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Inside joke for anyone who has watched this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZC_2ND… episode of Pokemon Talk.
Otherwise it will make....no sense. Beware though, for younger users, the swears are bleeped out in this show, but they're still, you know, THERE. ^^ So maybe not for you kiddo kiddos.
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This is one of my favourite running gags from 'Pokémon Talk', among other classics like:

"What the f*ck appened to the floor?!" - Squirtle

"Hey everyone! It's a pleasure to be here on your show today." - Jolteon

Also the 'Arceus' and 'Yveltal' thing on Mikey's channel (aka MandJTV) in general, that too.

Arceus Yveltal

The ONLY correct pronounciations being 'Arcoos' and 'Yahvaltal', obviously.

(Awesome drawing; you captured Umbreon's crazyness perfectly.)

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RandomFoxFanHobbyist Artist

I Seen enough Hen_!... oh sorry wrong Page. sweet art BTW

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Okay, maybe more than a little weird.

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mewx2Hobbyist Digital Artist

love pokemon talk, so good

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FifekunHobbyist Traditional Artist
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pokemon talk is funny like that

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wildnekogirlHobbyist Artist
oh no bad carpet bad.
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You should post this on his subreddit you might get on Pokemon meme review.
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ThornsofLightHobbyist General Artist

Is umbreon high? I think umbreon is high.

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who gave the eevee weed?!
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Haha! I remember this episode!

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kitsuneislifeHobbyist General Artist

get it together umbreon.

the best show on yt

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Can you do jigglypuff? He is cute
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Princess-JayBirdHobbyist Digital Artist

I showed those videos to my younger siblings and they absolutely LOVED it. Thanks for introducing it to me! :)

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i totally forgot ob out that vid until now, but now i remember it all!

also i love the drawing! umbreon’s my favorite!
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Love those videos!
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Oh man, I almost forgot that series existed when I was first introduced to that running joke. I ended up hearing it for the first time on the Christmas special and ended up watching it all again from the beginning partially because of the random inclusion of this joke. There are not many episodes, but it is fun to watch.

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LucariosMaster403Hobbyist General Artist
There are actually over 60 currently, which I feel like is a good amount. Anyways, that's one of my favorite episodes XD Every single Pokemon twist on a Christmas song is practically a next-level pun, and I love a good pun. 
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Yellow toe beans!
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chanscomics20 Filmographer
MandJ pokemon talk is awesome!!!
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LucariosMaster403Hobbyist General Artist
It really is! I remember being unsure about it, simply from the thumbnails, before I started to watch it. I'm glad I gave it a chance
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chanscomics20 Filmographer
same here I think hot cocoa was the one that really got me into it and it's still my favorite one. what about you?
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