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Vectored Portal Icons

You know those awesome little icons in Portal and Portal 2?

Did you ever want them all in vector format?

Well now your dream has come true!!! All 44 icons are right here with a special bonus icon! In AI and SVG format.

Note - if you are wondering why there are three sets - VALVE changed the original icons from PORTAL in PORTAL 2, making a new, cleaner set. All of them are vectored above.

Also note - this pack includes the Portal and Portal 2 logos

Because I'm a POTATO!!

EDIT - V1.2
-Added achievement icons added for PORTAL & PORTAL 2 (as promised)
-Added indicator lights (as requested)
(I know the potato is on there twice. I just like potatoes)
© 2011 - 2021 Zeptozephyr
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you are awesome!

I loved the Portal icons as soon as I clapped eyes on them! Thanks so much for doing this. You deserve cake for your great effort. You have enhanced the truth.

Hello, This is really amazing. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing a version that had black Icons andone where each icon was on it's own layer so we could easily use them for other projects. Thank you for making this.

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Many thanks for sharing!

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Thank you. I'm just working on some nice portal themed stuff. :)
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Yesss! Im going to be using these for my upcoming birthday party and my blog post icons c:
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I assume you can only open these with a single program..
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Any vector graphic application will allow you to open them. Inkscape is probably the best one available for free. Using inkscape, you can also export them as a PNG.
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Thank you so much for this! I will finally be able to create stencils for my bedroom's walls. :)
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Awesome! I am working on some fun Portal-themed stuff, and this will help tremendously.
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Sorry guys never mind, restarted my computer and we're all good here. LOL. Thanks for the great icons!
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I seem to be unable to get the download to start. I'm not sure why. I just wanted to see if anyone else was having an issue. I'm on Chrome. Maybe I should try Firefox.
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I am about to design the Flyers, Signs and Posters for a Portal - themed LAN party. You have no idea how useful this was to me. Thanks!
You da real MVP.
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This is quite awesome!
Thank you. I'm going to plot some of these out of vinyl and stick them around the house. If anyone knows where I could get a suitable vector companion cube and turret it would be much appreciated because as fantastic as these vectors I would like a little more detail.

Thanks again Zeptozephyr
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yesss I am going to use these for buttons!
I used this image on a Instructable, I hope you don't mind. Credit given. Portal Bookends
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No, sorry, only vector images!
Thank you, thank you thank you <3
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Where can I get the actual vector files?
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