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Yay! I almost posted this a whole day early, buuuuut I'm trying to keep to the schedule I set for myself. ^^
My village and all the hilltowns in the area, had a big picnic tonight. Music, food, baseball, soccer, food, dancing, food, traditional games, and, oh yes: food. I didn't eat much, but the chicken was AMAZING. Ran around like a five year old, giggling barefoot through the grass. XD Great family time, and friends. BUT, I made sure I was home in time to post. ;)




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I have a feeling that the Forgotten are somehow going to take hold of Undyne.

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I just compared the Toriel, papyrus, Undyne, and sans from the the first hundred pages to this one, and I must say: YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Great job!!!!! :)

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You know, being able to see the improvement over the years is fascinating

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Well now they're definitely gonna run off.

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Undyne... Why then are YOU running off? XD

Again, LOVE the way you drew Toriel here. :love: Great job!
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"...with my own eye."

Good thing Undyne said it herself, otherwise she'd probably be offended by this. XD

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I was thinking...
Because Sans and Papyrus are skeletons, they should be almost weightless, right?
Papyrus is pretty much weightless, according to Undyne, but Undyne is also pretty strong, so what she thinks is weightless, probably isn’t, according to normal beings.
Remember a page or two back, when Paps was talking about the “bubbles?” I think some type of magic made Sans heavy.
Think about it! Frisk had a hard time helping Sans walk, and I get that Frisk is a kid, but she shouldn’t have had that hard of a time. She fell about at least a hundred feet into the Underground!
What if, for some reason, Sans had a type of “weight magic,” that made him heavier? Not sure why, but I guess it could be useful for a couple reasons.
I’m not sure, this is all just a theory. And kinda a joke.
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Skelitons are 70%

Of human mass

Spacialy humerus

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They look more... different... Papyrus looks more like a skeleton.

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Undyne should not throw an eye on somebody because she had only one left...
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your art is better every chapter 
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lol last time I chacked this comic it was at 200's.

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I found you on the home page yesterday, this panel to be exact. I thought, hey this looks cool, I'll read a couple pages and then go to bed... Found myself at page 300 something and 4 o'clock at night.. (Don't feel bad, happens to me all the time.) I love the series. I'm very impressed with how you captured the characters personalities so perfectly! I am ever more impressed with how you managed to incorporate the meta of the game into this. Never seen anything like it. I can't wait to see what happens next!
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Don't get in trouble Undyne 
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When she said (and DON'T run off) i immediately knew that something is gonna happen and that they WILL run off
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I can smell the danger...
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Whenever anyone in a plot of any kind says "I'll be fine! Just stay put!" We all know that they're A. NOT GOING TO BE FINE and B. COMPANIONS WILL NOT STAY PUT!

Long story short, I feel a battle of some kind on the rise for Undyne or the others.
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*cough cough* The Forgotten is gonna come for them *cough ahem cough*
BFFSlps's avatar
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Undyne:"Nobody runs off!"
Undyne:*Lets just run away...*

I could swear something bad is gonna happen...
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Undyne is so cool i stg- 
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J'adore comment tu t'es amélioré dans le dessin et tracé des personnages, même si j'aimais aussi l'ancien style x) Continue comme ça :DD
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