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If a Future You...

By Zeptozephyr
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If a future you tries to warn you...

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timespace paradox pun wow
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Just let that handsome devil go about his business.
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where did you got the texture for the background?
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hmmm, if I remember correctly its a lot of paper textures that I spliced together once they were vectored. I may have used some textures that I payed for, so I can't release it, sorry!
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ok thanks anyway
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This is gold.
Thank you very much.
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Paradoxes... so fun.
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REMEMBER! In an event a future you does not exist. Do not test.
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Because listening negates the Future and GLaDOS needs it for testing?
Awesome job!
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the other two Old school Aperature Science wallpappers and this one are very good for making T-shirts!!!! I've told before i've got in mind of making one!!

"Go visit my gallery :gallery: [link]
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i loved those posters ingame, had to grin a lot of times, awesome work - if you did them (in the first place) ;)
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I (sadly) am not that talented and did not do the real posters. I am just a vector artist who enjoys VALVE artwork!
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... and damn, these valve artworks rock! ;D
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...just let that handsome devil go about his own business.
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YOU DID THE ART FOR PORTAL 2?!?!!?!??!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!
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I'm not going to say yes... but I'm not going to say no...
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I remember portaling around the other day and I ran in to it say if you run into your future self... like, don't listen to him and such! and I thought, I'll bet my future self made that warning to me, as a warning, to not listen to my future self when he tells me not to listen to my future self, so after I figured that one out, I realized it meant to listen to my future self, but since he wrote it, I shouldn't listen to it, is eventually what I landed on, but since that was all he said, It really just sent me into a pointless paradox.
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Good thing you aren't an AI!
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If I were, I may have been portaled to the moon.
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