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Aperture Turret Black

By Zeptozephyr
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The Aperture Science Turret comes in a wide range of colors:
white, red, pink, yellow, green, and blue as well as our designer line:
Camouflage, Arctic, Forest, Desert, Wood, and Animal King

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Table turret: the key to protecting your lunch.
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My favourite: evening at the improv
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I like 'what idiot picked-' personally, but evening at the improv was certainly up there.
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Table, wall, night at the improv, what idiot picked-!
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Strangely, I do kind of like the wood one in the bottom row.
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why don't they make toys of these as talking paperweights or something I know I'd buy 2 or 3
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Where's night at the improv?
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I worked for a long time on the brick texture, but I couldn't get it to conform to the curves of turret the way I wanted, so I scrapped it. I might come back to it later, when I have the chance, patience.
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I want the Table one :B
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The Animal King one needs a little crown.
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Love the color variety!
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i wanna turrets like that 8D

Where's late night at the improv? :C
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Maybe I will do it in the future! Stay tuned!!
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I wish some of these colors were in the game!
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Comes in thousands of colors forest, desert, table, evening at the improv, (what idiot picked these?)
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I'm different. ♥
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Where's "evening at the improv"? (the brick pattern one)
haha just kidding. Very nice! I'd totally have the second camo one if it wasn't for, you know, the 'it shooting everything in sight' thing xD
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i am not Cave Johnson.
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Wood is called Table. :B
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tables are made out of wood.
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Yes, but Cave Johnson calls that design "Table".
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