: That's a terrible crack at a terrible moment!


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Art-in-heart4vaStudent Filmographer


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Dammit, Zeragii! Why must you do this to my heart!?

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Wait doesn't sans have 1hp how could he survived that injuery it is definitely weird
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It is, but his fight with the Forgotten only took under 1 dmg, perhaps when they left with Frisk in this page, they made the rocks on the ceiling to fall on purpose? Idk I'm horrible at theorizing XD

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Eh, I did once read of a Sans who nearly died from a b o n k from a shower curtain, and he was fine after that, so he'll totally be fine, this is all fine, everything is so great-

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Send me the link for that fanfic lol

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Thanks lol

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Oh Jesus imagine almost dying from something as dumb as that-

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Heh, right?

“'nah, you fixed me up good. still a bit sore and all, but hey that’s what i get for being a damn idiot amiright?' He replied, false smile stretching across his face. 'least you were around to keep me from dying from a goddamn shower rod. what a way that would have been to go, heh.'

-All These Broken Pieces, PaddieFrog

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I quickly found that story in 17 seconds. Welp, another fanfic to add to the list! :’>

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Ha, wonderful! I'm glad I could spread it around! :) I highly enjoyed it.

It does have a second part to it, but the ending of the first one was so nice, that I didn't want to spoil it by reading the second part, just in case it wasn't as good.

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I gave an audible gasp, quickly followed by a 'oh shit'

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i feel worse for Papyrus than I do for Sans tbh. He just reunited with his brother and made him make a promise never to leave him again and he gets bonked with a freaking R O C K

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That was legit the first thing I thought

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He be turning into horror ;-;... WAIT A MINUTE! WHAT IS THIS IS BACK STORY???? wHy aM I juST noTiCING thIS

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Kaleidoscopic-FlowerStudent Digital Artist

i spent this whole thing screaming A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A and then sans gets hit by a freaking rock-

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Aledna909Student Digital Artist

ahhhhhhh nu ;-;

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The fact Sans puts his life in danger to try and save Frisk is so sweet to me. The two of them have been through a lot, I hope this story has a happy ending. ;w;

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LeviaStar237Hobbyist General Artist

AMEN! :tears:

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