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YAY! I wanted to do a page of DeeperDown that was made ONLY with Gimp and FireAlpaca, to test and see if I could make it (because both of these programs I'm unfamiliar with and didn't really know how to use). Turns out, after a bit of tossing files back and forth and having to look up a few tutorials, I CAN! This was the final test to see if I would need to spend $400 on renewing my Photoshop, and Gimp/Firealpaca passed with flying colors. ^^

Pages will be a little slower in the making until I get used to my new process. ^^

OH! I also made my pages larger! Finally. I was kind of stuck with one size, and didn't want to change the size because of being one of those people who tend to stick with whatever their norm is. Finally got over that. ;)




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Why was this not their plan from the beginning? Then Sans wouldn't have had to move.
FangirlsLeader's avatar
I think flowey should go find papy undyne and tori while looking for food.
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Sans Shrug: WeLp, I'm giving up
Chara 'Don't even think about resetting' Icon: Don't give up just yet. Sans! Stay DETERMINED.
Disturbed Sans: Uh..
F2U Chat Icon- What? Updogg! *snort*: No.
LeviaStar237's avatar
SANS, NO! :nuu: Stay DETERMINED!!!
What's Flowey up to??? :o
SuperSqueaks's avatar
The Open Source Army gets another soldier!
Kenny1941's avatar
I wanna make the overworld Sprite versions of the characters in this au maybe.
FFX2player's avatar
Ohhh, what's Flowey up to?
Cake-a-Tron's avatar
Oh nice! You've replicated what you were doing in photoshop beautifully, looks great!

And oh dear, Sans no don't do this, not now! C'mon buddy ;A;
Hope Flowey knows what he's doing. 
InspiringEcho's avatar
I’m anxious now
adoptionsnowcone's avatar
Flowey's being nice!!! Yesh! The little flower is growing up!
SansFangirl4life's avatar
poor Sans....and Frisk doesn't know what to do at all T-T
Veleven's avatar
Looks fine, friend!  :D :D :D

I'm also facing the same problem re:Adobe and its ridiculous fees.. except it's like double the price in Aussie dollars, so closer to $800. :(  
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I know right?!
MrPeabodyFan123's avatar
Flowey looks very determined there. Also...

spoonybard13's avatar
Wow! It really looks no different! I was half expecting a change in the visuals with the program switch, but I guess I was underestimating you.:D (Big Grin) 
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What are you going to get, Flowey?
rcwiggins's avatar
Hmm... now isn't that strange? Don't think you can pull a fast one on me! Tell me, why did Sans's font change in the forth panel? It was not it's usual Comic Sans font.
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I'm just learning how to use GIMP as well, so don't worry.  It's no different than photoshop, so I've been told.  The layout just needs some getting used to, is all.  You'll get it.
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