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Nagai's Super Robot Classics

Tribute to all classic Super Robot of Go Nagai from '70s to '80s.
Each Robot were drawn singularly. Soon I'll release them one by one.

Tributo a tutti i classici Super Robot di Go Nagai degli anni 70 e 80.
Ogni robot è stato disegnato singolarmente. Presto li pubblicherò uno a uno.
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A.K.A. Tranzor Z and The Toei Animation's Super Robot Force!
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Super robot wars OG villian: I AM SCARED YOU MAGGOTS!!!!!!
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Getter is Ishikawa but fine.
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Antes de evangelion, el anime era una maravillas
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Davvero un bellissimo lavoro
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HELP!! What is the robot on the bottom left with the dragon face body and large orange horns called??? I had a vhs of him (US english dub) as a kid like 27 years ago and I've been searching him out for about 5 years now!
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awesome Shogun Warriors fight with Raydeen, Dengard ACE and Combatra . .…
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Great tribute.

Technically getter robo isn't by go nagai, he did design it.
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do you mean Go nagai only designing the robo and the creation belong to someone else?
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Yep, Getter robo is more of ken ishikawa's work.
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Thanks I'm flattered, yeah I like Ken's work too, just realized that Go was not the creator of Getter :iconmonkeygrinplz:
so this giant robot belong to Ken or else? just curious :D 
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Use to, since he passed away.
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Vederli tutti insieme, effettivamente, è una gran bella emozione. Se poi il lavoro è di qualità così alta come il tuo, all'emozione si unisce il piacere di contemplare un'opera così piacevole.
Complimenti per il tuo talento.
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Fantastic photo! I just don't think "Magne Robo Gakeen" is a Go Nagai super robot...Are you sure?
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I saw it in this list of nagai's works:…
I don't know if it's a Nagai' idea or a collaboration (like the Getter Saga)...
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que song: Iza Ike! Suupaa Roboto Gundan
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