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Hello! Finally! This page took me a really long time for some reason...

Went to see STAR WARS: The Last Jedi yesterday with my family! Really enjoyed it!




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Doubt it, knowing her child has gone missing.

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Alright, guys. Game Plan. [Hey, look! Unintentional pun! :D]
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Pretty shitty scanner if normal rocks interfered with the signal
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Hmm, true ^^ Though the Underground is more than likely very deep underground, within solid rock. It miiiiiiiiight interfere a little
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Perhaps magical residue from the barrier may interfere too.
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Very true ^^
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Happiest day. I was gone in Colorado and I never saw this! I saw Star Wars to and I loved it!
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Oooooo, Colorado? NICE! I've never been there, but I'd love to visit ^^
Yes! Star Wars was great! ^^
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i have no idea why i just did that
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i dont want to see papyrus hurt like that T-T
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and it continues :D oooh poor sans is trapped down there
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It might be a good thing Papy does not know about sans condition yet
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Why would rocks be such a hindrance for the scans? Just ask them politely to allow the readings to go through. :/
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I need more! I want to know what happens!
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Glad to hear you liked the movie!! 
And glad to see some more art from you yay!!
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Hey, she's back! Glad to see you on your feet again, Z. Expect a Note from me sometime soon. ;)
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Oh boy, now things go downhill again. Are they about to send a search party? 

Aw man, the new movie was AMAZING, definitely getting it on DVD X3
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I hope they'll send a search party.
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